6 Reasons Why Hiring An “Affordable Copywriter” Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run

Choosing a copywriter for your business involves some essential factors.

You might even find that there are more than you imagined.

You may think any copywriter, like a junior writer, can meet all your copy needs.

After all, junior writers cost less and can do everything other copywriters can do, right?

Well, no — that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

It might surprise you to learn that there are many kinds of copywriters for hire. Not only copywriters in different niches, but also those who perform specialized functions for specific business goals.

  • For example, some regular copywriters only write and edit copy.
  • Others, like conversion copywriters, specialize in making your copy sell.
  • Some writers are also marketing consultants who can do both and more for your business.

So, what kind of copywriter should you hire? That depends on your needs.

Hiring a junior copywriter can be beneficial for your business in some instances. The thing is, a junior writer hasn’t developed all their skills yet. They’re still learning, no matter how good they seem.

If you want to grow your business in a more reliable, credible, and optimized way, you’ll want to hire a senior writer.

Senior copywriters are the best of the best. They're experts in their field and can fulfill your industry-specific needs. They also have a successful track record and have built up years of relevant experience.

In other words, senior copywriters can do all the writing and marketing work for you while you can focus on running your business.

If you’d like to know the reasons why hiring an affordable copywriter might not be the best idea, check out the rest of this article.


What’s The Difference Between A Senior And Junior Writer?

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

You may think there’s not much of a difference between a junior and senior copywriter at first glance. The advantage of senior writers is their level of experience, expertise, and efficiency.

Junior writers are usually starting in their careers. Their knowledge of copywriting and client work is basic, generalized, and still developing. They’re still learning the fundamentals of their job. They need constant feedback and training before they can tackle advanced work.

This is why junior writers are usually assigned less creative tasks. Their assignments are also low-stakes, so they aren’t as involved with projects. Instead, junior writers are participants. They don’t play integral roles in executing a client’s digital marketing strategy.

All this isn’t to say there’s no point in hiring junior writers at all. Junior writers can help you write blog posts, update social media pages, or edit existing copy. Plus, they can help out with client research and know basic SEO skills. 

If you want to gather and train a team of writers to write for your brand, hiring junior writers is a great option. 

If you need copy within a specific niche, though, a senior copywriter is the best choice.

Junior writers are still building experience working with clients and copywriting. They may lack the knowledge and insight they need to help you achieve business goals.

Even if they could, how would you know? Junior copywriters haven’t built up an extensive track record to prove their rate of success yet. It’d be a gamble to hire one right off the bat and rely on them to fulfill all your copywriting needs. 

Bottom line: the kind of writer you should hire depends on what your business’ needs are.

Junior copywriters may be less expensive upfront. The downside is there’s less guarantee they can perform the same duties the same way as a senior copywriter.

Let's get into the reasons why hiring a senior writer is the better option for your business.


Reason #1 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They’re Less Experienced

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

A significant benefit of hiring a senior copywriter is that they're more experienced.

Senior writers have risen through the ranks and mastered skills. They've proven they have the knowledge and experience to become experts.

For example, senior writers have deeper knowledge of SEO research. They know how to tailor your copy to rank high in search engines. Junior writers only have a basic understanding of SEO. They’ll likely lack the experience and know-how to help you generate traffic online.

Senior copywriters also have more experience building trust with their client’s audience. They’re able to tap into the minds of customers. Even if the clients they work with have different target audiences. Senior writers know how to appeal to customers’ hopes, desires, and concerns. They can then encourage them to buy from your business.

A junior writer won't have as much experience writing for different audiences. They might not know how to write copy that appeals to your ideal client. If you hire an inexperienced junior writer to handle all your copy, there’s a higher chance they'll miss the mark.  

Imagine hiring a junior writer for a tech blog you own. What if they only have experience writing about finance? Now they’ll be writing for a completely different audience — your audience. 

If junior writers don’t convey your message, you could lose out on more customers and clients.

Of course, it’s not impossible to learn about a new consumer base. But junior writers lack the experience to switch between different brands and industries. You could educate them about your ideal customer, but that would take extra time and effort on your part. After all, you want the writer to lessen your workload, not add to it.

That’s why hiring senior writers is often the better option. They're up-to-date on the current digital trends and practices. Plus, they have more experience communicating with clients. They’ll know what your priorities are, how to convey your message, and how to deliver results. 

This will free up your time and mental space to focus on running your business. 

Learn the strategies on how to directly spark buying behavior in your target market here.

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable copywriter” might not be the best idea in the long run

Reason #2 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They Offer Less Credibility

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

There’s a reason why senior copywriters have achieved their “senior” title in the first place. Senior writers have already mastered everything junior writers can do. They help businesses grow, and they can do junior writers’ tasks with ease. 

You can be sure a senior writer has the credibility to take care of your business’ copywriting. One of these things is helping your business establish its brand.

Senior copywriters are experts at understanding the image you want to portray. They’ll know how to communicate your brand’s benefits in a way that appeals to your target audience. Their experience will help them convey the right tone, style, and personality.

A junior writer will have had less experience with this. They don't collaborate with clients to figure out their needs. Instead, you give junior writers their assignments, which are usually low priority. That means you tell them what to write and in what way, rather than advising the client.

Junior writers also have to check in with senior writers to ensure the right message, style, and tone. It can be helpful to hire junior writers, but there’s no guarantee they can handle all your copywriting.

For example, at what rate have they helped their client’s copy convert? With how many high-profile brands have they worked? Are their testimonials related to your business or brand? How much about your industry or audience do they know?

Even if all their answers are favorable, why are they still junior writers, then? Why haven’t they become senior writers themselves?

It might be because they are good writers but lack enough direct client experience. They may always produce top results in a consistent manner. Or they don’t feel confident enough to take on the responsibilities of a senior copywriter yet. 

You can rest assured that a senior writer has the right experience and credibility. You’ll be more confident that you’re hiring the right person for your business needs.

Learn how to write "benefit-centric" copy here.


Reason #3 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They Haven’t Handled As Much Responsibility

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

As their titles imply, senior copywriters have handled more responsibility than junior copywriters.

With so many years of crafting copy behind them, senior writers are in charge of client projects. Instead of only contributing to client work, senior writers execute creative campaigns.

This includes creating and planning original copy on websites, advertisements, and social media. If you need someone to attract, engage, and keep customers, a senior writer is the best choice.

Let’s say your business needs to hire a copywriter to increase conversions on your website. This involves a copy overhaul, including your web pages, landing pages, and sales pages. You want to hire copywriters who have handled this major task before, right?

Junior writers, though, are still developing their copywriting skills. They may not have the expertise to perform a website audit or write for your brand’s various platforms.

As an example of how this process works, let’s say you hire a copywriting firm to help with your marketing needs. A senior copywriter may assign a junior writer to draft a 500-word landing page for your brand.

Remember, though, junior writers need to get their assignments checked by senior writers. Although they try their best to meet the client’s needs, junior writers have to guess on aspects of each project. They’re learning how to balance the tone and information that appeals to their audience. That’s why they need senior writers to guide them in the right direction. 

That doesn’t mean junior writers are useless, of course. They’ve only handled a limited amount of tasks, after all. They may lack the responsibility and experience to help clients achieve business objectives.

Again, you could try to train a junior writer to complete the copywriting tasks you need. Chances are, though, you don’t have the time to train them yourself. You’d want the person you hire to take care of your copy responsibilities themselves, right? If you want someone who's proven their abilities, hire a senior writer. 

Senior writers have handled the responsibility of auditing website content and increasing conversions. That also means they’re more used to working with clients like you. They’ll have a better idea of your business needs and goals and how to deliver them in a professional manner.

In other words, a senior copywriter’s level of responsibility is proof of reliability. They’ve had the training of junior writers and can write copy that drives business.


Reason #4 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They Don’t Have A Proven Track Record Of Success

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

Senior copywriters have worked on more projects and have a higher success rate.

Let’s say a junior copywriter helped make his or her client project a success. While that’s great, it doesn’t compare to the involvement of a senior copywriter.

For one thing, junior copywriters don’t have much responsibility in client projects. They handle research, low-risk assignments, and basic SEO tasks.

Plus, they need a senior writer to check over and approve the assignments they write. The nature of their role means junior writers have limited responsibilities on projects.

Senior copywriters are in charge of the creative projects for their clients. They communicate with clients and develop and oversee their clients’ marketing strategies. Senior writers focus on the big picture. Junior writers handle the smaller details. 

Instead of only researching their clients, senior copywriters research their industry. This includes current industry trends, practices, and insights. They then delegate tasks to junior writers who help them execute their strategy. 

That’s why senior copywriters’ success rates are more telling than junior copywriters’. Sure, junior writers can complete blog posts, draft landing pages, and write emails. The thing is, they’re only partly responsible. Senior copywriters drive real business results.

If you want someone who can deliver positive outcomes, hire a senior copywriter.


Reason #5 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They Don't Have Industry And Niche Expertise

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

Since junior writers are starting in their careers, they tend to be generalists. That’s because they’re still building up their knowledge and experience. They’re less likely to have many specific industry insights to help your business. 

For example, a junior writer might write for a marketing agency one day and a fitness company the next. They’re still getting used to writing for different audiences at the same time. While more experience helps junior copywriters grow, it may not be beneficial in a niche.

That’s where senior writers are more valuable.

Let’s say you sell healthy snacks, and you want to promote your banana bars’ health benefits. Imagine hiring a junior writer who’s never written for the healthy foods industry. Now, imagine asking that same writer to run your marketing campaign.

This would be risky. They may not be able to write in a way that resonates with your target audience. They might not be able to craft your brand’s message in the way you’d like. Plus, they don’t have enough industry knowledge that would set your brand apart.

If you hire a copywriter who doesn’t have the right expertise, it could cause your business problems. You might communicate the wrong message or priorities to your target audience. Worse still, you could even drive them away. 

Junior writers can research your niche but that takes extra time and effort. That means less focus on writing and executing your marketing strategy. You want an efficient copywriter, not someone who takes weeks on a project.

Bottom line: hiring a copywriter will lessen your marketing concerns and burdens. If you want to make sure the copyright you hire won’t add to them, working with a senior writer is your best bet.

Senior writers have more experience and they've developed expertise in industries and niches. That means they can guide your marketing campaign with insider knowledge and insight.

A senior writer who knows the health food industry knows what appeals to the audience. That means they can get the audience to buy more of your product. 

If your business needs industry-specific copy, a senior writer is the better pick.

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable copywriter” might not be the best idea in the long run

Reason #6 Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run: They’re Not Master Storytellers

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

Senior writers are best at their craft, i.e., creating copy that sells. 

As business owners, you know how difficult it is to persuade customers to buy your product or service. Senior copywriters, though, are experts at this.

For one thing, senior copywriters are great storytellers. They know how to craft an engaging and compelling story around your brand or offer. They have a lot of experience writing stories that resonate with customers. These stories can make them feel like your brand will help achieve their goals or fix their problems.

Let’s go back to the healthy banana snack example from above. Most people might not understand why potassium is so essential. They may know that it’s healthy, but that’s it. Now, how can you get people to care about potassium and convince them to buy your snack?

An inexperienced copywriter might also not know about the benefits of potassium. They may take extra time researching only to develop the wrong message.

For a senior writer, though, that’s okay. A senior writer knows how to take any small detail about your product and turn it into a benefit for your customer. They’re able to relate a product or service’s benefit with the target audience’s desires.

Senior writers know that your offer's details aren't the most important selling points. Instead, it’s about connecting with your audience on an emotional level. They craft attractive copy, whether your audience prefers a funny or informative tone.

In this instance, senior writers are the best option. They have the right skills to craft a story around your product or service to sell to the right audience.

Use this storytelling guide for a better copy.


Hire A Senior Copywriter For Reliable And Optimal Growth

6 reasons why hiring an “affordable” copywriter might not be the best idea in the long run

Junior writers can handle basic copywriting tasks. They can’t compete with a senior copywriter’s experience, insight, and writing skills.

If your priority is long-term growth, a cheaper junior writer defeats the purpose of hiring a writer. An inexperienced writer won’t have the knowledge, skills, or credibility of a senior copywriter. They’ll lack the ability to make your copy resonate with your audience.

A senior copywriter is more qualified to help your business create engaging copy. They write copy that appeals to your audience, generates sales, and retains customers.

Senior writers can also guarantee more success. They’re in charge of developing and executing marketing strategies. You can rest assured that your business will see real results in the form of conversions and growth. 

Junior copywriters only have minimal levels of training and experience.

A senior copywriter may be more expensive in the short-term, but there’s a reason for that. In the long-term, your business will be able to make that money back many times over.

Don’t sell your business short. Reap the benefits of a senior copywriter.


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