How To Write A Powerful Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Employing a new format is never easy in marketing, but it's necessary and rewarding if you do it right.

It goes without saying, though, that it usually takes a few tries to get something right. And video sales letters are no exception.

Considering they're a fairly new way to market, they might seem:

  • A little intimidating
  • Daunting because you're unfamiliar with them
  • They're not hitting the mark for you

Either way, they're pretty much necessary in today's market, and there are some good reasons for that.

Basically, if you want to stay relevant you're going to have to get the hang of video sales letters. So many businesses are reaping the rewards already and you don't want to get left behind.

So let's discuss how to write a powerful video sales letter script that converts so that you can use it effectively the next time you make one.


What's A Video Sales Letter?

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

I'm sure it's pretty obvious from the name, but a video sales letter is a sales letter in video form. The concept is pretty straightforward but it's not quite as easy as just reading your sales letter copy out loud.

The goal is to engage better with your audience and hopefully drive more sales. And there are some huge differences between a video sales letter and a regular old sales letter. These differences elevate the video sales letter far beyond sales letters when done right.

The thing is, even though video sales letters are similar to regular sales letters they're much more appealing to the average prospect.

In today's market people are bombarded by information, most of it in the form of text. And at a certain point, they can tune out which makes it a lot harder to get through to them.

But video sales letters can solve that problem. They afford you the ability to get and hold your audience's attention much more quickly than with text, after which you can get straight into the important parts.

They don't have to look for relevant information, you can give it to them upfront to make sure they stay interested.

The key is to appeal to emotions, whether they're positive or negative. Along with that, video sales letters work particularly well if you can tell a good story. But you can't just tell a good story, it has to connect with your audience.

So as always it's important to know exactly who they are and how to get through to them.


Why Should You Use Video Sales Letters?

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Maybe you've hit a wall and your sales don't seem to be increasing. Or maybe you just want to boost your conversions and take your business to the next level.

There are plenty of ways to do that, of course. And it's important to use every method at your disposal. Sales letters have always been effective, but the market is always changing, and you have to keep up with it. At least if you want to keep succeeding.

That's where video sales letters come in. Where sales letters fall flat, they shine. And yes, there's a lot more involved and they can take a lot longer. So you might be wondering if a video sales letter is worth all the work they take. 

Even when you know how to create the video itself, there's a lot of work that goes into each one you make. But in most cases, it's absolutely worth it. Why? Well, there are a few big reasons that they work so well.

The first of which is that they help you incorporate a human element into something that might come off as impersonal otherwise. People tend to be more likely to buy from a person rather than a business, and text doesn't always do the job of getting your personality across. 

But a video with a voice or even a person on screen can make a huge difference. That shows that you're not just some business entity, you're a real person working to help people.

Learn more on how to write persuasive video scripts here.

Granted, you can do that through text too, but that brings us to the next reason video sales letters are effective.

And that reason is that people don't always want to read all the information contained in a sales letter. Especially if they're looking at other offers to compare them to yours. And chances are they're doing just that.

Another important thing to note is the versatility of video sales letters. They can be and are used in just about every industry with great success. So chances are, you could stand to benefit from using them no matter what it is you do or sell.

Many businesses report much higher conversion rates when they use video sales letters, some even see two-fold or even three-fold increases. And that should be reason enough for anyone to give them a try.

Basically, video sales letters take some guesswork out of the equation. You don't have to hope that your audience is going to take the time to figure out if your offer is right for them.

You can just feed them the important information and if they're interested they can click through and get the full picture. They streamline the buying process and cut out anything that might be unnecessary to start the buying process.


What A Good Video Sales Letter Script Needs

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Now you know a little more about video sales letters, but you're probably wondering how to apply that knowledge. Well, before we get into that, it's important that you make sure you're paying attention to detail.

Anyone can throw a video sales letter together, but that's why so many people think they're not effective. They're very effective but only if time is taken and thought is put into making them perfect.

A VSL needs to shine the spotlight on all the features and benefits of your offer. That's what people want to know, after all. But to reach your audience you also have to come to them the right way. You have to know how to reach them and what kind of language they use.

For example, bananapreneurs don't talk the same way as Wall Street investors, so that's something you always have to keep in mind. Your script has to be tailored to whoever your audience is, otherwise it's not going to do much.

And remember, you're never going to sell to everyone so don't try to.

The quality of the video needs to be professional just like the script itself does. Look at it like this, people spend so much time watching videos, many of them produced by individuals on platforms like Youtube. They expect quality, even from amateurs.

So you can't expect anyone to take you seriously if you're not putting out quality content.

In addition, the visual style of the video is important too. Generic clipart and uninspired layouts aren't going to do much even if they're in HD.

"Good visuals" are subjective, but there are a few things to keep in mind. There should be a balance between trying to grab your audience's attention and keeping a clean look.

You want to keep them interested without overloading them by creating a style that's appealing but still simple.

Of course, every audience likes different things. So if you were trying to sell a product for children you'd probably lean more toward a bright and colorful style.

On the other hand, you'd be better off with a simple, professional look if you're trying to sell to someone like a medical professional.


Writing A Video Sales Letter Script

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Now everything I just went over is essential, but it's as good as useless if it's not formatted correctly. Like the copy and the visuals, the script needs to follow some guidelines.

That's not to say that this is the only way to do it, but it's pretty much guaranteed to lift more conversions when you get everything else right. So let's see what a good script might look like.


1. Start Strong And Grab Your Audience's Attention

Like with any copy, it's important to capture your audience's attention from the get-go. It's your opportunity to get them on the hook and the rest of your copy doesn't do anything if you can't do that.

Something like a pattern interrupt or an open loop would work well, but anything surprising should do the job.


Why aren't you a bananapreneur yet? If you've asked yourself that question then you probably already are one. But if not, maybe it's time to consider it.


2. Bring Up The Problem They Have And Explain Why They Need To Fix It

Now you want to make your audience aware of their problem, whatever it might be. But sometimes they won't have an interest even when they know they have a problem.

It really depends on where they are in their buying journey in relation to what stage of awareness they're at. Maybe they're simply aware but not in the stage of consideration yet. That's why you need to help them realize why they should solve their problem. 

Bullet points can be effective here and in other sections but aren't always necessary. It's up to personal preference depending on how you like to write and what makes sense to you as you're reading.

But the benefit is that there's a little more organization visually and it can help you focus on important points when you're producing your video sales letter.


Maybe you want to make some more money or you just need a change of pace. Either way, you know you want to do more than you're doing right now. If not, you might end up with some problems you probably don't want:

  • Losing passion for your work.
  • Lower returns on your hard work and investments.
  • Become discouraged and drop everything.

Learn more on how to make readers care about your solutions to their problems here.


3. Expand On Why It's Important To Fix The Problem

You've already made them aware of their problem, now you try to drive it home, but not too hard. In the next step you'll be able to get into even more detail so just make them even more aware of how real it is.

The idea is to hit on pain points and tease that you know what they're facing. Whether that's something they're missing out on or something they want to stop, make sure they know that you're aware of it.


It doesn't stop there, though. That's something that can have some real effects on your life, not just your work.

  • Lose money which could put you back where you started.
  • Miss an opportunity that won't come up again.
  • Working for someone who's doing what you could have done.


4. Use Emotions To Seal The Deal

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

The next step is to make your audience feel like they have no other option unless they want to keep on suffering. I said not to drive it home before but that's exactly what you need to do now. That's because you need to ramp up the tension and build to the worst possible results.

Otherwise, you run the risk of coming off too strong and turning prospects away. Emotion is the best angle here and you should relate what you went over previously to what it actually means to your audience. 


What could this eventually mean for you? Well, in the worst-case scenario you could end up out of luck and kicking yourself for missing a golden opportunity. And that can mean that you're back at square one, or worse.

You might see the very people you've been trying to prove wrongdoing exactly what you had the chance to do. You might not be struggling but you know you have the potential to do a lot better.


5. Provide The Solution

Now you can involve yourself and propose your product or service and tell exactly what it can do for them. First, tell them that you can solve their problem with your offer. Then explain how it can do that.

Just think, what are you offering? What does your audience want and what can you do to help them with that?


But all hope isn't lost. You can still make your way to the top if you take the right steps. The first of which is becoming a bananapreneur. If you want to turn things around my software covers all aspects of the industry:

  • How to source the best bananas.
  • How to get the best prices on those bananas.
  • Where to find buyers and how to maximize profit.
  • The best ways to market your bananas and stand out from the competition.

Learn more on writing "benefit-centric" copy here.


6. Establish Authority And Credibility

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Tell the audience what makes you qualified, who you are, what you do, and your experience. Basically, anything that makes you a good choice over the other guy. And by now you're well aware that there are plenty of good choices.

So you have to think about why your audience should trust you. This isn't a time to gloat or embellish, you want to stick to facts. Whatever it is that qualifies you to say what you're saying.

If there's no trust between you and your audience you're not going to be winning anyone over.

Not only that, but your audience also doesn't really care what you've done. It doesn't mean anything to them. What they really want to know is how you can help them, so you have to relate your background to help your audience succeed.


I've been doing this since 2003 and I started from the ground up, before there were any resources available. About 10 years ago I decided to start helping others do the same thing because I know just how hard it can be going into something blind.

After all those years, I've helped multiple clients reach well over 7 figures, and the list keeps growing.


7. Prove Your Offer

It's as simple as that, just give some proof. This can range from testimonials to stats, anything that can't be called into question. Maybe you have some success stories from previous clients or some numbers that show what your offer is capable of. Anything that's inarguably true.

This ties into trust because anyone can make claims without backing them up. And people are savvy enough to know when those claims have no real foundation. So make sure you're sticking to facts only.


Look, I get it. It might sound good to be true, and I thought the same thing when I started out. But now I'm clearing six figures quarterly and I've never looked back. But this is about what you can do, not what I've done.

Take one of my most successful clients for example. Their profits have increased by 130% from their last business endeavor. In fact, 95% of my clients have reached their financial goals, so I can almost guarantee the same will happen for you.


8. Explain Your Offer

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

This is going past offering the solution, this is where you tell about what your solution does. All the features and benefits, in detail. But it's important to leave out any fluff, just tell them what they need to hear.

This shouldn't take much work since you know exactly what you're offering. But you do have to relate your offer to benefits. So anything that you're doing for them isn't just a feature, it's actually helping your audience reach their goals.


So you're probably wondering exactly what I'm offering to help you reach success. Just to name a few things:

  • Premier software made specifically for bananapreneurs.
  • A full tailored course on the ins and outs of the banana industry.
  • Personal coaching to find the best course of action.
  • A wealth of resources to get your business off the ground.
  • Contact with a network of successful bananapreneurs.

9. Add Some Urgency

Like making any sale, this can make or break your chance at closing. No matter how close your prospect is to making a purchase, they might hesitate for a number of reasons.

So, you can do a few things: you can imply that stock is low, that a special offer is time-sensitive, or offer bonuses. People can be easily influenced by all these methods, for different reasons.

If the stock is low, they might miss the chance to get your offer. If you're offering something like a discount for a limited time, they might end up paying a lot more in the end.

These are things that people naturally want to avoid. But bonuses appeal to what people want because everyone likes getting a little something extra.


But this offer isn't going to last long. I have a limited number of spots and they're filling up fast. People are catching wind of the booming industry of bananas. Just to sweeten the deal I'm going to throw in a few extras for you:

  • A direct line to my preferred banana grower.
  • Free promotion by word of mouth.
  • A guide on how to successfully market your bananas and edge out the competition.


10. Call To Action

You're probably pretty familiar with this step by now. Like with any copy you just need to tell your audience what to do. Everything you went over before should come together here in a concise summary. It doesn't need to be lengthy, it just has to hit on the right things.

Focus on what your audience wants and how your offer does that for them. Then just tell them exactly how they can get in on it. Purely informational with no frills.


Now's your chance to turn things around and make more money than you ever have. If you're ready to climb to the top of a booming industry there's no better time. Get signed up today and see the benefits in no time.

Learn how to write stronger CTAs here.


VSL Scripting That Converts

How To Write A Video Sales Letter Script That Converts

Whether you're struggling with video sales letters or haven't tackled one yet, it's important to learn how to produce them. And there are a few things that go into them like the format and the video quality. 

But you're dealing with sales, and sales come down to good copy. That's why it's so important to write a good script. Because without compelling copy it doesn't matter how much of an expert you are at video production.

The offer is what people are interested in, the video is just a medium to get through to your audience. They don't care so much about the video itself, but what the video is explaining to them.

Granted, an amateur-looking video sales letter isn't going to be effective either, even with the best copy. But it all starts with a good script.

So hopefully you have a better understanding of what makes a good script now. Because a solid video sales letter can make a huge difference in your business. 

But if you're still having some trouble or just don't have the time to put one together, don't worry.

A copywriting consultant might be your best choice if that's the case. They're pros at this stuff and can save you plenty of time and headaches.

Want higher conversions on your landing pages, sales letters, emails, or ads? It might be time for you to work with an expert copywriter. I’ve driven tens of millions of dollars in revenue for hundreds of clients over the past 10 years — including some of the largest B2B companies and digital brands in America.

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