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"Daniel is a very talented writer!"

"Daniel has really helped us a lot with content projects for us at Oddbytes. When it comes to writing, Daniel is very talented. He's amazing at taking new directions and feedback and moving forward. He creates relatable content that doesn't just grab readers but holds them. And he does it all while weaving in keywords that would make any search engine excited."

Katie Harris
Marketing Director at Oddbytes
"Daniel's talent is nothing short of exceptional."

"We've partnered together on a series of complex technical content deliverables for the SaaS space that require subject matter expertise, attention to detail, and proficiency in SEO principles. He's brought a potent combination of imaginative storytelling, understanding of the fluid SEO landscape, and deep business insights to the table. He transforms complex ideas into easily digestible, impactful narratives that go beyond mere SEO compliance."

Ryan Velez
Senior Content Director at NP Digital
"Daniel goes the extra mile!"

"Not only is Daniel eminently professional in all his interactions with us, but he has a very positive approach to everything. I can't tell you how much we appreciate that. He delivers projects on time or before. And he often goes the extra mile to suggest things we might not have thought of. His prices are reasonable, and the copy is crisp, clear, and dynamic."

Kindra Foster
Creative Director at Augusta Precious Metals
"Daniel always delivers high-quality copy!"

"Working with Daniel is easy! He's able to digest projects quickly and deliver high-quality copywriting work. He's comfortable with feedback during review cycles and is a strong collaborator. "

Dan Race
VP of Corporate Communications at
"Daniel is a breath of fresh air."

"I came across Daniel searching for a writer who could inject some life into real estate writing — someone who could combine my conversational tone, sprinkle in some humor, and build trust while steering clear of the traditional salesy approach. I wanted content that would not only capture attention but also convert effectively. Enter Daniel. I can’t wait to collaborate with him again on future projects!"

Janine Berger
Realtor at
"Daniel perfectly captured our brand voice!"

"When it comes to weaving compelling narratives that hook readers and drive conversions, Daniel is in a league of his own. The sales page he crafted for us wasn’t just persuasive, it was a masterpiece that perfectly captured our brand's voice and the unique value of our product. But his talent doesn’t stop there. Daniel also delivered several email nurture sequences that were pure gold. The bottom line: Daniel delivers results. Highly recommend working with him if you're looking for strong copy that converts."

Mathilde Magnier
Growth Director @ (Codie Sanchez)
"Daniel is easy to work with!"

"Daniel's organized and efficient "BananaDNA" process made working with him very easy. He quickly got up-to-speed with our tone and voice and did an excellent job in email copywriting. Daniel remained in close communication throughout the project and ensured we were happy with the final product. We would work with Daniel again and recommend him to anyone looking for a superstar writer!"

Sarah Fann
Marketing Director at Force Management
"Daniel’s work is invaluable to our team!"

"We struggled to find a strong writer we could count on to create marketing assets that would resonate with our target audience - that's when we found Daniel. After reading the first project, we knew we had struck gold. Daniel's work is exceptional - his copy is always insightful, and he has a way of connecting with our audience that we could never have achieved on our own. Overall, working with Daniel has been an incredible experience."

Karen Voci
CMO at Everyware
"Daniel does excellent work!"

"Daniel delivered excellent copy in just one take! After working with previous copywriters for months who delivered subpar work, it was a relief to receive spectacular copy with little to no revisions. Highly recommend Daniel and looking forward to working with him in the future on more copy."

Ogo Ezeofor
Senior Analyst at Google
"Daniel exceeded my expectations!"

“The project that I hired Daniel to work on is a big piece to the marketing plan for Eureka, and his ability to take my direction over email and execute quickly makes all the difference. Daniel has exceeded my expectations, from his onboarding process, to the quick turnarounds and final work. His copywriting process is also as smooth as it can be, and that gives me so many fewer things to worry about. His output has been top notch!”

Janelle Smith
Director of Marketing at Eureka
"Daniel’s work speaks for itself."

“We hired Daniel to produce sales copy for a dedicated dental campaign page. Daniel delivers a very well-written and researched copy with a deliverable visual outline of what he has in mind. If you’re looking for help with sales copywriting or content writing, I would have no hesitation in recommending Daniel."

Wendy Jae
Founder at ILukaMedia
"I love working with Daniel!"

“I had my first chance to work with him on three cornerstone articles for my new website. The process was fast and easy—he even gave me tips for reviewing the writing to ensure it was on brand and on message. I would absolutely work with Daniel again and am already planning our next project.”

Dionne Kumpe
Director at Saatchi & Saatchi
"Daniel’s work blew me away."

"I’ve worked in the world of advertising and marketing for more than three decades – from big brands to all kinds of startups in San Francisco and beyond. I thought I had worked with every kind of writer until I met Daniel and his Neuro-Response copywriting method. I was blown away by his unique and innovative approach. He’s someone who truly understands the balance of “art + science” mandatory for today’s copywriting!"

John Graham
Senior Vice-President at Leo Burnett
"Don’t hesitate to hire Daniel!"

"I was looking for a high-quality copywriter with an eye for interesting and compelling headlines, along with a mastery of the English language.I was very happy with how the copy turned out. Very happy. He does a very high-quality job with an extremely fast turnaround. The biggest benefit was that it helped stabilize my content creation efforts at a time where I felt like I just could not find a talented copywriter to save my life. If you're considering whether or not to hire Daniel... don't hesitate, sign up now!"

Brendan Ronan
Founder of InsightLeap
"Daniel’s writing is truly remarkable."

"It's hard to find a strong copywriter, but thankfully, I found Daniel. His expertise as a writer was evident from the start, as he seamlessly integrated our message into the video script writing process. He was able to convey complex ideas in a clear and concise manner while adhering to strict tone guidelines. His attention to detail, creativity, and ability to bring our video script's vision to life was remarkable. I would recommend Daniel to anyone in need of a talented copywriter."

Hiawatha Bradley
Senior Director at PBS SoCal
"Daniel dramatically improved our communication."

"Daniel had a great sense of our brand voice and tone and brought a fresh perspective that helped us refine our messaging and better communicate our benefits to potential customers. We're thrilled with the results and would highly recommend Daniel's copywriting services to any company looking to level up their marketing and messaging."

Grant Demaree
Founder at OneBrief
"Daniel's work is always great!"

"I'm so glad I came across Daniel in our search for knowledgeable, high-quality writers. Daniel's work is always insightful. If you're looking for a great copywriter who always meets their deadlines, you can't go wrong with Daniel."

Kaitlin Milliken
Marketing Manager at Hubspot
"Daniel is highly recommended."

“Our experience with Daniel was very positive. His extensive knowledge and copywriting expertise were apparent in all his work. He was always receptive to feedback and easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

Lara Youssef
Marketing Director at Ready Set
"Daniel’s work is excellent!"

"Daniel doesn’t need any hand-holding when it comes to jumping in and writing persuasive copy. He's written many emails, landing pages, and ads for us. Thank goodness we found him! His copy and work ethic is proficient, timely and high-quality."

Michael Munguia
Marketing Director at GoSolo
"Daniel's an expert with words."

"His feedback improved retention rates and lifted conversions on key landing pages. If you're looking for help with copywriting or conversion optimization, I would highly recommend working with Daniel."

Vaibhav Sisinty
Growth at Uber
"Daniel is an insanely good copywriter."

"Not only does Daniel write persuasive and captivating copy, but he actually knows how to get his copy to convert. Don’t just hire Daniel for new copy, hire him to make pages and funnels you already have better."

Stefan Georgi
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
"I did not find Daniel, his copy found me."

"Daniel’s unique written style on social media is clever, satirical and informative – it's able to effortlessly hook his audience and drives engagement."

Jason Eisenberg
Marketing at Office Depot
"Daniel is a master at his craft."

"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to Daniel. Whether it’s landing pages, long-form Facebook ad copy, or email nurture sequences, Daniel’s copywriting style has a seriously impressive range, from insanely funny and entertaining to super polished and professional.”

Houston Golden
CEO at BAMF Media
"Daniel is an incredible copywriter."

“His copy isn’t just persuasive, it converts like crazy. With his magical storytelling techniques and ability to tweak conversion elements to perfection, he makes the difficult art of copywriting look easy. Whether you’re looking to improve existing copy for your marketing funnels, or get brand new landing pages or ads that convert, Daniel won't let you down."

Leonard Kim
CEO at Influence Tree
"Daniel's copy is unbelievably good."

"I’ve been working with him for a while, and just love his attitude, skillset, and work ethic. His copy is unbelievably good. It’s high-converting, compelling, and super persuasive. If you’re struggling to find a copywriter who truly delivers high-quality copy, I strongly recommend reaching out to Daniel."

David Markovich
Founder of Online Geniuses
Daniel is miles better than most copywriters.

"I've hired copywriters before, but it's always a big challenge to transfer the massive amount of knowledge and intent I have about my product to them and hit the right tone I have in mind. Daniel is different. With his "banana-powered" process and few short iterations, Daniel was able to completely fulfill my expectations and write a fantastic sales page for me. That's a first!"

Jan Kuzel
Head of Growth at SatisMeter
Daniel’s a copywriter I can count on every time.

“Daniel has been great to work with. His writing is sharp and concise, and he turns projects around quickly. I love knowing that I can count on him for solid copywriting work every time.”

Jimmy Daly
Founder at Superpath
Daniel has a proven methodology for high-converting copy.

“Daniel is truly a world-class copywriter. He’s genuinely one of the best that I have ever seen. What makes Daniel so unique and special is a couple of things: A framework and a methodology for getting work done that gets to a great outcome, and also the speed and accuracy at which he delivers. So if you need help, Daniel is definitely your guy.”

Jeff Biesman
CMO at National Debt Relief
Daniel won’t let you down.

“Daniel is the best copywriter I know. There’s no one else I’d even think of going to when it comes to sales page copy and ads copy. When I have an important project, Daniel’s the first person I go to to make sure that I’m not losing a penny of revenue on my sales page or on the paid ads. He does really good work, does it all by hand. His turnaround times are crazy fast. And he has a proven track record of ridiculously high conversion rates. So if you’re thinking of hiring a copywriter, I highly recommend Daniel, he will not let you down.”

Steven Safak
Triple S Operations
Daniel is the best copywriter I’ve seen in 10 years.

“By far, Daniel has some of the best copy I have seen in my entire ten years of being in business.  Whether you need a badass, high-converting sales page, or maybe an email nurture sequence that actually turns your leads into lifetime buyers, or maybe you just need a top-of-funnel ad copywriter, Daniel’s stuff converts like bananas, like what you’re gonna see is literally ridiculous. Trust me.”

John Weberg
Head Sales Consultant at Frank Kern
Daniel ‘got me’ in a way that I couldn’t even express myself.

“I hired Daniel to write a landing page for a writing workshop I wanted to promote. I feel that Daniel “got me” in a way that I couldn’t even express myself. In fact, the landing page is so good, I felt justified in charging more for the workshop because its value came through loud and clear. I was especially pleased with how quickly Daniel worked, how open to suggestions he was, and how he stayed with this until I was 100% satisfied. I’ll be using Daniel for all my copywriting needs in the future.”

Diane O’Connell
Senior Editor at Penguin Random House
Daniel takes a very detailed approach to copywriting.

We were looking to build our first email marketing sequence and did not know where to start. From the start, Daniel took a very detailed approach trying to understand every aspect of our business before writing a single word. He was very easy to work with and ended up far exceeding our expectations for the end result. I highly recommend Daniel for any email marketing or other written work.”

Matt Meyers
CEO of Adaptus
We’ll use Daniel for all of our companies.

"I've worked with copywriters in the past who just didn't seem to be up to the quality I was looking for. I didn't even need a single round of revisions from Daniel. Everything came out perfect! If I had used Daniel much earlier, I know our revenue numbers would look a lot different. We now have two other companies that we'll be using him for."

Adam Wilbanks
CEO at Enverse
Daniel writes beautiful on-brand copy that converts.

“I highly recommend Daniel. I went to him because I wanted to improve my messaging as well as make it catchy. Ideally, in layman's terms to make it accessible to my ideal clients without sounding too technical. Daniel made all my requests a reality and used his wealth of knowledge to write beautiful on-brand copy that converts. I’m glad I found Daniel.”

Arlena Jackson
Head of Global Communications at Salesforce
Daniel’s skills are highly impressive.

“Daniel has this really impressive ability to turn words into revenue. And then as you see him weave these words in and through sentences and paragraphs... WOW!”

Eric Cawley
Founder at SMB Marketing
"Daniel’s a real copywriting professional."

“Daniel is the man when it comes to copywriting! He's always my go to guy and if you haven't done business with him you definitely should.”

Vlad Mkrtumyan
CEO at Logic Inbound
"Daniel's copywriting is simply brilliant!"

"I learned a ton of stuff from Daniel. After studying the persuasion techniques inside Daniel's book, I wrote a video ad for Russell Brunson and it was almost perfect! I highly recommend working with Daniel if you're looking for a rockstar direct-response copywriter who knows what he's doing."

Kevin Anson
Legendary Video Producer
“Daniel’s expertise is self-evident.”

“Daniel exudes high-converting copywriting from every pore. If you're looking to take your copy to the next level — to write something that speaks *to* people instead of *at* people — hire Daniel right now.”

Alex Ownejazayeri
Founder at GrowthMedium
“Daniel has a rock-solid copywriting process.”

“Daniel has a process that delivers high-quality copy on brief and on time. We made minor edits that took a couple minutes and were happy with the results. Plus, he's a pleasure to work with!”

Ben Tregoe
CEO of Bainbridge
“Daniel overdelivers every time.”

“We were under tight deadlines but Daniel was able to deliver exceptional copy earlier than we had agreed. To make it even better the layout of the copy was easy for a designer to pick up and build the landing page. Daniel deserves all the bananas in the world for how talented he is at writing copy.”

Arri Bagah
CEO of Conversmart
“Daniel’s copy positions us exceptionally well.”

“Daniel is a mad scientist who takes a systematic and detailed approach to copywriting. He’s clearly passionate about what he does, and he knows exactly how to entice people to get them to read from start to finish. He’s a master of sentiment, easily understanding how to use the right words to inspire potential customers to take action. The email sequences he wrote for us were positioned exceptionally well, and I would highly recommend working with Daniel.”

Sree Thimmareddy
Managing Director at Deloitte
“Daniel’s copywriting is highly recommended.”

“I knew my agency's homepage needed to be more targeted and clear, but I wasn’t prepared for the level of depth Daniel went into. He found underlying issues that only years of experience can really bring. I highly recommend Daniel. If you’re looking for help with your copywriting or conversion optimization, look no further.”

Pierre Le Poulain
Co-Founder of Cosmodoggo PPC
“Daniel is a master of written communication.”

“Daniel is an absolute master of written communication and the only person I trust with our company's publishing.  I submitted a press release which he reviewed and promptly rewrote to absolute perfection.  I cannot speak highly enough of Daniel. I have a great boost in confidence knowing that we have someone we can fully count on.”

Eric Alberton
CEO of Biirdee Travel
“Daniel’s copy is flawless.”

“We hired Daniel to write copy for us and he absolutely crushed it! We’re super happy with how it turned out. Daniel really captured what we wanted to say and helped us express what we were trying to convey to all of our users. He was very patient with us and very professional, extremely responsive, and worked with us on iterations until the copy was absolutely flawless. I highly recommend working with Daniel if you’re looking for a world-class copywriter who does great work.”

David Choi
CEO of Content Creators Inc
“Daniel’s a living legend.”

“Daniel is a living encyclopedia on all things related to online marketing, from conversion copywriting to sales funnels to digital advertising best practices. I highly recommend working with him.”

Travis Taborek
Marketing at Zengage
“Daniel nails the copy every time.”

“Daniel's direct-response marketing prowess is truly outstanding. I've seen him do marvellous things for partners of all shapes and sizes. You know that pride you get when you put somebody forward because you trust in their abilities to the maximum... and then they nail it? That's the feeling I get to experience every time I recommend Daniel.”

Joe Wilmott
Founder of Dropstand
"Daniel gave me incredible copy."

"Daniel wrote amazing copy for my community’s landing page. He was very detailed in understanding my offering, my audience's pain points, and desires. I highly recommend working with Daniel!"

Steven J Wilson
Founder of Personal Branding Mastery
"Daniel is a master at his craft."

"After talking to Daniel, you'll very quickly realize he's a genius in his craft. After he delivered the first round of copy we had little to no major changes. We absolutely learned a lot and appreciate the new bar he set for copy."

Dustin Luke
Founder of English Speaking Hacks
"Daniel’s work is fantastic."

"His process is extremely thorough and the resulting work is very solid. I plan to work with Daniel again."

Justin Spring
President at Golden Reserve
"Daniel’s copy was absurdly good."

"He saved my butt with a five-email sequence that I had been stuck on writing for weeks. I had the ideas for the emails, I just didn't have the time to sit down and write them. I sent him my ideas and asked him to run with them. Before I knew it, I had the series in hand and each email was exactly what I envisioned. Not to mention, the copy was better than anything I could do myself. His work is a perfect 10/10!"

Kory Underdown
Head of Marketing at Back Office Betties
"Daniel’s a plastic surgeon with words."

"I split-tested 20 different copywriters. Daniel was the clear knockout winner. Without having to babysit, Daniel returned a full VSL script back that knocked my socks off. Not only is his copy some of the best in the business, but you can tell that he researches before he writes better than most in the industry. He’s like a plastic surgeon with words."

Austin Dixon
Marketing Operations at OfferLab
"Daniel nailed our unique brand voice."

"He not only nailed our message and what we were trying to get across but he nailed the personality and tone of the sales letter. As soon as I read the sales letter he wrote for me, I genuinely went ahead and purchased my own service. That's how good it was! All jokes aside, we haven’t launched the promo yet but I have no doubt it’ll do amazing on cold traffic."

Luis Camejo
Co-Founder of BizBros
"Daniel copy exceeded my expectations."

"I’ve hired Daniel for multiple advertorials and he greatly exceeded my expectations every time. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and am looking forward to collaborating on more fun projects together. I highly recommend working with Daniel."

Alyvydas Opulskis
Marketing Operations at Kilo Health
"Daniel’s a true wordsmith."

"In fact, anything I ask him to write is written so well that I’ve seen an incredible boost in sales with every copy overhaul. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to hiring Daniel as your copywriter. He truly understands the pain points of customers and knows how to get them to take action. If you need a promotion or have any sales that need driving, he’s definitely the man for the job."

Faiysal Kothiwala
CEO of The Beard Struggle
"Daniel is the best copywriter I know."

"I genuinely have never come across another copywriter who can hold a candle to Daniel. He writes copy that truly speaks to the customer and persuades and builds trust that YOUR solution is the right solution. The best part is his copy NEVER comes off as spammy. It always matches your brand’s voice and has the perfect myriad of words. If you're thinking of hiring Daniel, do it. Your conversion rate and sales will skyrocket."

Neel Sarode
Founder at
"Daniel is an absolute gem of a copywriter."

"I hired him to help with our top of funnel ads and conversion copy, and he has done an incredible job. We’ve worked with many copywriters in the affiliate marketing space and I can truthfully say that Daniel is one of the absolute best copywriters in the industry. He’s professional, witty, and meticulous with a strong ability to not only communicate effectively, but drive strong business results with his copy."

Anna Gita
CEO of MaxWeb
"Daniel copy beats controls."

"Daniel is one of the best direct-response copywriters out there today and he might not even know it. He has an uncanny ability to get into the mind of your prospect and feel what they are feeling, think what they are thinking, and then align your offer (product or service) as the ONLY solution to their problems. They can't help but get out their wallets and smash that "buy now" button. If you want to beat your controls, ring up more sales, and collect all the cash in the bank that comes with that, without having to stress out about “will this copy work?” Daniel is your guy."

Graves Burke
Founder of Double Lift Media
"Daniel's copy is highly effective."

"I've worked with Daniel on a few projects and I can say that his copywriting skills are quite excellent. His landing page copywriting skills are unmatched, and he’s able to write copy that effectively persuades without feeling pushy or slimy. I have my own digital marketing business, and I refer my clients to him for copywriting all the time!"

Anthony Doan
Owner at AD Digital Marketing Solutions
"Daniel's one of the best in direct-response."

"Daniel is a master copywriter that truly understands the art of direct-response marketing. His skills to provoke that curiosity and keep the reader tuned in with amazing storytelling is unmatched. I would HIGHLY recommend Daniel for anyone who is looking for copy that is going to increase their sales, profits, and ultimately their year-over-year growth for their business."

Phil Scheffki
Owner of Attention Pros Marketing
"Daniel is a genius when it comes to copy."

"I have known Daniel for a couple of years now, but what made me reach out to him a while back was his power of storytelling and copywriting. He is an absolute genius when it comes to writing words that compel you to keep reading. Daniel is easy to work with, is an expert at what he does and he can write words that sell."

Moe Ghias
Founder of Training With The Titans
"Daniel's copy lowered my cost per leads."

"Simply put, whatever Daniel writes, converts. We were working on a funnel, and opt-ins were okay but not great. But that all changed after Daniel came in and did his magic on the copy. In no time, we were getting leads for 10 cents. Just blew my mind! If you are looking for someone to increase conversions, Daniel is the man. Highly recommended."

Sashanka Dutta
Founder of Marketing Hatch
"I was floored by Daniel's copy."

"After seeing a lot of Daniel Doan's banana-riffic content on both LinkedIn and Facebook, I hired him for my marketing agency. Going into it, I expected quality work, but I was still floored by his copy. Not only did he manage to capture the exact tone of voice I was going for, but he managed to appeal to my niche audience with a pretty technical topic... and he made it seem easy. If you're looking for stellar copy that's impressive, delivered on time, and high-converting, I'd highly recommend hiring Daniel."

Bryan Starck
CEO at 100 Degrees Celsius
“Daniel's the ace up my sleeve."

"Writing good emails takes time — time I don't have since I have several companies to run. Lucky for me, Daniel is the ace up my sleeve. When I used the email nurture sequence he wrote for me, I saw strong results. He's the real deal and has this highly effective way of tapping into human emotion that compels prospects to take action. I highly recommend Daniel's copywriting."

Tim Kilroy
Founder of TK Agency Consulting
“Daniel delivers great work."

"Daniel writes compelling, professional copy that stays true to brand guidelines and voice. Better yet, Daniel delivers his work on time and is always willing to complete an edit or two."

Anne Leuman
Sr. Operations Strategist at TopRankMarketing
“Daniel transformed my email copy."

"My business wasn’t reaching its full potential, and I had a weak email list that I wasn’t prioritizing. That all changed when Daniel wrote two full email sequences for me: one for nurturing existing customers and another to onboard curious bench sitters in need of a push. Thanks to Daniel’s copy, I’m now getting more Calendly sign-ups and weekend boot camp sales than ever before."

Mike Kiwii
Founder of PickupAlpha
“Daniel's a real copy ventriloquist."

"I was amazed by the way Daniel’s writing elevated my message. He articulated my ideas in a clear and understandable way, improved the flow, and made it way more engaging. His writing style is compelling and truly hooks the audience. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for world-class copy that drives conversions."

Gianluca Piovani
Founder of Storyforma
“Daniel knows how to convert leads into customers.”

“If you're looking to hire a conversion-focused copywriter who knows how to drive sales, then there's nobody else that I would recommend. Daniel is a smart copywriter who knows how to convert cold leads into paying customers. If you have a service you want to promote, a product you want to sell, or if you're just short on potassium and need bananas, then Daniel's the copywriter for you.”

Yixin Li
Marketing Lead at Scalar Forge
"Daniel 12x'd my ads."

“I saw a +1,200% conversion rate lift after working with Daniel. Before working with Daniel, I'd spend 1 dollar and get 0.3 signups. After implementing his advice, we’re now at 3.9 signups with every dollar spent.”

Chris Haga
CEO at Looty Games
"Daniel did a phenomenal job."

"We were looking for a very talented copywriter with humor and thoughtful flair and came across Daniel through his Facebook posts. We initially hired him for a Facebook post and worked with him again for an offer-focused Facebook Ad. He did a phenomenal job with the copy both times around and made sure we were 100% happy with his work. I'm very excited to launch these and see how they perform for our newest offer."

Natasha Takahashi
CEO at School of Bots
"Daniel's the man to hire."

"Daniel is the type of person to put a hundred percent in anything he does. He puts in so much work into everything, I just knew he'd be the world's greatest copywriter. Whether you need a landing page, sales letter, email sequence, blog post, or Facebook ad, Daniel's the man to hire."

Roy Goldstein
Founder of SERPStorm
"Daniel is a copywriting wizard."

"And no, not the wannabe wizards, like an actual wizard. He writes copy that can even convince *you* to do whatever he wants you to do. And this is only the tip of the iceberg in his growth marketing stack. He’s honestly one of the best growth marketers in the game right now."

Faith Storey
Senior Marketing Manager at SaaStr
“Daniel is an exceptional copywriter and digital marketer.”

“I've worked with many marketers over the years and I can say with confidence that Daniel is top in his weight class when it comes to email marketing, funnel building, and growth hacking.”

Ben Lee
Chief Revenue Officer at Rootstrap
“Daniel is an absolute copywriting rockstar.”

“If you’re serious about taking your copy and conversions to the next level, Daniel is the guy to help you get there. He has been my right-hand man to guide me through website copywriting, conversion optimization, and segmented email automation with ActiveCampaign. I couldn’t have asked for a better growth marketing partner.”

Lindsey Brassington
Founder of GENERIS
“Daniel’s copy didn’t need any additional editing."

"He wrote us some KILLER copy for a video script we needed here at Netmore. We were on a tight deadline and I wasn't sure if we'd make it, but Daniel pulled through with some super persuasive copy that didn't need any additional editing from my team. Overall, I had an amazing experience working with him and consider him one of the best copywriters I've worked with so far."

Brandon Moore
CEO at Netmore Marketing
“Our copy has improved dramatically."

"I reached out to Daniel knowing we wanted to step up the quality of our website copy to convert more cold traffic into customers. We got exactly what we wanted. Our landing page copy has improved immensely since working with Daniel, and we’ll gladly recommend his work to anyone. If you’re looking for great copywriting talent, Daniel is your guy."

Jyot Singh
CEO at RTS Labs
“Daniel understands copywriting on a deep level."

“In more than a decade of building and scaling 7-figure businesses, I have come across very few professionals, let alone copywriting professionals who truly understand marketing on a deep level and genuinely deliver results for their clients. To top it off, Daniel is actually a really cool, down-to-earth guy that is very easy to work with.”

Sal Steffano
Founder of Stupid Simple Agency
“Daniel is a top-notch copywriter."

“He delivers on time a high quality work product. His masterful copy has generated significant conversion lifts on even the most difficult of optimization projects. Daniel is an expert at using the art of copywriting to increase revenue. I highly recommend him if you're looking to extract more conversions out of your sales funnels.”

Troy Assoignon
Founder of TA International
“Daniel writes truly beautiful and compelling copy.”

“He was truly able to ask insightful questions that really helped him gain an understanding of who our target demographic is, and he was able to write really beautiful copy that really not only expressed the brand image but also expressed my personal voice in all of our copy, advertising, and everything.”

Jamila Jackson
Founder of Loved+Blessed
“Daniel is a brilliant copywriter.”

“His marketing knowledge and ability to turn frustratingly complex ideas into cool, engaging copy, really gets results — his writing gave me the confidence to walk into an event and land numerous meetings, introductions, and connections. Overall, I had a very positive outcome and would highly recommend working with Daniel if you're looking for an expert copywriter who can deliver real results.”

Tari Weiss
CEO at Raiya
“Daniel’s copywriting style stands out from the crowd."

"He’s is one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with. His writing style is unique, so it always stands out from the crowd. He knows how to evoke prospect interest with his compelling points and ability to clarify messaging. I highly recommend him for any B2B and SaaS company’s copywriting needs."

Ash Ome
Founder of Motif
“Daniel’s work totally surpassed my initial vision."

"I hired Daniel to help with a piece of copy that needed to be tightened up. What he delivered was something that completely surpassed my vision. It was clear, persuasive, on-brand, and truly resonated with my audience. Without a doubt, Daniel is one of the most talented copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with — anyone looking to increase their sales and conversions would be lucky to have Daniel writing their copy."

Hunter McKinley
Chief Marketing Officer at YAC
“Daniel’s an extremely talented copywriter."

“He did a great job at writing copy for our landing page at Thirstysprout. His experience compels trust, as he knows exactly how to handle non-trivial projects from beginning to end with little oversight. Not only that, but he's able to turn loosely documented requirements and little sense into copywriting gold. If you want someone who understands how to get your message across in a way that resonates with your customers, get in touch with Daniel.”

David Stepania
Founder of Thirstysprout
“Daniel turned my drafts into a cohesive message."

“Before launch, I had nothing more than drafts of ideas, and he was able to transform those random thoughts into a cohesive message that truly resonated with my audience. Daniel is synonymous with bananas, storytelling, and copywriting for a reason. He knows how to help your brand identity shine through your sales copy. If you’re looking for the go-to of all brand stories, customer connection, and conversions, opt for Daniel.”

Suzie Nguyen
Founder of The Trusted Voice
“Daniel writes truly badass copy."

“Putting it simply, Daniel's copywriting is badass. We have two editors look over his copy for us to see if anything could be modified at all, and there's really wasn't anything. We were stunned at the level of polish, professionalism, and skill that went into every sentence. It's truly great copy. Daniel definitely knows how to write attention-grabbing and resonant messages that convert.”

Josh Gale
Affiliate Manager at Cosidla Inc.
“Daniel is a copywriting beast."

“Much more than just a mere copywriter, he's an expert conversion strategist who has helped dozens of businesses grow to 7-figures and beyond. He knows a lot about generating qualified leads and turning them into sales. If your goal is to grow your customer base and blow up your conversion rates, Daniel's the right copywriter for you. His knowledge and experience may be worth millions to your business -- literally.”

Aliz AJ
Writer at King Kong Digital
“Daniel is a top-tier copywriter."

“Daniel is one of the best copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with. It's refreshing to meet an individual whose knowledge and skills in copywriting go so far and wide, but who stays consistently humble, funny, and approachable. If you're looking for a top-tier copywriter, it's hard to go wrong with Daniel. He has my full recommendation.”

Ana Gonzalez
Creative Director at Virtuous Graphics
“I was blown away by Daniel’s copywriting."

“I hired Daniel to tackle a few brand projects that required an acute understanding of my target customers. What he delivered was compelling, high-converting copy. He gave us plenty of revisions, kept in touch, and wrote copy that truly did what it was designed to do: convert. If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss copywriter who has the skills to boost your numbers, then look no further.”

Rian Doris
COO at Flow Research Collective
“Daniel took my landing page copy to the next level."

“I recently hired Daniel to work on a landing page for our new product launch. We wanted to showcase the features and benefits in the best light, but we didn’t have access to an in-house copywriter. The difference was night and day. He truly elevated my copy, making it engaging, dynamic, and had it speak directly to my audience. It’s everything I wanted it to be — I will definitely be working with Daniel on many more future copywriting projects.”

Mathieu Picard
CEO at AnyLeads
“Daniel is an amazing copywriter.”

"Daniel is one of the most driven and effective copywriters I've ever encountered. I've learned more about copywriting by working with him than I have from any course or mastermind group. He has a huge client roster for a reason — he can turn around top-notch high-converting copy for a wide range of industries, and he's always a pleasure to work with as well."

Alex Planes
CEO at FoundEdge
“Daniel’s copywriting is next-level.”

“This guy convinced me he was good at copywriting by talking about bananas, and it turns out he was. The copy he wrote for us always gets positive, disarmed responses. His stuff is so good, I actually have a folder on my computer filled with screenshots of his Facebook posts. I look at it for guidance when I'm stuck, tricks when I need results, and a laugh when I'm sad.”

Stapho Thienpont
Co-Founder of The Marketing Family
“Daniel is the only copywriter I trust.”

"I often find myself in need of copy, fast. The trouble is, I need good copy. As in, exceptionally good (which is rare to find). When I find myself in this situation, the only person I trust is Daniel. He consistently delivers powerful copy, on deadline, at an affordable rate."

Lucas Mondera
Founder of PrecisePath
“Daniel is one of the best copywriters I've ever come across.

“He has a magical way of storytelling, and a strangely familiar brand built around bananas, that just makes him stand out effortlessly. And somehow he's able to translate that level of originality into his copy and make it work for just about any audience he comes across. His copy is simply bananas.”

Paul Ace
CEO at Amplify
"Daniel crafts copy that's clear, resonant, and extremely persuasive.”

“I knew my agency's homepage needed to be more targeted and clear, but I wasn’t prepared for the level of depth Daniel went into. He found underlying issues that only years of experience can really bring. I highly recommend Daniel. If you’re looking for help with your copywriting or conversion optimization, look no further.”

Raul Hernandez
COO at 7 Mile Media
“Daniel is the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with.”

“We hired Daniel to optimize the copy on our landing pages, and he blew us away. He transformed what I thought was already decent copy into the most persuasive and resonant messaging I’ve seen in a long time. If you’re looking for a copywriter to take your stuff to the next level and boost your on-page conversions, I highly recommend working with Daniel. He's truly the best copywriter I’ve ever hired.”

Braden Wallake
CEO at HyperSocial
“Daniel’s copy doubled my conversion rates.”

"Daniel put together some of the most well-thought-out and compelling copy for our landing page redesigns. He’s able to understand and create quality copy that does exactly what it’s meant to do — convert. His funnel copy, and the design we paired with it, outperformed other tested variations by 25% - 100%."

Adam Albonni
CEO at Motiv Marketing
“Daniel’s copywriting is impressive.”

“Daniel was incredibly helpful when it came to developing impactful copy for our site. Throughout the process, Daniel was incredibly communicative about his progress, he delivered copy ahead of projected timelines, and he was very receptive to our feedback. We're pleased with the finished product and would recommend him to other individuals and companies who are looking to take their copy to the next level.”

Cassie Gannon
Director of Partnerships at Chrono.GG
“Daniel truly understands the art of copywriting.”

“I knew what I wanted to say, but needed someone to turn it into highly compelling copy that would resonate with our audience. Daniel was a great help. He knows what makes copy work and was able to take my vision and transform it into some of the most effective copywriting I've seen in a long time. If you need a copywriter who truly understands copy, work with Daniel. He gave us great copy that got results.”

Naru Kang
Founder of Illusion Apparel
“Daniel’s copywriting is truly world-class.”

“Call me demanding, but I was looking for a combination of an affordable price, engaging copy with a real voice, and a minimum amount of fluff. It was also a strict requirement to have someone who understands talking to specific personas, understood customer pain points, and write copy that can actually perform (convert) so I can get a return on my investment. Daniel’s copywriting finally was the solution that hit all of my checkboxes and I was immediately a repeat customer.”

Edwin Choi
Founder of Jetfuel Agency
“Daniel is a very gifted copywriter.”

"I’ve worked with a lot of different copywriters in the last few years and have not always had a great experience outsourcing copy. In fact, usually when a project is complete, I’m hesitant to even open the document because it’s usually a lot of overpromising and underdelivering. Well, I can 100% say after getting my copy back from Daniel that he's a very gifted copywriter... he NAILED IT! I didn’t even need to change a single word he wrote!"

Jen Marie
Managing Partner at Fame Nation Pro
"Daniel is the only copywriter I trust.”

“Daniel has a copy business system in place where he's able to deliver world-class, polished copy without missing a deadline, without coming up with excuses why it's late, and without making the client feel like the attention is being spent on other work. Daniel's not a 'freelancer' who needs to pay rent, he's going after legacy. He's the only copywriter I trust when it comes to taking care of a client or prospect with the same care and respect as I would, if not better. He's the real deal.”

Heath Wilcock
Founder of Fold Soup

"If you're looking for help with growth marketing or conversion optimization, I would highly recommend working with Daniel."

Vaibhav Sisinty, Growth at Uber

“Daniel was able to write really beautiful copy that really not only expressed the brand, but also expressed my personal voice.”

Jamila Jackson, Founder at Loved+Blessed

"If you’re considering working with Daniel, I highly recommend it. Especially when it comes to anything related to digital marketing."

Matt Tran, CEO at Engineered Truth

"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to Daniel. He’s simply one of the best in the industry."

Houston Golden, CEO at BAMF Media

“If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss copywriter who has the skills to boost your numbers, then look no further. I’d work with Daniel again any day.”

Rian Doris, COO at Flow Research Collective

“Daniel is the best copywriter I’ve hired. He transformed what I thought was decent copy into the most persuasive messaging I’ve ever seen.”

Braden Wallake, CEO at HyperSocial

“I love Daniel’s attitude, skill set, and work ethic. His copy is unbelievably good. It’s high-converting, compelling, and super persuasive.”

David Markovich, Founder at Online Geniuses

“Daniel is a copywriting beast and is one of the best copywriters I know. I was absolutely blown away by his work. Hire Daniel and you’ll sleep easy at night.”

Roy Goldstein, Founder at SERPStorm

“Daniel transformed my email copy. Thanks to Daniel’s copy, I’m now getting more sign-ups and weekend boot camp sales than ever before."

Mike Kiwii, Founder at Pickup Alpha

"I was floored by Daniel's copy. If you're looking for stellar copy that's impressive, delivered on time, and high-converting, I'd highly recommend Daniel."

Bryan Starck, Founder at 100 Degrees

"If you want to have your brand voice and personality shine through your sales copy, he's the go-to person to do just that."

Suzie Nguyen, CEO at The Trusted Voice

"Daniel is fantastic. He really captured the intent and helped us express what we wanted to convey to all of our users."

David Choi, Founder of Takko

"Daniel is crazy knowledgeable when it comes to copywriting. He genuinely understands how to write copy that converts."

Arlena Jackson, CEO at ElevationAlly

"I hired 20 different copywriters, but Daniel's copy was a knockout winner. The copy was just absolutely exceptional work."

Austin Dixon, Director at OfferLab

"Daniel is one of the best in the world when it comes to sales page copywriting. Eloquent, beautiful, and extremely persuasive stuff."

Anthony Doan, Founder at DMS Marketing

"If you want a copywriting beast, look no further than Daniel. The ROI you're going to see if you work with Daniel is ridiculous, trust me. "

Jon Weberg, Head of Sales at Frank Kern

"Daniel is the first person I go to in order to make sure that I'm not losing a penny of revenue on my sales pages and ads. He won't let you down."

Steven Safak, CEO at Triple S Operations

"Daniel is truly world-class. He's one of the best I've ever seen, really. He has a proven methodology that creates consistently high-converting copy."

Jeff Biesman, CMO at National Debt Relief

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