Who is Daniel Doan?

Just another guy sitting behind a computer here on the internet. I read a lot (an almost unhealthy amount) of books on business, marketing, video game development, and psychology.

I'm also the Co-Founder of an indie game marketing and publishing firm that you may have heard of called Black Shell Media alongside my super talented business partner and my extremely passionate team of marketing ninjas.

I've made several relatively successful video games. I enjoy fluffy dogs and pasta, although not at the same time. I don't really like to give out advice, but I'll tell you what worked for me and hope it helps.


Why did you start this site?

This site is a journal, a personal blog, a dumping ground for my thoughts, and a collection of only the best and actionable stuff that I've written. 

On this blog, I'll be sharing mindset hacks and shortcuts to jump start your productivity, my thoughts on the game development industry, and time-tested strategies to help you kick more ass while chasing your goals. Helping others follow their passions and achieve greater success is what this is all about.


What makes you so passionate?

Back in college, a buddy of mine and I held an amazing job that really fed into our passions. We sat around and played video games while getting paid for it. He told me one day, "You know, once we graduate, we'll probably never have a job this enjoyable ever again."

This stuck with me. The power of passion. How many other people feel truly passionate about their current jobs? How many others have to suffer the oftentimes monotonous grind in a job that they couldn't care less about? I knew I had to channel my inner productive muscles and help others to do the same.


When did you learn about this stuff?

I was a strange kid growing up. Okay, full disclosure... I was straight up weird. While other kids might have done normal kid stuff, I was reading business books and trying to figure out how I could get more lunch money to fuel my video game habits. When I got to university, I studied Psychology, Marketing, and Computer Science and ended up graduating with a shiny degree that I keep in the closet collecting dust somewhere.

The point here is that I’ve spent (and will be spending) a lot of my life reading a lot about these topics, so I might as well share my thoughts with you guys. I've also started a multitude of small business failures that have taught me quite a lot about what not to do.


How can I get notified when you write more stuff?

Simple. You can sign up for my personal email updates HERE.


Perfect. Can I stalk you on social media?

You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or all three if you really want the full Daniel Doan experience.