An Open Letter To Email Copywriters Who Want More … eh, what the heck, just read the sales letter.


Hear ye, hear ye!

If you’re an email copywriter who would love nothing more than a cool, refreshing beverage …

… then crack open a can of Coke, and sit yourself down to read this fine little sales page I’ve whipped up (which is definitely not selling cool, refreshing beverages).

Sorry just got to keep these sales page leads interesting you know

Wait … then what is this sales page selling?

Aha. You always ask the sharpest questions.

Well, I have created a brand-spankin’-new resource called:


“The Email Copywriting Compendium”


You can snaffle a copy for just $101.

Take THAT, scrollers … you just skipped past the price which you were looking for ner ner

And when you do, you will get a collection of my 101 best & juiciest rules, hacks & secrets for writing emails …

… which you can consume in the next 20 minutes if you choose, and implement them (and start profiting from them) from your very next email.

So … what is the deal with this strange ‘Compendium’?

What is actually inside it?

Why have I created it?

And what’s with the 101 thing?

Well …


To be honest … the backstory behind this product is a little embarrassing.


And when I think about it, I still get a little mad.

But if you want to know the story … sit down and I’ll tell you.

(If you don’t, and you just want the deal, well, you can scroll down to the buttons at the end, you impatient Nancy. But I already told you it’s $101, so idk why you need to keep scrolling lol)

Okay, so here’s what happened.

Recently, I sent an email to my list titled:


“How to get more clients, in 5 minutes”


And in that email … I told the story of a guy who’d asked me to promote his lead magnet.

This guy had been on my list for a few months. And he said he’d used my advice to put together this lead magnet — “101 ideas for writing emails”.

So he asked if I would help him out by sharing it with my list.