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7 B2B Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making (But Really Shouldn't Be)

by Daniel Doan
on January 12, 2022
It’s easy to think everyone understands the things you understand. That’s a misconception. Communicating, especially copywriting, isn’t as easy as it looks on the surface. This is even more true in business-to-business (B2B) copywriting. See, businesspeople aren’t a generic group of identical folks. That can create a real challenge to write for them as a […]

20 Copywriting Mistakes That Are Sabotaging Your Conversion Rates (And How To Fix Them)

by Daniel Doan
on January 10, 2022
The quarter’s ending and you need to raise your conversion rates — fast. The only problem is you’ve checked everything off your copywriting to-do list.  You’ve gone over your copy with a fine-toothed comb so many times, but you’re not sure what you could be doing better.  You have eye-catching headlines. You’re using all the […]

4 Effective Strategies To Trigger Powerful Emotions In Your Copywriting (To Drive Higher Engagement And Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on January 5, 2022
How many times has someone told you to “get control” of your emotions? It’s this magical concept that, somehow, ignoring your feelings ensures rational decisions.  The truth is, consumers lead with their hearts, whether they know it or not. Emotions evolved to allow human beings to survive and thrive. The most basic of emotions:  Fear […]

10 Useful Copywriting Strategies To Make Whatever You're Selling Way More Persuasive (And Drive More Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on January 3, 2022
Thanks to Dale Carnegie, you know how to “Win Friends and Influence People” with confidence. That might be the case, but do you know how to use these skills to jazz up your copywriting?  Long-form copy is like a love letter telling your audience how much you care about them. It also shows readers what […]

4 Surprisingly Powerful eCommerce Copywriting Strategies You Can Use To Supercharge Your Sales (And Drive More Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on December 30, 2021
Nothing’s more important than choosing the right words. It’s not something anyone thinks about often — until it’s hurting them. Usually, people will notice it during an argument. “I didn’t mean it that way,” “What I was trying to say…” and so on.  Want to know another place where the wrong words can hurt you? […]

18 Effective Sales Promotion Copywriting Strategies To Win Over More New Customers (And Drive Higher Conversion Rates)

by Daniel Doan
on December 28, 2021
It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare: not attracting enough customers. That’s why your business needs to get creative with marketing techniques. If not, this bad dream will come true. It might seem overwhelming to get started, but it’s easier than you think. You have many different strategies in your arsenal. This article will show you […]

How To More Effectively Capture Your Customer’s Voice In Your Copywriting (And Use It To Drive More Conversions And Sales)

by Daniel Doan
on December 22, 2021
Let’s face it: convincing your audience to buy your goods or services is challenging. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible — especially if you remember that copy starts and ends with the customer.  What does that mean? It means you need to understand who your […]

5 Powerful Psychological Triggers To Inject In Your Copywriting (To Boost Sales And Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on December 21, 2021
Imagine nobody’s interacting with your website, even after you poured effort into it. Prospects aren’t signing up for your newsletter or opting into forms. The worst part is no one’s taking you up on your offer. What gives? You’ve spent so much time crafting your website, and it’s a work of art. Shouldn’t more site […]

5 Ways To Make Your E-Commerce Copywriting Significantly More Persuasive (And Boost Your Product Page Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on December 15, 2021
Have you ever bought candy from the checkout aisle on "accident?"  You might have made a shopping list before you left home. Or you swore not to spend another dime on something you didn't need. At the checkout line, though, you see it: processed sugar packaged in bright colors.  It's hard to resist. You can […]

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