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8 Proven Techniques To Improve Your B2B Copywriting (And Increase Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on May 2, 2022
Business to business (B2B) copywriting isn’t the same as “regular” copywriting. There are similarities, but you can’t write the same type of copy for every audience. For example, imagine how you’d write for the leaders of Fortune 100 companies. Now imagine writing in the same way for college students. If you do that, you’ll find […]

How To Write Better Copy Faster Using Wireframes (And Why You're Leaving Money On The Table Without Them)

by Daniel Doan
on April 25, 2022
When you’re trying to write, there’s nothing worse than an empty document with a blinking cursor taunting you. It’s even worse when you’re writing web copy. You might wonder where to start. What information should you include? What will the page look like once it’s finished? These questions can bog you down, making the writing […]

How To Write Exceptional B2B Content That People Can't Resist Reading (And Drive More Qualified Traffic)

by Daniel Doan
on April 20, 2022
There’s a common assumption that B2B content is boring — that it has to be dry, formal, and corporate. After all, B2B content is meant for other businesses, not individual people. So it should maintain some rigid professionalism, right? Wrong. In fact, if your B2B content is stiff, you’ll put off your audience. Your brand […]

7 Effective Fascination Bullet Formulas That Pique Curiosity And Elevate Desire

by Daniel Doan
on April 12, 2022
Do you know what a fascination bullet is? Relax, it’s fine if you don’t. Chances are you’ve read dozens of them, you just didn’t know what they’re called.  The concept came from a copywriter named Mel Martin who developed and coined the phrase “Fascination Bullets.” The method pulled people in with the short, bulleted statement […]

9 SaaS Copywriting Strategies You May Not Be Using (But Should If You Want To Increase Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on April 4, 2022
Good copywriting boosts sales for SaaS businesses. Chances are you’ve heard that before, but what does it mean? Well, good copywriting helps you generate more conversions.  Without compelling copy on your website, landing pages, or emails, no one will want to try out your software — much less buy it. Your audience won't be able […]

4 Copywriting Oversights That Kill Conversions Before They Begin (And How You Can Avoid Them)

by Daniel Doan
on March 28, 2022
Every business needs to resonate with its target audience. Get it right, and you’re honing your craft and getting better at what you do. At the same time, you reap the benefits. The problem is that this only happens in a perfect case scenario. People make mistakes while running their businesses all the time, especially […]

6 Impactful Copywriting Strategies You Might Not Be Using On Your Business Blog (But Should If You Want To Drive Real Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on March 21, 2022
Blog posts are an essential part of content marketing — but if they’re not converting readers, you might be wasting your time. Since you’re here, chances are you feel the same way about your company’s blog. Are your blog conversion rates a bit lower than you’d like? Do you wish your posts would win over […]

16 Proven Copywriting Strategies To Increase Your CTR And ROI (So You Can Drive Some Serious Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on March 14, 2022
In the first years of the Internet and the earliest days of e-commerce, everyone was flying blind. It became obvious that selling online wouldn’t work the same way as it did in the so-called “real world.” The only problem? No one knew what that meant. In the decades since the internet became a “thing” and […]

8 Ways To Effectively Proofread And Self-Edit Your Own Copywriting To Drive Better Business Results

by Daniel Doan
on March 7, 2022
Your first draft is always bad—even mine are. It’s a natural part of the writing process. That’s why editing is so important. Just think about a piece of copy you’re writing now. Its concept might excite you, but consider how your audience reads it. Are you sure the vision or message you’re trying to convey […]
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