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5 Sassy SaaS Copywriting Strategies You Should Be Using To Drive More On-Page Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on December 6, 2021
If you’re a SaaS provider, there's a big chance your copy is hurting you more than it’s helping you. Why? Well, SaaS brands can struggle with finding a unique, coherent voice.  You might’ve already noticed this. Your copy sounds identical to your competitors’. It tells all the facts, but in a way that makes you […]

5 Powerful B2B Copywriting Strategies To Grow Your Business (And Drive More MQLs And SQLs)

by Daniel Doan
on December 1, 2021
Picture this: you invest what seems like endless time and money in your brand’s website. You’ve put in weeks, months, even years of work. Then, you start generating traffic. You feel triumphant like all your efforts have paid off. It looks like your brand is going to grow faster than you can handle.  Before you […]

7 Fail-Safe B2B Copywriting Strategies To Use If Your Conversions Could Use Improvement

by Daniel Doan
on November 29, 2021
Has your business hit a plateau? You’ve been planning for things to pick up, but you don’t see any growth. That vacation, new car, or bigger house? Not in the cards anymore. You’re not struggling, but you’re not exactly thriving. You feel stuck. Maybe you feel like you can’t even get off the ground. You’ve […]

How To Improve Your SaaS Conversion Rates Using The PSL Copywriting Framework

by Daniel Doan
on November 22, 2021
Your SaaS offer could need some work. That might sound harsh, but there’s good news and bad news: you’re not alone. SaaS creators everywhere sit in front of their computers, staring at a product page.  Your offer has features your customers would love, but you can’t quite explain the benefits. It seems like it should […]

5 High-Converting B2B Copywriting Strategies You Might Have Not Tried Yet (But Definitely Should)

by Daniel Doan
on November 17, 2021
Does content marketing to businesses have to be dry and dull? You might think so after seeing what many businesses write and publish. After all, so much of it is boring, long-winded, or a chore to read. That doesn’t have to be the case. You see, in business-to-business copywriting, you're targeting a business. Still, it’s […]

6 Reasons Why Hiring An “Affordable” Copywriter Might Not Be The Best Idea In The Long Run

by Daniel Doan
on November 15, 2021
Choosing a copywriter for your business involves some essential factors. You might even find that there are more than you imagined. You may think any copywriter, like a junior writer, can meet all your copy needs. After all, junior writers cost less and can do everything other copywriters can do, right? Well, no — that […]

How To Find And Hire The Perfect Direct-Response Copywriter To Supercharge Your Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on November 10, 2021
You’re feeling frustrated and nervous. Why? Well, you’re looking for a direct response copywriter — you just aren’t sure where to start. First, there’s the worry about getting stuck with someone who makes things worse instead of better. Then comes the anxiety about wasting time hiring and firing people who can’t do the job. You’re […]

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Copywriting Convert Better (And Generate More Sales)

by Daniel Doan
on November 8, 2021
Copywriting can be challenging. With all the variables, you might get hung up along the way. Which types of copy and content will work best for your business? What does your audience want from you?  Before you know it, you’ve spent a little too much time on one ad, email, or article. What’s worse is […]

How To Dramatically Improve & Refine Your B2B Copywriting To Drive More Conversions (5 Effective Copyediting Strategies)

by Daniel Doan
on November 3, 2021
Draft after draft after draft. That’s how copywriting seems sometimes. You’re trying to make each draft better, but what does “better” mean? What’s a good benchmark? After hours of writing and editing, you throw in the towel. That has to be good enough, right? Not exactly. If you don’t edit your work with a fine-toothed […]
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