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What Is Direct Response Copywriting? (And How To Find The Right Direct Response Copywriter To Hire)

by Daniel Doan
on January 30, 2023
Everyone’s been there. Maybe they forgot someone’s birthday, or put off holiday shopping for too long. Either way, they have to buy NOW, or the presents won’t arrive on time. Now imagine you’re talking to that customer. What do they need to know? How will you convince them to act? It’s do-or-die time—you’re ready to […]

How To Maximize B2B Sales And Shorten Sales Cycles Through More Effective Copywriting: Proven Techniques And Strategies That Work

by Daniel Doan
on January 18, 2023
Do you want to improve your B2B copywriting skills and sell your products or services to other businesses? Look no further. This article will cover 10 common mistakes to avoid and provide you with strategies for crafting effective B2B sales copy.  From website content to email marketing and social media, your words can and will […]

4 Powerful B2B Customer Research Strategies Guaranteed To Elevate Your Copywriting And Boost Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on January 4, 2023
You’ve got your brand dialed in. Your product is ready to go. You sit down at your desk, ready to tell the world about how amazing it is—and stop. You have no idea where to start. You could sit at a computer and type out all the things your product does, how much it costs, […]

Humanizing Your Writing: 5 Simple But Powerful Strategies For Crafting Engaging Copy And Content

by Daniel Doan
on December 20, 2022
Human-to-human copywriting is more important than ever in today's digital world. With so much competition for attention online, it's crucial to stand out and connect with your audience on a personal level.  Copywriting plays a crucial role in building relationships and creating a personal connection with readers. Whether you're writing emails, landing pages, or blog […]

The Most Powerful Brand Messaging Framework No One Ever Talks About (And How You Can Use It to Boost Conversions)

by Daniel Doan
on November 28, 2022
Brand messaging is a method of communication done by a person, firm, or group. It’s aimed at explaining and encapsulating the broad strokes of how a brand presents itself publicly. It also lets you tell the story of who you and your company are, the things you believe in, and the aspects of your work […]

How To Write Attention-Grabbing Advertising Hooks: 10 Powerful Copywriting Strategies To Elevate Your Messaging And Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on November 17, 2022
Tired of promoting your business and not seeing a high click or conversion rate? Does it feel like you’ve curated the perfect, solid campaign, landing page, or ad, and no one’s engaging with it?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many business owners struggle to write copy that compels people to take action.   The issue is […]

How To Properly Using Keyword Research To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Content Marketing (And Boost Traffic)

by Daniel Doan
on October 3, 2022
Content marketing keyword research is critical. Why? Well, keywords can maintain your ranking in Google's massive index and put you in front of your ideal audience. The right keywords will help search engines determine what topic your content covers and whether it's related to what viewers seek.  When you understand how to use keywords, you'll […]

This One Neat Trick Will Dramatically Improve Your Copywriting (And Why Your Copy Will Probably Fail If You Don't Include It)

by Daniel Doan
on September 19, 2022
People have known for years that FOMO makes sales, even long before someone called the concept “FOMO.”  It’s been a staple of mainstream radio, television, and major web entities for many years. FOMO is a technique that has shown no sign of abating, and it’s still a tool that companies reach for first in their […]

7 Powerful Psychology-Based Copywriting Strategies You Can Use Immediately To Increase Your Sales

by Daniel Doan
on September 7, 2022
Good copy should advertise a business and promote its offerings. So why isn’t your copy bolstering click-through rates and sales? You can look at the technical side of it, but you might neglect the psychology.  See, effective copywriting requires you to know your audience. What are their morals, beliefs, and attitudes? What grabs their attention, […]
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