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13 Creative Ways To Inject More Empathy Into Your Copywriting (And Boost Your Sales)

by Daniel Doan
on July 26, 2021
Sympathy doesn’t cut it. You need to relate to your audience in a real way. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. You need to be able to write with empathy if you want your copy to succeed.  It starts with being able to show that you understand your audience. […]

3 Highly Effective B2B Content Strategies To Nurture More Qualified Leads And Drive Inbound Sales

by Daniel Doan
on July 19, 2021
Talking to new people is hard.  You want to make a good impression, but that’s easier said than done. It can feel like a struggle to keep the conversation going. Chances are you can remember a time when you’ve lost someone’s attention. It’s a sinking feeling. It doesn’t only happen in personal life. It happens […]

5 Highly Effective Copywriting Research Strategies Top Copywriters Use To Drive More Conversions And Sales

by Daniel Doan
on July 12, 2021
There’s a world of difference between run-of-the-mill copywriters and world-class copywriters. If you wonder just what that difference is, that’s a good sign. It means you strive to understand your market. You know that copywriting is a cornerstone of your business. Even then, it can be hard to pinpoint the difference between each tier of […]

Top 5 Proven Strategies For Creating Higher-Converting Advertorials That Elevate Buyer Desire

by Daniel Doan
on July 6, 2021
Ask any marketing expert about advertorials. You’ll get the same answer every time. They’ll tell you how advertorials walk a fine line between light and dark in the copywriting world. First, you have advertorials that do everything in their power to mask the sponsored nature of their content. They might as well be blatant ads […]

5 Strategies To Make Your Copywriting Directly Spark Buying Behavior In Your Target Market

by Daniel Doan
on June 28, 2021
Copywriting is deceptive. It may look easy, that’s not always the case. It’s more than “good writing” or choosing “snappy” words to grab your audience’s attention. Copywriting also involves understanding your audience’s psychology. To write copy that gets results (you know, like sales) you need to trigger emotional responses in readers’ minds. After all, our […]

5 Proven Formulas To Use On Your Next B2B Email Campaign To Start More Qualified Conversations

by Daniel Doan
on June 21, 2021
Some people hate B2B email marketing campaigns. Even some experts believe email marketing is dead. The thing is, they're wrong. Stats show that more than 50% of B2B marketers credit email campaigns with increased sales and publicity. Read that again. More than half of all business-to-business marketers say email campaigns boost their sales and increase […]

12 Effective Copywriting Strategies Every Modern Business Leader Needs To Know

by Daniel Doan
on June 14, 2021
You embody effective communication. At least, you should to your employees and clients. As the leader of your organization, you’re responsible for: Supervising daily activities Carrying employees through times of struggle with words of inspiration and encouragement Congratulate employees on successes with pride and jubilee Take a step back to think about it and you […]

The 4-Step Copywriting Framework For Consistently High Conversion Rates

by Daniel Doan
on June 7, 2021
You’ve tried every copywriting tactic you could think of, but conversion rates are still low.  You feel like you’ve written copy from the right angles: Going with your gut Listening to friends Seeking professional opinions The list goes on.  Still, your efforts aren’t paying off. Conversion rates are abysmal and all your hard work is […]

How To Effectively Use Copywriting Frameworks And Templates To Dramatically Improve Your Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on June 1, 2021
Are you stuck trying to write your latest piece of copy? Is the blank, white page staring at you in the face? The cursor blinks at you as if to say, “I’m ready, why aren’t you?” Nothing comes to mind no matter what you do or how long you brainstorm. Writer’s block is stressful. It’s […]
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