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9 Creative Ways To Skyrocket Your Conversions Using Social Proof

by Daniel Doan
on September 23, 2021
You have engaging copy. It’s bringing in tons of organic traffic. Your audience has an interest in your offer and they’re ready to see what you have to say. There’s just one problem — nobody’s following through on your call to action.  They just need to click the link and buy what you’re selling. It […]

5 Telltale Signs Your Copywriting Needs Work (And How To Fix It To Drive More Conversions & Sales)

by Daniel Doan
on September 20, 2021
You can read all the how-to guides you want, but nothing beats trying and failing until you’ve made it. Ever put hours into your copy only to make no sales? Does that mean it was a waste of time? That you should pack it up, never write again?  No. Before you hang up your keyboard […]

How To Create A Killer B2B Content Marketing Strategy That Drives Qualified Leads On Autopilot

by Daniel Doan
on September 16, 2021
You keep pouring money into B2B content marketing. Still, it feels like you’re churning out content for no reason. Instead of attracting new clients, you feel like you aren’t getting any sales.  It’s frustrating and unrewarding. After spending so much time, money, and effort on your content, you expect to see results. Now, what if […]

7 Deadly B2B Content Marketing Blunders (And How To Dodge Them)

by Daniel Doan
on September 9, 2021
You’ve spent tons of time, money, and effort on content marketing. The only problem is you’re still not getting as much business as you should. It’s frustrating. You know your business provides something valuable to your audience. Why doesn’t anyone see it? You have a website, blog, and social media presence. You’re even uploading videos […]

How To Effectively Integrate Advanced Content Marketing Into Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy

by Daniel Doan
on September 7, 2021
Think about the last time you put together a content marketing strategy. Did you increase your “brand awareness?” Or did the fruits of your labor go unnoticed? Maybe your lead generation amounted to crickets and your conversion rates barely budged. You might have been left wondering why you even spent money on the campaign in […]

7 Copywriting Strategies For Building Credibility And Trust With Your Dream Customers

by Daniel Doan
on August 30, 2021
Picture this: you have a great idea. You try to sell it to your audience — but don’t get the results you want. It’s a struggle from the beginning to the end. So, what’s the problem? Well, you can’t engage with your audience’s interest so they don’t buy into your idea. The reality might sting […]

How To Ethically Inject Fear In Your Copy To Drive Higher Conversions And Sales

by Daniel Doan
on August 26, 2021
You might have a massive problem — a 1950s salesman pitch. You know: A series of rhetorical questions. Exaggerated problems. A pitch that sounds like it belongs in a cheap blazer and fedora. Or you could have a list of dry facts. This is what we do. This is how we do it. This is […]

7 Lethal Copywriting Blunders That Usually Kill Your On-Page Conversions

by Daniel Doan
on August 23, 2021
The first rule of copywriting is the most important — your copy has to sell. That’s why copywriters spend hours upon hours fine-tuning copy. It’s also the reason why taking shortcuts can end in disaster. You may think your copy does everything it should. You wrote it, added a couple of hyperlinks, and even threw […]

How To Design An Effective B2B Content Strategy That Sells (And Generates Strong ROI)

by Daniel Doan
on August 16, 2021
Your content strategy didn’t work, and you don’t know why. All of that time, energy, and money invested — yet nothing happened. That might feel like enough to lose motivation and give up, but don’t worry. See, it’s easy to feel lost with your content strategy. Digital marketing trends are always changing.  Focusing too much […]
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