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Mapping out the copy requirements

Before we write any copy, we’ll need to learn who the avatar is, and the specific details of the offer.


1.) Understanding the Message-Audience Fit

  • Who is the reader, and what is the reader’s main desire?

    • What does the reader look like demographically?

    • What kind of personality does the reader have?

    • What kind of messages has the reader seen?

  • Who is the message coming from?

    • What is the sender’s tone?

    • What kind of messages has the sender used in the past?

    • What makes the sender unique?

  • Why should the reader trust the message sender?

    • Has the sender been in the reader’s shoes?

    • Is this exclusive knowledge that the sender is revealing?

    • Is the sender a demonstrable expert in their field?


2.) Understanding the Medium

  • What kind of medium will the message be delivered on, and why?

  • What kind of messaging is considered trite or cliche on here?

  • What kind of copy formatting will drive the most engagement on here?


3.) Understanding the Core Offer

  • What’s the new opportunity or big idea, and what desire does it solve?

  • What is the offer’s unique mechanism for solving the reader’s pain?

  • What promise can we make to turn the offer into a no-brainer?

  • How is the big idea different from anything else they’ve seen?

  • What kind of story can we tell to paint a vivid believable picture?

    • Using the “And → But → Therefore” storytelling framework.

  • What core pain point is the offer solving for the reader?

  • Historically speaking, what has held the reader back from taking action?

  • What are the three core features of the offer?

  • What are the three key benefits of the offer?

  • Why should the reader act now instead of delaying action?

  • How do they know that the offer will work for them?

  • What reservations might they have about moving forward with the offer?

  • Who or what is to blame for the pain solved by the offer?

  • What are existing customers saying about the offer?

    • What was life like before our offer/working with us?

    • How did our offer/working with us help you achieve your desired result?

    • What mistake did you stop making after our offer/working with us?

    • What’s one new thing you learned after our offer/working with us?

  • What does the reader stand to lose if they don’t solve the pain?

  • How can the reader get started to get their problem solved?


Drafting and polishing the copy

Writing and running the copy through our editing gauntlet to make sure it covers all the bases.


1.) Compulsory → Does the Copy Make the Offer Irresistibly Desirable?

  • Do the first few lines grab the read, pique curiosity, AND evoke emotion?

  • Is the offer genuinely an amazing deal that’s hard to pass up?

  • Is there a solid big idea? (original, beneficial, and culturally relevant?


2.) Clear → Does the Copy Make the Offer Crystal Clear?

  • Who is your one reader?

  • What do you want the reader to believe?

  • What single action do you want them to take?


3.) Resonant → Is the Copy’s Tone Appropriate?

  • What three words describe how your brand sounds?

  • What is the emotion you want the reader to feel?

  • Is the tone relatable to the target audience?


4.) Trustworthy → Is the Copy Believable?

  • Is the copy believable and not unrealistic?

  • Is the offer extremely specific and tangible?

  • Is there specific unquestionable proof that the offer works?


5.) Specific → Is the Copy Precisely Targeted Enough?

  • Does the entirety of the copy focus on a single topic?

  • Does it help you visualize the desired result?

  • Does it disqualify readers who aren’t the target persona?


6.) Emotional → Does the Copy Convey Enough Emotion?

  • Is there at least one pattern interrupt word above the fold?

  • Does it create vivid word pictures in the reader’s mind?

  • Does it trigger at least one extremely powerful emotion?


7.) Reaffirmed → Does the Copy Infer Social Proof?

  • Will the people who like me approve of the offer?

  • Does the copy contain at least one element of social proof?

  • Will the offer improve my human condition or social standing?


8.) Guaranteed → Does the Copy Eliminate Almost All Risk?

  • Is the value more than what I’m going to pay?

  • Is there information about what happens after purchase?

  • Is there any information about guarantees?



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