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I write high-converting direct-response copy for the largest B2B companies and digital brands in America.

Whether you're looking for...

📝  Landing Pages that grip prospects above the fold and chuck ‘em into your CRM

📝  Sales Letters that turn icy traffic into hot revenue for your front-end offers

📝  Advertorials that hijack attention while sailing under the compliance radar

📝  Facebook Ads that consistently "stop the scroll" and convert at ridiculously low CPAs

📝  Email Sequences that indoctrinate with record breaking click-through rates

📝  Conversion Content that guides qualified leads into the arms of your sales team

I can write it for you.  In your brand voice.  Fast.  No handholding required.

Say no more — let's do this!

Stefan Georgi, Direct-response Copywriting Legend

Daniel is an insanely good copywriter, but it goes deeper than that... not only does he write persuasive and captivating copy, but he actually knows how to get his copy to convert.

Don’t just hire Daniel for new copy, hire him to make funnels you already have better.

I write copy that drives clicks and conversions for...

Small Business Owners

Who want to grow fast (and don't have time to hire) but need a stream of copy and content that'll put them miles above the competition.
Discover how I helped a subscription box lift conversions by over 292% with a landing page copy overhaul.
Learn how I helped a lifestyle brand increase frontend conversions by 192% with acquisition copy.

Digital Agencies

Who want to deliver results for their clients, but struggle to find a savvy copywriter they can trust to deliver consistent high-quality work.
Learn how I helped a growth agency drive 1000+ qualified leads with high-converting nurture emails.
Find out how I helped a digital agency boost conversions by 29% in email copy with a full overhaul.

Enterprise Brands

Who are looking for an experienced and proven copywriting partner to help them grow their market share as they expand into new markets.
Find out how I helped a lifestyle brand generate more revenue with conversion-optimized sales copy.
Discover how I helped a global SaaS company scale beyond $1B in ARR with optimized landing page copy.

I've spent over 10 years writing potassium-powered copy that

drives results, revenue, and raving customers.


A landing page I wrote drove over $212k in sales in just one month (and with a take rate of over 15% running on just cold traffic alone)


A website I wrote consistently converted at over 4.5% and generated ~156 sales a day (a high-ticket offer B2B in hyper-saturated market)


An email nurture sequence I wrote for an eCommerce brand brought in just under $35k in sales for a flagship product (in just 2 weeks)


A sales letter I wrote smashed the previous control by over 210% and helped revive stagnant sales (from 3.2% to 6.6% on retargeted traffic).


A sales page I wrote pulled in over 243 new paid subscriptions for a B2B SaaS digital product launch (with a lifetime value of $10k+)


A set of Facebook ads I wrote generated over 306 qualified leads for a digital agency (with an average CPL of $9.37 and a CPBC of ~$86.34)

My copy converts better than the competition.

Converting more higher-quality leads, and getting more juicy ROAS from paid ad campaigns.
Say no more — let's do this!

What experts say about my copywriting chops...

"Daniel's an expert with words."

"His feedback improved retention rates and lifted conversions on key landing pages. If you're looking for help with copywriting or conversion optimization, I would highly recommend working with Daniel."

Vaibhav Sisinty
Growth at Uber
"Daniel is an insanely good copywriter."

"Not only does Daniel write persuasive and captivating copy, but he actually knows how to get his copy to convert. Don’t just hire Daniel for new copy, hire him to make pages and funnels you already have better."

Stefan Georgi
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
"I did not find Daniel, his copy found me."

"Daniel’s unique written style on social media is clever, satirical and informative – it's able to effortlessly hook his audience and drives engagement."

Jason Eisenberg
Marketing at Office Depot
"Daniel is one of the best copywriters."

"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to Daniel. Whether it’s landing pages, long-form Facebook ad copy, or email nurture sequences, Daniel’s copywriting style has a seriously impressive range, from insanely funny and entertaining to super polished and professional.”

Houston Golden
CEO at BAMF Media
"Daniel is an incredible copywriter."

“His copy isn’t just persuasive, it converts like crazy. With his magical storytelling techniques and ability to tweak conversion elements to perfection, he makes the difficult art of copywriting look easy. Whether you’re looking to improve existing copy for your marketing funnels, or get brand new landing pages or ads that convert, Daniel won't let you down."

Leonard Kim
CEO at Influence Tree
"Daniel's copy is unbelievably good."

"I’ve been working with him for a while, and just love his attitude, skillset, and work ethic. His copy is unbelievably good. It’s high-converting, compelling, and super persuasive. If you’re struggling to find a copywriter who truly delivers high-quality copy, I strongly recommend reaching out to Daniel."

David Markovich
Founder of Online Geniuses

I have to warn you, though...

If you want someone who can just vomit words on a page,

I’m not your guy — you can find those people on Fiverr.

They’re a dime a dozen, and they come cheap.

But, if you’re looking for a seasoned senior marketing executive...

Who happens to specialize in writing high-converting copy that drives real business results... we should chat.


Still not sure if I'm the right direct-response conversion copywriter for the job?

Let's see how I compare against the competition side-by-side...

😕  Many "copywriters" 

Are part-time amateurs who are fresh out of a fly-by-night content writing boot camp.

❌  Don't specialize exclusively in writing collateral that converts.

❌  Slow turnaround times with continually missed deadlines.

❌  Won’t know whether they can actually increase your conversions.

❌  Little to no experience with large enterprise copywriting projects.

❌  Small portfolio with questionable experience and shoddy writing.

❌  Zero experience running and scaling profitable businesses.

❌  May not enjoy eating yellow fruits.

😎  Daniel "Banana"  Doan

Is a proven direct-response professional with a 10-year track record to back it up.

🍌  Specializes exclusively in writing conversion-optimized sales copy.

🍌  Fast turnaround times with strict deadlines for all copy projects.

🍌  Will only work with you if there’s a real opportunity to increase sales.

🍌  Thousands of high-converting copywriting projects, big and small.

🍌  Extensive portfolio working with the largest brands in America.

🍌  Proven success in business with an exit as a digital agency founder.

🍌  Can't get enough of bananas.

My copy has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in attributable revenue for my clients.

Say no more — let's do this!
"If you're looking for help with copywriting, growth marketing, or conversion optimization, I would highly recommend working with Daniel."
— Vaibhav Sisinty, Growth at Uber
“Daniel was able to write really beautiful copy that really not only expressed the brand, but also expressed my personal voice in all of our copy.”
— Jamila Jackson, Founder at Loved+Blessed
"If you’re considering working with Daniel, I highly recommend it. Especially when it comes to anything related to copywriting or digital marketing."
— Matt Tran, CEO at Engineered Truth
"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to Daniel. He’s simply one of the best in the industry."
— Houston Golden, CEO at BAMF Media
“If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss copywriter who has the skills to boost your numbers, then look no further. I’d work with Daniel again any day.”
— Rian Doris, COO at Flow Research Collective
“Daniel is the best copywriter I’ve ever hired. He transformed what I thought was decent copy into the most persuasive messaging I’ve seen in a long time.”
— Braden Wallake, CEO at HyperSocial
“I love Daniel’s attitude, skill set, and work ethic. His copy is unbelievably good. It’s high-converting, compelling, and super persuasive.”
— David Markovich, Founder at Online Geniuses
“Daniel is a copywriting beast and is one of the best copywriters I know. I was absolutely blown away by his work. Hire Daniel and you’ll sleep easy at night.”
— Roy Goldstein, Founder at SERPStorm

Want to shamelessly steal my copywriting process?

28,374+ words. 12 chapters. Zero fluff.
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Landing pages that convert traffic like crazy

Email drips with above-average click-throughs

Top of funnel ads that stop the scroll and convert

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