Here's what it'll be like to have me on your team...

1. I'll analyze your existing digital marketing strategy and content, perform a full audit of where you're currently at, and map out your growth goals.

2. I'll focus on improving your sales funnels by tailoring a framework for rapid experimentation using data-driven and experience-backed hypotheses.

3. I'll identify your highest-performing marketing channels and sprinkle my magic digital marketing dust on them to make them even more effective.

4. I'll come up with creative ways to get your existing audience activated and more engaged, leading to more sales and conversions across the entire funnel.

5. I'll detail a complete action plan to get you to from where you are to where you want to be, then execute on that blueprint to get your company growing faster.


In the first week, I will...

  • Onboard and integrate into your company.

  • Meet all of your stakeholders to learn about how your company attracts readers and customer prospects.

  • Audit your acquisition and activation funnels to identify all opportunities for growth initiatives and experiments.


In the first month, I will...

  • Immerse myself in your product and existing strategy, then identify new growth opportunities to prioritize.

  • Contribute new ideas to improve conversions, based on well-reasoned hypotheses.

  • Support the execution of existing projects with measured results.


In the first three months, I will...

  • Design and execute a multitude of growth projects to increase traffic and conversions to your landing pages.

  • Double down on high-impact directives and scale the most successful growth campaigns.

  • Generate traffic and improve conversion rates on any new initiatives that your team may lead.


In the first year, I will...

  • Own and scale the growth strategy across the entire funnel, maximizing the revenue potential of your company.

  • Develop numerous innovative and novel approaches to increase your company's reach.

  • Operate as a subject matter expert on digital marketing and content marketing broadly within your organization.


My areas of full funnel digital marketing expertise include...


Email Marketing Automation

  • Auditing and optimizing existing email marketing efforts and drip sequences to improve opens and CTRs.

  • Creating new hyper-targeted drip sequences to warm up email leads at each stage of the buyer journey.

  • Crafting traffic and sales funnels to drive engaged subscribers to a fully-automated email list.


Content Marketing & SEO

  • Auditing and optimizing existing lead magnets for increased conversions.

  • Creating new lead magnets, long-form blog posts, and content upgrades targeting core buyer personas.

  • Performing keyword research, on-site SEO, and link building at scale.


Facebook Ads & PPC

  • Creating, testing, and optimizing multimedia Facebook Ads on a daily basis.

  • Crafting targeted custom and lookalike audiences to retarget on Facebook Ads for key buyer personas.

  • Managing Google AdWords spend and optimize keyword bidding and negative keywords.


Chatbot Marketing

  • Creating and growing a chatbot designed to educate, inform, and nurture leads down the sales funnel.

  • Iterating on chatbots to announce new product launches, feature updates, and promotions.

  • Driving targeted traffic to an engagement-optimized chatbot at scale and nurturing leads to conversion.


Engineering As Marketing

  • Creating quiz funnels targeting core buyer personas to segment into sub-personas for better targeting.

  • Developing a web-based tool, such as an industry-relevant calculator to be used as a lead magnet.

  • Engaging in cross-promotional efforts between two existing products with a shared buyer persona.


Viral Loop Marketing

  • Creating sharing-optimized viral social media contests that target ideal buyer personas.

  • Developing creative hyper-targeted giveaways and scarcity-incentivized special offers.

  • Building out a library of case studies and success stories to be dripped out across all channels.

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Analyzing and iterate on buyer persona development at all stages of the customer journey.

  • Identifying bottlenecks in acquisition funnels and audit areas for performance improvement.

  • Improving conversion rates by A/B testing landing pages, welcome mats, bars, and exit-intent popups.


Social Media Growth & Engagement

  • Auditing and optimizing existing social media channels for engagement and conversions.

  • Building and growing secondary accounts that cater to target demographics for lead generation.

  • Creating high-converting social media assets and optimize lead generation efforts and CTAs.


Community Building

  • Creating a high-value community on a chat-platform that caters towards specific buyer personas.

  • Building a large and highly engaged Facebook group that gets continual leads on autopilot.

  • Generating leads via niche forums and online communities such as Reddit.


Outbound Marketing

  • Reaching out to target buyer personas via email and social media at scale using automation.

  • Connecting with prospects on social media and perform outbound DMs at scale.

  • Creating an automated lead generation funnel on LinkedIn, targeting key buyer personas.


Thought Leadership & PR

  • Leveraging blog platforms such as Quora, Medium, and LinkedIn Pulse to build thought leadership.

  • Reaching out and pitching relevant buzz-worthy stories to targeted industry journalists.

  • Getting featured in expert roundups and interviews using HARO and press releases.


Influencer & Partnership Marketing

  • Reaching out to relevant influencers with targeted incentives to be an affiliate partner.

  • Connecting with companies who have a complementary offering to engage in a JV partnership.

  • Identifying relevant blogs to guest post on and/or partner with mailing lists for lead generation.


I've helped hundreds of business owners grow...

As a marketing executive who has helped create and grow a multitude of multi-million dollar businesses over my career, I've picked up a lot of lessons over the years (and have stored them in my Knowledge Vault).

I've executed hundreds of marketing experiments, built massive audiences on social media, scaled thousands of dollars in ad spend, and helped hundreds of founders and companies grow.

My mission, above all else, is to help you dominate your niche by using cutting-edge digital marketing tactics combined with world-class execution.

As a Portable CMO, I can handle all of your digital marketing efforts for you as well as train you and your team on how to build effective, efficient, and scalable marketing systems to grow in the fastest way possible.