Discover why experts say I'm the best banana-powered copywriter on the proverbial block.

Finding a good direct-response copywriter can be a vicious cycle of sadness, disappointment, uncertainty, and migraines.

Luckily for you, that ends here. I can wrangle you more sales, improve your conversion rates, and turn more eyeballs into revenue through my proven BananaDNA™ conversion copywriting process.
Step 1 — Needs Assessment

Find out if I'm a good fit to write your copy.

I typically take on three types of projects:

▸ Neuro-response Conversion Copywriting: Researching and writing conversion-focused copy including sales pages, landing pages, warm nurture drips, cold prospecting emails, frontend ads, solo ads, or video scripts.

▸ Sales Copywriting Overhauls: Taking a deep look at your sales copy and running it through my grueling editing gauntlet. I'll dramatically improve flow, tone, and persuasion elements to make sure it's polished to perfection and primed to convert.

▸ Technical Persuasive Writing: Drafting persuasive editorial pieces which may include highly-researched long-form content, listicles, e-books, white papers, and informative pieces that serve to bridge the gap between prospect and customer.

Want to find out if I'm a good fit?

Get in touch on my contact page to book a call to see if I might be able to help.

Step 2 — Discovery

Let's figure out which low-hanging fruit to tackle first.

Most clients will send over a small initial project for me to work on. Each project is scoped out based on estimated length and complexity so you know exactly how much your investment will be — no hidden surprises here. 

If you're not sure what you need, no worries. For most, it's a sales page, a landing page, an advertorial, a set of top of funnel ads, or a series of nurture emails. Once the details are ironed out, I’ll get to work. I pride myself on fast turnaround times, so I'll be able to get your copy done and delivered to you within a few short weeks.

Step 3 — Deep BananaDNA™ Research

I'll dig deep into your offer and its market positioning.

This step starts with gathering your project requirements with an in-depth questionnaire.

My battle-tested BananaDNA™ research process is designed to provide me with everything I need to know to craft the most compelling copy for you, without all the unnecessary meetings and phone calls required by less experienced copywriters.

This includes figuring out more information about your offer, your positioning, your specific market, your ideal customer, their buyer's journey, any objections they might have, as well as any special tone or brand voice requirements you may have.

Using this comprehensive brief that dives deep into the mind of your dream customers, I’ll identify the most highlight-worthy points and angles of attack.

If necessary, I’ll also dig deep into your market and competitors to break down their sales messages and positioning. This will help me better understand your market’s dominant emotions and trends so we can differentiate your offer from the competition.

Once I'm done, I'll have a crystal-clear bird's eye view of your business, and I'll get started on the first draft of your copy.

Step 4 — Initial Drafting

I'll craft your high-converting sales copy.

The first draft of your copy will be completed quickly and will go through my internal editing process. I work closely with an in-house editor to make sure that the copy is tone-matched, on-brand, and conversion-optimized.

The initial draft is written with the following in mind:

▸ Contains deep emotional range and empathy towards your target audience

▸ Has properly framed benefits and pain-addressing solutions throughout

▸ Is imbued with the right proof and argument structure to back up claims

▸ Includes real voice-of-customer messaging so it hits the right pain points.

▸ And is masterfully written in a conversational and persuasive tone.

After that, the copy sits for a day so I can get a little distance from the words.

Note: During this time, I might also puree a few bananas, dry the puree in the sunlight, and sprinkle some banana dust on the copy for some good luck. I'm not sure if this actually works, but it's good fun and usually results in elevated potassium levels for everyone involved.

Step 5 — Internal Editing Rounds

I'll put my copy through an initial editing gauntlet.

Once the copy is done marinating for a bit, I start editing — this meticulous process is comprised of FOUR major components:

▸ A big-picture copy edit that makes sure the copy is complete and clear (taking into account narrative structure, flow and clarity).

▸ A sentiment edit that makes sure your copy is true to your brand (taking into account word choice, sentence structure, and phrasing).

▸ A technical writing edit that makes sure your copy is free from typographical errors (taking into account grammar, spelling, and punctuation).

▸ A persuasiveness pass that ensures the copy compels your reader to take action (taking into account rhythm, power words, and psychological triggers).

After which, the next round of editing starts.

Step 6 — Deep Polishing Rounds

I'll refine the copy until it's perfect.

This involves a grueling set of seven editing passes, each designed to turn the copy from internal draft to final polished product.

▸ Word choice — I'll look at every single sentence and single out any words that may be confusing or detract from the sales message.

▸ Clarity — I'll look over every phrase and remove potential ambiguities that could momentarily trip up or confuse your reader.

▸ Transitions — I'll look out for paragraphs where the reader may not immediately see the connection to the preceding paragraph and iron that out.

▸ Connectivity — I'll look over each supporting point of every section and make sure they all point back to the central selling idea.

▸ Aesthetics — I'll look at the layout and ensure that each subhead and accompanying copy adds to the visual flow of the composition.

▸ Brevity — I'll look at every sentence and shorten all sentiments, cutting out unnecessary words to strengthen the overall sentiment.

▸ Logical flow — I'll look over everything in full to ensure every part is imbued with the right logic and supporting cohesive sales arguments.

Step 7 — Deployment

Put your new expertly-crafted sales assets to work!

After the final all-encompassing round of edits, the copy gets delivered to you fully wireframed and ready to be published. Put my conversion-optimized copy to the test and pore over your metrics back-end for lifts in conversions.

Note: I typically get things right the first time, but if something is amiss, don't fret. You’ll be able to give feedback and I'll work on a round of changes within a few short days. Most projects don’t require any more than one or two rounds of iterations in order to dial it in, although I'm happy to work with you until the copy is 100% perfect for you.

Why choose me to write your copy?

I have over 10 years of copywriting expertise. With me, you’re not dealing with an amateur who moonlights — you're working with a professional.

I haven't missed a single deadline, ever. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on every step of the way, as I’m upfront with expectations and timelines.

I focus on delivering real business results. I won't work with you if I don't think I can genuinely give you a strong return on your investment.

I turn around faster than most people. When crunch time hits, I deliver high-converting copy — fast. I take pride in working quickly and efficiently.

I'm a perfectionist with my writing. Every copywriting project goes through a multitude of editing passes. You'll only get my absolute best work.

I’m transparent in my communication. That means no hidden agendas, miscommunication, or confusion. No surprises or snags, just great copy.

▸I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that I'll work with your success in mind — I won't stop until you're 100% happy with my copy.

All of this, in addition to my personalized approach, attention to detail, and unhealthy obsession with bananas often makes me the smartest choice when you need a trusted partner who can give you consistently high-converting copy.

Ready to make your conversions go bananas?

If you’re looking to improve your sales with my copywriting, let’s chat.


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