Meet Chris Haga…


A former AAA game development veteran turned indie game developer.

Prior to going out on his own, he had spent more than a decade working at interactive entertainment behemoths such as Blizzard Entertainment, and Riot Games.

But alas, he wanted to branch out on his own and flex his creative muscles even more.

So, in 2016 he founded Looty Games, and has been hard at work ever since developing Cannon Ballers with a small team of cross-functional programmers, artists, and designers.

His biggest issue, though? Time. As the founder of a small studio, he oftentimes has to wear ALL the hats. Art, management, programming, game design, writing, testing… you name it, he had to tackle it when it came up. Doing all that left him very little time to focus on marketing. And so, he decided to reach out for help.

He sent me an email a while back, hoping to get more clarity on his digital marketing efforts and booked a 1-on-1 consulting session with me.

What happened next? Well…


During our consulting session…

He prepared a few questions and sent them over, and I swiftly tackled them one by one.

Among the questions asked were…

“With our budget, how would you spend it to have the largest bang for our buck?”

“Does reaching out to press sites matter?”

And… “How can we go about building a contracting business to keep money coming in?”

I provided detailed answers, and gave him clarity on:


Marketing Mindset & Analytics

  • How to set up a conversion funnel

  • How to execute marketing experiments

  • How to figure out the right numbers to track

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Strategy

  • How to get consistent traction on social media

  • How to optimize and refine paid ad spend

  • How to automate top-of-funnel marketing

Press Outreach, PR, and Influencer Strategy

  • How to get press to actually cover your game

  • How to retarget journalists on Facebook

  • How to approach influencer marketing

Audience Building & Engagement

  • How to grow a subscriber base

  • How to engage, delight, and convert

  • How to nurture fans with automation

Organic Growth Hacking

  • How to reliably hit the front page of reddit

  • How to consistently increase user engagement

  • How to boost viral coefficient of ad spend

Landing Page Strategy & Optimization

  • How to boost conversion rates by 300-500%

  • How to optimize visuals and text elements

  • How to get the first 1,000 engaged fans


What happened afterwards?

I was quite surprised.

It was pretty insane that we managed to cover all of that in the span of just an hour—crazy stuff!

Not only was Chris able to achieve clarity on what steps he needed to take with his marketing moving forward…

…but he sent me this email a short week later:

“Hey Daniel,

Before having the consultation with you, I'd spend 1 dollar and get 0.3 signups.

After implementing your advice, we’re now getting 3.9 signups with every dollar spent.



This was a conversion rate increase of…



I was floored. I’ve done hundreds of these consulting sessions over the past few years, but Chris’ astounding results shocked me the most out of every single call that I’ve done.

So, I decided to give him even more value. I wrote back and gave him a few more tips on how he could go even further with his landing page and marketing optimization to get even more signups per marketing dollar spent.

And that’s how a typical consulting engagement with me goes! I asked him for a brief testimonial of my consulting session a few days after that, and here’s what he had to say…


"Daniel is an expert in practical digital marketing. He gave us very practical suggestions in our one hour consultation that are having a meaningful impact on our business, and I would strongly suggest working with him."

- Chris Haga, CEO at Looty Games


Not too bad, right?

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