A giant bundle of in-depth marketing frameworks and playbooks that I've meticulously crafted over the course of my entire career.

Currently being used to grow my own personal brand as well as empower my Portable CMO clients.


Full Funnel Growth Marketing Playbook.jpg

The Full Funnel Digital Marketing Playbook

  • A 19,000+ word bible that'll show you exactly how I personally approach growth marketing, and how to generate large amounts of qualified organic traffic on autopilot. You can view the contents here. If you're looking for the ultimate full funnel digital marketing "bible" - this is it.

  • Includes dozens of step-by-step guides and in-depth advanced details on how to execute all on every single digital marketing campaign that I've executed over the past half decade.


The Comprehensive Gap Analysis Audit Sheet

  • An all-encompassing 112-point digital marketing checklist that'll let you discover and pinpoint gaps in your digital marketing strategy.

  • This is what I personally use when auditing growth and planning experiments for my clients. If you're feeling lost, this checklist will spell everything out for you so that you can figure you exactly what needs to be done.


The Ultimate Landing Page Optimization Auditing Checklist

  • A 40-point in-depth comprehensive landing page optimization tactics checklist covering how to best position your offer, how to build your page for the highest number of conversions, and how to get your new fans to refer others on autopilot. If you're having difficulty turning traffic into sales, this one's for you.


The Landing Page Conversion Rate Optimization Cheat Sheet

  • A giant spreadsheet containing 77 comprehensive tactics and strategies covering on-page optimizations and A/B test experiments that'll help to boost your conversion rates.


The Complete Buyer Persona Creation Checklist

  • An excel sheet with 32 key questions to ask yourself, covering everything you need to ask in order to narrow down your target audience and figure out where they are online. If you're having trouble figuring out who will actually want to buy your offer, this one's for you.


The Comprehensive Do-It-Yourself SEO Checklist

  • A 31-point SEO checklist to help your website get search engine optimized. Drive more traffic, increase your conversions, and get more sales. If you're having trouble getting found on Google, this checklist is for you.


The Definitive Blogging Optimization & Promotion Framework

  • A 27-point blogging checklist to help you drive more qualified traffic to your website. The only framework you'll ever need to get traffic on autopilot (includes both content auditing and distribution strategies). If you're having trouble getting traffic, this will be helpful for you.


The Complete Sales Funnel Creation Blueprint

  • A complete set of 9 ready-to-use funnel diagrams to get you started on the right track. Get people hooked with a tripwire. Then, nurture, cross-sell and re-target for maximum customer LTV. This blueprint will outline the entire process for you. Can be used with eCommerce, video games, services, products, and so much more. 

The Ultimate Social Media Viral Engagement Prompt List

  • Over 63 questions, prompts, and content ideas to garner massive engagement and eyeballs on social media and beyond. Never run out of ideas on what to post ever again with this giant list prompts.


App Store & Google Play Marketing, Optimization, and Retention Playbook

  • A list of 43 actionable items to get your app or game ranked higher. Learn exactly what to do in order to get an edge on your competition and beat them to the top of the mobile charts. Leave the guesswork at home with these processes.


The Complete Competitive Analysis & Research Checklist

  • A 21-point checklist designed to help simplify and streamline the competitive analysis process. Identify what makes your competitors tick and take advantage of what's already working well for them.


The Definitive Lead Generation Blueprint For B2B Agencies

  • A list of 25 sure-fire ways to attract and convert more leads to supercharge your business. Whether you represent a development studio, a web agency, or just a freelancer, you'll find a comprehensive list of acquisition tactics inside.


The Personal Brand Development Blueprint

  • A 16-point blueprint that'll serve as the foundation for all your personal brand creation needs. Use these questions to develop a cohesive personal brand that'll help signal boost anything you're creating and putting out to the world. Never feel lost again when it comes to building your personal brand.