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Need a proven copywriter with relevant technology industry experience who can speak directly to your target market and convince them to act? Your search ends here.

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Jimmy Daly, Founder at Superpath

Daniel has been great to work with. 
His writing is sharp and concise, and he turns projects around quickly.

I love knowing that I can count on him for solid copywriting work every single time.

Why do the largest technology companies in America trust me with their copywriting?

[Reason #1]

My copy builds relationships

Technology can be daunting to many people, but not me. My background is in software engineering. I have extensive experience turning difficult, technical verbiage into informative, educative, and persuasive copy that sells. 

The result is effective copy that gets to the core of what you want to accomplish. And it does all this without any of the high-brow techno-jargon that might make your prospects click away in frustration.

[Reason #2]

My words are refined

The more complicated your product or service is, the harder it is to understand. Whether your company produces an AI tool, cancer-zapping technology, or anything in-between, my copy streamlines and explains what you sell in the best way possible to your target market.

How? I have a Neuro-response framework that incorporates deep research into your market, analyzes your offer, studies your niche, and combs your competition to make sure the words I write for you will hit the mark.

Discover how I helped a B2B technology services company improve conversion rates on calls.
Find out how I helped a leading cybersecurity firm with articles that capture attention and drive results.
Learn how I helped one of the largest technology companies in the world improve their ad copy.

[Reason #3]

My messaging is balanced

Technology and science have a unique paradox: on the one hand, you need copy that sells like bananas, but on the other, you can't lose yourself and your values. So you need to strike a balance between marketing and education — this is what my copy is all about.

That, in my experience, is what makes good storytelling. My copy emphasizes the most important, need-to-know aspects of your process and adds a touch of humanity in order to engineer the most persuasive sales arguments possible.

[Reason #4]

My writing is human-centric

No matter how revolutionary your company's creation is, it's just another "thing" in the world. My job as a copywriter is to make that "thing" as desirable and irresistible as possible to your target market.

The secret? Making sure it's persuasive, easy to understand, and profoundly human. This results in copy that conveys your ideal selling angle clearly and presents your sales argument in the strongest possible light.

Want to make your conversions go bananas?

Discover what my neuro-response copywriting can do for your company.


P.S. You're fully protected with my 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE.

Unlike many other copywriters who promise the world but can’t deliver, I promise you'll genuinely love the copy I craft. Whether it’s a sales page, emails, or a set of ads, you'll get perfectly-written and persuasively on-brand copy that converts. Nothing less.

If you’re not 100% over the moon with my copy for any reason, I’ll make things right. Whether that’s refinement, a rewrite, or a even a complete refund, I got you covered. 100% happiness, guaranteed.

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