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Jimmy Daly, Founder at Superpath

Daniel has been great to work with. 
His writing is sharp and concise, and he turns projects around quickly.

I love knowing that I can count on him for solid copywriting work every single time.

Why do the largest B2B services companies in America trust me with their copywriting?

[Reason #1]

My copy's detail-oriented

Unlike businesses selling directly to consumers, your copy has to work harder when it comes to B2B. You're not just persuading one person, you're convincing an executive-level decision-maker and their team. Your potential customers need to be on board, but so do the bigwigs who fund it.

To accomplish this goal, the copy positioning and selling your service has to not only provide all the relevant details, but concisely and persuasively present this information in a way that addresses all outstanding objections and showcases your true expertise of the market.

[Reason #2]

My messaging is human

Regardless of what kind of service you're selling, fluffy jargon and convoluted mumbo-jumbo won't cut it. You're dealing with a sophisticated and highly-educated audience, so at the end of the day, it's the "human-to-human" aspect that sells.

My copy emphasizes what your service can do for them—the key decision-maker evaluating your service. It’s my goal to make your target market see the values of your product by emphasizing its benefits and eliminating "robot speak" in your web copy.

Find out how I helped a lead generation agency scale up with white-labeled LinkedIn copywriting.
Discover how I helped a digital agency boost conversions by 29% in email copy with a full overhaul.
Learn how I helped the Agency behind Nike and Facebook’s marketing with copywriting assets.

[Reason #3]

My writing's always on brand

A strong and congruent brand voice gets more prospective customers to pay attention. When writing copy, I always make sure your tone is just right. I'll do a detailed assessment of your website, any existing copy, and the tone you hope to achieve. 

Alternatively, if you don't already have a dialed-in tone of voice, I can create a unique tone for you after running through my voice creation process. This way, you'll always get perfectly on-brand copy that stays true to what your brand represents.

[Reason #4]

My words inspire trust

The key to selling B2B services is to showcase your expertise in the field and demonstrate mastery and deep knowledge of the problem you're solving for your customers. My research process is designed to gather and refine what makes your company unique in order to present it in the best light. 

My copywriting framework identifies and leans on your company's best positioning angle to ensure that your audience knows that you're the best choice for them. The result? High-impact, high-authority copy that informs and convinces your target market to make them choose your solutions over the rest of the pack.

Want to make your conversions go bananas?

Discover what my neuro-response copywriting for B2B services can do for your company.


P.S. You're fully protected with my 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE.

Unlike many other copywriters who promise the world but can’t deliver, I promise you'll genuinely love the copy I craft. Whether it’s a sales page, emails, or a set of ads, you'll get perfectly-written and persuasively on-brand copy that converts. Nothing less.

If you’re not 100% over the moon with my copy for any reason, I’ll make things right. Whether that’s refinement, a rewrite, or a even a complete refund, I got you covered. 100% happiness, guaranteed.

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