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Impeccably written done-for-you strategy, content, and copy to grow your business, get more traffic, and win more customers.

Together, we’ll create expertly-written content your tribe will love.


Sales Copywriting

  • Brand Voice Guidelines

  • Company Slogans & Taglines

  • Websites & Landing Pages

  • Marketing Brochures

  • Direct-Response Sales Emails

  • Press Releases & PR

  • Video Scripts & Storytelling

  • B2C & B2B Copywriting


Content Creation

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Keyword Research

  • Blog Posts & SEO Articles

  • eBooks & Whitepapers

  • Webinar & Podcast Scripts

  • Newsletters & Email Automation

  • B2C & B2B Content Marketing



All your business content, written by a figurative ghost.


Conversion-Focused Messaging Overhaul

If you already have an established brand and tone, but need to adjust your messaging to improve your conversions, we’ll write new copy for your most important pages to bring your brand to life. We can also audit your landing pages as well, so you can run our modifications against the control and find out how much our revised copy will improve your conversions.


Website & Landing Page Copywriting

Much more in-depth than the quick refresh, we can handle all of the content and copy on your entire website. We’ll study your business as well as the competition, and draft new messaging to make your offer compelling, exciting, conversion-optimized and most of all, relatable to your target audience to drive maximum engagement.


Online Courses & Educational Nurture Funnels

The more educated your prospects are about who you are and your industry, the more confident they’ll be when it’s decision time. This is true whether you’re trying to get press attention, build partnerships, or explain a complex offer. For these projects, we can typically create a lengthy guide for you that will educate and further nurture your audience.


Blogging & Search Engine Optimized Content

Putting out high-value content is crucial for gaining organic traction in the digital age while becoming a trusted resource for your potential customers. Depending on the length and complexity, we can create a series of expertly-drafted, SEO-optimized blog posts for you, each meticulously mapped out to different stages of your target persona’s buying journey.


E-Books, White Papers, & Lead Magnets

If you’re a busy executive who want to become respected as a thought leader in your field, we can help with that. We’ll interview you, then handle all of the legwork for you while you sit back and watch the book you’ve always wanted to write come to life. Thoroughly-researched white papers and technical lead magnets can also be added in the mix as well.


Email Marketing & Segmented Drips

Sending valuable content to your list is paramount for customer engagement and brand building. We’ll handle promotional emails, journey flows, and segmented emails to get your tribe engaged and buying. This way, you’ll be in continual contact with your prospects and continually nurture them through the decision-making process, improving your conversions.


Our ghostwriting process is spread across four phases.


1. Research, Insights, & Data

This phase is all about collecting and analyzing the voice of your customer. This could look like a thorough review of existing research and data, reviewing a survey for existing customers, or competitor "raw voice" message mining via product reviews, and forums.


2. Writing and Editing

This is the creation phase, where all of that juicy data is put to work. Writing and editing can include landing page optimization, onboarding emails, segmented email sequences, pre and post-event emails, retention drip sequences, or emails to churned customers.

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3. Implementation, Optimization, & Validation

The most exciting phase, this is when the data, writing, and analysis are put to the test. Through proper implementation in your analytics suite and email service provider, landing page conversion rates and emails are tested against previous performance.


4. Upkeep & Content Development

Conversion optimization is a a constant moving target, as your audience evolves over time. Continual upkeep helps ensure that your content is relevant while supporting copy and content gets a once-over to ensure that our efforts are continually moving the needle.



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