7 Effective Fascination Bullet Formulas That Pique Curiosity And Elevate Desire

Do you know what a fascination bullet is? Relax, it’s fine if you don’t.

Chances are you’ve read dozens of them, you just didn’t know what they’re called. 

  • The concept came from a copywriter named Mel Martin who developed and coined the phrase “Fascination Bullets.”
  • The method pulled people in with the short, bulleted statement — all the way to the order form. 

He was so successful that his employers at Boardroom Books even withheld his name from the public. They were concerned that another firm would come in and lure him away, with good reason. 

Now, you might be wondering why you should care about something from decades ago. The answer is simple: if you use his technique and master it, there’s a big chance you’ll increase your sales. Fascination bullets might even increase your visibility and engagement metrics. 

Think about the days when a person would have to fill out a form, write a check, put it in an envelope, and mail the thing to make a purchase. Back then, Mr. Martin’s “fascinations” raised sales by millions of dollars. 

Not bad for “just” a bit of writing. Keep reading if you want to find out how to write these bullets so you can do what Mel Martin did. 


So What Makes Fascination Bullets Fascinating? 

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire

Fascination bullets don’t have to be so enthralling that readers lose track of time — but they do have to be interesting. 

For the most part, the formula looks like this: 

  • Buying our product gives x benefit…. (and here’s another benefit).

So I’ve written one for you, using that example: 

  • Eat bananas for better gut health (and you might even notice your skin glowing more). 


What Does Being Fascinating Do for Your Brand? 

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire

It can position you as an authority or an interesting company that everyone wants to know more about. 

  • Fascination bullets can raise your sales — often in a dramatic way.
  • They can open doors for you — many “experts” have been booked on TV and podcasts on the merit of well-thought-out fascination bullets. 
  • They can start people moving into your funnel where they want to engage with you.
  • Often, they’re the kind of thing you can mention at a business meeting, e.g.,  “Did you know that bananas are rich in nutrients (and taste as sweet as candy)?” 
    • They can, in other words, make you more fascinating. 
    • They can stick in people’s heads indefinitely if crafted the right way.  
  • People read fascination bullets. According to the UK company Words You Can Use, being able to write good fascination bullets is the most important copywriting skill you can have. 

Below you’ll find some helpful formulas to help you craft fascination bullets that will knock your prospects’ socks off. 

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire


Formulas To Ponder

While you don’t need to use all of these formulas, there’s no question that they come in handy. They exist for a reason. Use them whenever you can, and see what happens.


Formula One: Provide Pleasant Surprises 

Nowhere is it written that fascination bullets must always be positive and pleasant. Having said that, they usually work best if they are both pleasant and surprising. 

It would be surprising and pleasant to read: 

  • Eating one banana a day has now been proven to make you more attractive to others (and if you eat two, you might even live longer).

Interesting copy that draws you in is good, but pleasant surprises are better and more memorable. Consider this: 

  • Bananas contain plenty of antioxidants (which can keep you looking young and attractive).

Note that it's best to keep these simple. A bullet point is one thing, but sub-points just muddy the water. 

Here are some copywriting tricks you can use to spark life into unimaginative copy.


Formula Two: Try to Tease

Look, you’re here to whet appetites and move people with your fascinators. 

An old adage applies here: “Don’t give away the milk for free if you want to sell the cow.” 

That might make you wonder about the free milk. Turns out that “milk” isn’t what the women were giving away since this is a metaphor. 

It might come as a surprise, but the saying was meant to tell young ladies that a man would never marry her if she gave him everything that married couples have and do. Instead, the metaphor says they should wait until they get married. It’s a very old and well-known phrase. Just ask your granddad.

Of course, times have changed and the “rules” aren’t exactly that way anymore in most communities. Still, it makes sense if you’re trying to draw people in — that you don’t give away everything you know. 

The point here is if you’re trying to get attention, it’s okay to be economical with how much you give away. In fact, sometimes you should be very economical with it. 

  • Card tricks are all fake since magic doesn’t exist. My book will tell you how they’re all done. 


  • Magic exists (but it’s not what you think it is). 

See how that works? Think about this example: 

  • “Birds aren’t real,” says a public awareness message. “They’re fake puppets used by the US Government to observe and control the population. You should join in the campaign to stamp out these so-called “animals.” Click here to sign up.”
  • Many people say that there are small machines that the government uses as surveillance tools (and here’s where you’ve seen them). 


Formula Three: Get That Rhythm

Writing is musical. When it comes to fascinators, that musicality is essential. Let’s consider some examples.

Music isn’t only enjoyable because of the notes that are played. The rests — the space between the notes — also do the trick. Some advisors say that fascination bullets, in particular, should be symmetrical. For instance, they suggest all the bullets be one line, or two lines, etc. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Look at these examples:

  • Sick of high gas prices? Us too. So we did something about it. Did you? 
    • We know. You didn’t have time. But we did.
  • Our company, Super Duper Charging Heroes, developed a system for everyone.
    • When you’re planning a trip, call us or email us four points along the route you’re taking. Mostly we’re looking for large interstate exchanges/bigger cities and towns. 
  • When we’ve found the places that would work for us, we prepare the exact charger that you need and set it up to be portable. it's sent overnight. 
    • You take your trip like normal and we’ll page you when & where to meet up with your charging hero. 
    • They charge you up. You make plans to meet on the way home. 
  • You’re happy.
    • You meet up on the way home, charge up, and pay what you owe.
  • You’re happy. You decide to join our network so that you can have a charger of your very “own,” delivered anywhere in the state within 48 hours. 
    • You’re happy.
    • We’re happy. 
    • Everybody’s joyful. 
  • Questions?  


Formula Four: Make Me Think vs. “Made You Look”

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire

“Clickbait” isn’t a compliment. Not even to people who produce that kind of content. You can make people think without making them feel that they’ve been suckered into looking at clickbait content.  

Let’s put it another way: if readers are kicking themselves for even going to your website, your task of selling is going to be much, much more difficult. 

The link blocks at the bottom of many sites are the current ubiquitous offenders. They often have odd pictures and questionable medical-type content, and they tend to make ridiculous claims. 

That’s clickbait. You’ve seen them unless you don’t spend much time on the internet. You might have seen them even in that case. 

This is the type of content in question: “This one weird vegetable will make your abs flat as a pancake the hour after you eat it.” You don’t want to be lumped in with those types of publishers — no one will take you seriously, and your offer won’t sell well if you do. 

So consider: 

  • Why do French and Japanese women have such great skin and such perfect figures? Ever seen an obese Frenchwoman? Our e-book explains it and it might change your life. 


  • This secret sea vegetable, when added to your meals, can help make you thin inside of a month — no matter how much weight you need to lose. We’re the only ones who know how to get it. Go to our site if you want your own supply. It’s a bargain at only $29.99.

Here are other copywriting mistakes that are sabotaging your conversion rates.


Formula Five: Draw Me In

A good fascination bullet makes readers want to know more. Of course, if they want to know more, you’re drawing them into your products/services as potential buyers. 

  • There’s a foolproof way to keep your romantic relationship or marriage strong. It’ll even make you more attractive to potential love partners. Want to know how to do it in thirty seconds? Click here.


Formula Six: Don’t Be Typecast

It can feel tempting to only choose one of the fascination bullet formulas that work best for you, but you’re not everyone. Before you settle on a type of fascination bullet, consider the many different approaches to them. Most of them have been used since the dawn of time (well, copywriting dawn of time, anyway). 

So as food for thought, here are a few extra types of fascination bullets: 


Name It and Claim It:

“The Doan Foolproof Guide to Banana Sourcing.” 


Numbers: (Six Formulas You’re Not Using…) 

(This is one of the most used types, which may mean you should use it sporadically, not constantly.) But it worked on you, didn’t it?


Blind Come Hithers:

“Avoid the one mistake no copywriter can afford…”


Never Have I Ever:  

“Never keep sandpaper in your toolbox because…”


What, What Not, and Why

  • “We can tell you what you should include in every single fascination bullet. Yes, every single one.” 
  • “What not to say to the IRS when you’re asking for payment plans…”
  • “Why should you care if a package was misdelivered to your home?” 


Spilling the Secret 

Similar to “But Wait, There’s More…” (PLUS copy) 


You’re Wrong

“You thought Squid Game could be better? Read on to find out why you need to rethink.”


Well, Are You? (Asking Something You’re Pretty Sure They Are)

“Are you afraid of being outsold by people who write better copy than you?” 


Bust a Myth

“Many people have heard that the actress little girl in “The Exorcist” overdosed decades ago. It’s not true — click here to see what she’s been up to.” 


The Wise What

You have wisdom to share. So share it and drag the people in. For example: 

“What you need to know to really turn a profit in banana futures markets. See the full lowdown here or request our free report here.”

“What will the Government do if you try to leave the country and don’t pay taxes? Click here for a short explanation.” 


Caution. Alert.  

“38% of American pediatricians don’t know that this substance can create permanent disabilities for children. See number 16 on our list…” 


Yes… But No 

“Nobody ever has an allergic reaction to spinach, they told us. Rachel Cainer knows better. Her daughter nearly died because of a spinach omelet. Find out how you can avoid this.”


Are You On This List?

“You probably think your real estate agent is vetted and trustworthy because he’s licensed. Think again. Click here to read about the criminal realtors and how to make sure yours isn’t a risk.” 

“A lot of people think nobody will care if they put up a greenhouse in their backyard. The truth is that in many municipalities they not only care, but they can also prevent you from doing so. Click here to find out where your location falls.” 


Sneak… but Only a Little

Use this one sparingly. It's been overused, but it can still pack a punch.  

“Sneaky ways your auto mechanic convinces you that your repairs are critical…”

“Sneak into a luxury hotel for complimentary breakfast? Don’t try it unless you’re prepared to be arrested.” 


Do You Want to Know?

“Did you know that many states don’t keep records about domestic violence perpetrators who go to trial and are actually found guilty? Click here to see why.” 

“Did you know that art classes offered in schools have been shown to always raise the scores and grades in academic classes? Yes, every single time. Click here to find out more.” 

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire


Formula Seven: Benefit Me, Baby

Ethics are important to sales if you want to do things right, or if you want to stay in business indefinitely. In (ethical) sales, you’re trying to help people. It’s not that you’re trying to force them to do things that aren’t in their self or business interest. You’re trying to help them.

So how do you help people? How do you start? 

Simple. You start by telling them some benefits of your offer: 

Benefit Interesting statement <more benefits> next steps/page for <more benefits>.

Once you’re aware of fascination bullets, you’ll ‌see them everywhere. They’re also used in political communications. This is why you have to pay close attention to whether the information imparted is truthful.  

These days, a large portion of the time politicians of all parties (and their managers) evoke emotions and let the facts float out in the distance. (“Alternative facts,” anyone?) 

Consider these fascination bullets:

  • Surveys have shown that 90% of Republicans would support a fascist leader provided the economy was good and public benefits such as food stamps weren’t available. 


  • You may have heard that Democrats want to seize everyone’s guns. But did you know they also intend to imprison gun owners and to only allow fellow Democrats to be police officers? 

Of course, I just made those examples up out of thin air. Still, it wouldn’t require much investigation to realize that similar statements to those are being made all over the internet and even in official communications and press reports. 

Without question, there’s a lot of money to be made by politicians and those around them — and those who are influencing public policies. In business and copywriting, you have a responsibility to use your techniques in ethical and honest ways. 

That’s not because of any sort of ephemeral brownie-point type things — it’s also because being honest leads to fruitful, long-term relationships. So you want to be thoughtful and ethical about what you put out. You’ll benefit if you use your abilities for the common good. 

Your main job is to explain the benefits to your prospects. With that in mind, an example of these bullets can look like this: 

  • Everyone needs money. Some people don’t have to worry much about it though, because they’ve taken our “no more worries” course. They tell us they find our work life-changing and a source of permanent emotional relief. See the reviews here for yourself, then sign up here. 

Learn more about "benefit-centric" copywriting here.


Fascination Bullets Can Raise Your Copywriting Success 

7 effective fascination bullet formulas that pique curiosity and elevate desire

In the grand scheme of things, fascination bullets aren’t the only tool in a good writer’s quiver. Despite that fact, knowing what they are, how to write them, and how not to mess them up puts you ahead of the pack. 

When you fascinate readers and then explain to them how your offer could benefit them, you’re more than halfway to the sale if you’ve got something desirable. 

When this tool is handled well, it can increase sales to an impressive degree. Wield fascination bullets well enough, and you could be the next Mel Martin. 

After reading all these formulas, do you doubt that fascination bullets can raise your sales? If you’re that “one in a million” type of person who sees it that way, go back and read it again, and then look around at some ad copy. People have made millions with them and it doesn’t look like the trend will change any time soon.


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