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Want me to audit your sales funnels and find 2-3 potential opportunities for growth?

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I’m inviting you to apply for a free growth strategy session call.

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1) We’re going to look at your current customer acquisition channels, your conversion points, your copywriting, and the current effectiveness of your sales funnels.

2) We’re going to talk about what growth strategies you’re currently executing on, what your processes are, and how you test and measure new ideas. 

3) You're going to learn some of the strategies I’ve used to help hundreds of founders grow faster and increase their conversions.

4) And if you want, we’re going to create a game plan for you to start rapidly testing new growth ideas, optimize your marketing funnels, then scaling as efficiently as possible.

So, if you're ready to get your business growing faster

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P.S. Due to personal time constraints, I can only take calls with people who I think I can help. After you fill out the quick questionnaire, I’ll let you know if you qualify.


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“I saw a +1,200% conversion rate lift after working with Daniel”

"Before having the consultation with Daniel, I'd spend 1 dollar and get 0.3 signups. After implementing his advice, we’re now at 3.9 signups with every dollar spent.”

Chris Haga, CEO at Looty Games