Let’s talk deliverables.

We’ll give you a perpetual drip of premium copywriting, broken up into projects that drives traffic and converts readers into loyal customers.

Free up more of your time to do sales, operations, attend yacht masterminds, or whatever else is most important to you.


Micro Projects

  • Write 5 different headline options

  • Write 5 different value proposition options

  • Write a short AdWords or Facebook ad

  • Optimize a short eCom product description

  • Optimize App Store copy

  • Optimize a cold email to a person of interest

  • Optimize a SaaS welcome email

  • Generate 10 tagline options

  • Generate 5 optimization ideas for a page

  • Generate 5 optimization ideas for a page

  • Write 5 different blog title options

  • Write an in-app triggered email

  • Optimize a short email of less than 200 words

  • Write 5 email subject lines to A/B test



Regular Projects

  • Write 5 headline options + hero copy

  • Message-match 5 ads with 5 landing pages

  • Optimize App Store copy / description

  • Optimize your blog post’s hook and close

  • Optimize an email of 250 - 500 words

  • Optimize a single email in a drip campaign

  • Propose 5 long sales copy edits

  • Write a SaaS or trial welcome email

  • Write a webinar invitation email

  • Generate 5 copy optimization ideas

  • Optimize a short lead-gen page

  • Optimize your thank-you page

  • Optimize an Amazon product description

  • Generate 5 voice options for your brand



Large Projects

  • Optimize a full-length landing page

  • Write an email to prospects or customers

  • Write your App Store description

  • Write your Amazon store page

  • Optimize 5 short product descriptions

  • Optimize a detailed case study

  • Optimize 5 emails in a sequence

  • Write your long-form sales page hook

  • Write your long-form sales page close

  • Optimize 500 words of long sales copy

  • Optimize your full-length VSL script

  • Write a short lead-gen page

  • Write your thank you page

  • Write your about us page



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