Here to find out if I'm any good?

I’ve written thousands of marketing and sales assets (landing pages, sales letters, emails, and ads) across dozens of verticals over the past 10 years.

Now, I wouldn't say I'm the best copywriter in the world. But, if you're looking
for "Wow! This copy's conversion rate is bananas!" — I might fit the bill.

My copy is meticulously crafted to be conversational, compelling, and conversion-centric.

I’m obsessive about voice. I can quickly adapt to a new brand voice and effortlessly match your tone with each word choice I make.

I’m all about the avatar. I examine your ideal customer thoroughly to make sure I speak to your prospects at the right spot in their journey.

I’m conversion-focused. I know when jargon is useful and when it gets in the way, when to add a dash of style and when to stick to the facts.

I’m a style vanguard. I am serious about upholding style rules and offended by typos. I know how to make weak copy objectively better.

I’m a detail-oriented listener. I'm all about getting it right. I know how to take and apply specific feedback during rounds of iterations.

I’m consumer-forward. I can make even the most boring, technical concepts compelling, understandable, and overwhelmingly persuasive.

I’m fact-based and data-driven. I persuade with facts, not fluff. I challenge my assumptions and support my word choices through testing.

I’m a persuasion ventriloquist. I’ll channel your tone of voice and convince your audience while hyper-focusing on their needs and desires.

I’m hopelessly addicted to bananas. I’ll convert all the potassium I ingest into words that drive meaningful business results for your company.

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