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Together, we’ll create a stream of expertly-written content that your tribe will love.


Hi, I’m Daniel. And if you’re anything like me, you know that branding is what separates you from your competition.

However, a brand is more than just a name—it’s a collection of stories associated with that name.

Your brand is what defines your business.

My team and I know how to tell those stories, for businesses both large and small. Let’s tap into your market and sell effectively using the power of the written word.

Together, we can help uncover what it is that makes your company different and craft compelling copy that converts.


From venture-backed startups to household brands,
I’ve helped over 200 companies grow.





Business Owners Feeling Stagnant

Trying to spice up the copy on your website because it’s a little bland?

CEOs Transforming into Thought Leaders

Trying to find a writer for ghostwritten content that helps you become more highly-regarded in your industry?

Executives Building a Personal Brand

Need a copywriter to write in your tone of voice on LinkedIn or Quora?

First-Time Business Owners

Trying to effectively communicate your brand positioning but aren’t experienced at writing copy that converts?

Brands Looking to Boost Market Share

Need a copywriter to help you create more content such blog posts and E-Books in order to be discovered?

Pre-Development Startups

Need content created in order to present your idea and vision in the best light in order to secure funding?

Solo Freelancers Looking for Clients

Trying to acquire more clients but failing because you’re not the best at presenting yourself in writing?

Companies Launching New Products

Need a copywriter to handle content creation for product pages, email drip sequences, and more?







After this stage, you’ll have complete clarity on what your business stands for, and the confidence to know that your mission, vision, and value proposition will be clearly understood by your prospective clients.




After this stage, your website will function as a full-time salesperson for your brand. This will turn prospects into customers by drawing them into your sales funnel, then nurturing them with email and retargeting.




Growth happens when you align your content with your brand’s vision. Let us serve as an extension of your team to create content at scale that converts your best customers.


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Ideas are powerful.

They convince people to do things, and good ideas come from good stories.

Copywriting tells your company’s stories to people, and good copy persuades those leads to become your customers.

Those customers spread your story, sharing links via email, passing along articles through Facebook, or telling their own stories. Before you know it, your brand has become a household name.

Just imagine you went out and bought a nice luxury watch for $9,000. Then, you show it off to your friend who immediately says, “why’d you go and buy a watch for that much money? You could’ve gotten something just like it for like $100 or something!”

What would you do in that situation? You probably wouldn’t want to say, “well I just had $9,000 lying around and, well, this is supposed to be a good brand.” Would you?

Maybe you might say, “It’s pure gold! Isn’t it lovely? A $100 watch isn’t made of pure gold. Maybe it’s gold-plated, but not pure gold.”

Then, your friend says, “all you have now is a shiny chunk of metal that cost you half a year of rent.”

Now wasn’t that a whopping slap in the face? You can’t even convince your good friend that your watch was worth the expense. To begin with, you weren’t even sure of the purchase yourself. Now you’re pretty sure you need to return that watch and get your money back.


But what if you could say that it was more than just a watch made of pure gold? What if there was more to that little piece than a simple set of ticking hands? What if your watch had a unique story all of its own?

Then, maybe, you could tell it to your friend and convince him how your extravagant purchase was well worth the price.

“Hey now. Don’t hate,” you’d say. “The wristband alone took six months to make by a very renowned craftsman in Germany. The gold was melted down from recycled jewelry and cast using refurbished tools — everything is environmentally conscious. Just look at that movement! Smooth, right?

That’s handcrafted, right there. There’s no other watch exactly like this one — it’s one of a kind. I’d say that’s worth $9,000. Hell, I’d say it’s probably worth more than that! This is a bargain. I bet you can’t sell me a $100 watch with that kind of story behind it.”

Who knows? Maybe after a story like that, your friend might go out and try to buy his own $9,000 watch.


It’s stories like these that spread like wildfire.

From word of mouth to sharing ads on Facebook, your customers can be your best advertisers.

That’s where we come in.

We write your stories, describe your products, explain your services, and in simplest terms, educate your customers. When your customers are educated about your brand, it churns in their minds until eventually, they talk about it to their friends and spread the word.

By offering product descriptions, E-Books, blog posts, and informative social media posts, you are giving your customers all the resources they need to defend your brand. Information about your brand gives your customers confidence in your brand. That’s what builds loyalty. That’s what brings in new customers.

Just imagine if only five people read your stories and loved your product, and then they each talk about the product to five more people, and so on, then your own network could grow. Get them excited about your brand, give them something good to talk about.

There are a lot of businesses out there just like yours, but yours has a unique story. Share it and be heard.

Together, we can write that story, and we can make your business stand out.


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Have you ever tried to tell someone what your company does, but you just couldn’t quite get the point across to them.

You know how your business works. You know that they could use your offer. But for some reason, the words just seem to pass right through them.

Situations like that are frustrating, and they make it that much harder to make a sale or gain prestige, especially when you’re just starting out.

But that's where we come in.

During our First Stage, we will explore your business and learn just what it is that makes it tick. We’ll look at your industry, your competition, and your products. And then we’ll help you identify your business goals and motivations.

Once Stage 1 has been completed, you will have the tools you need to create more effective marketing.

You’ll receive the following:

  • A concisely written elevator pitch

  • A longer-form social pitch

  • A set of memorable branding taglines

  • A set of most important FAQs and answers

When we’re done with Stage 1 in two weeks, you’ll be able to answer that pesky question — “So, what do you do?” You’ll have your answers ready to go, and you can be confident your customers will know exactly what it is you are offering them.



If you’ve completed Stage 1 with us, then now you know who you are, what it is you are really selling, and why. In Stage 2, we can take that knowledge and start applying it to your website so that it will be right there for your customers to see.

Your website should be able to serve as a full-time salesperson. It should have the right content on it, which will help in converting prospects into paying customers. This will be the face of your company.

But since your company is unique, only you can know what it takes for a great sales representative to help your business thrive. As such, this step is highly collaborative, and we’ll need to work closely with you in order to ensure that we deliver a memorable customer experience that converts.

You’ll receive the following:

  • A set of web pages, landing pages, or blog posts

  • A full set conversion-optimized email drips

  • A clear content marketing strategy roadmap

This stage can last anywhere from three to four weeks as we build your website copy together from scratch.



After we’ve completed your website, we believe you’ll be ready to grow. And growth will require additional materials and resources that will need to align with the vision of your brand’s future.

Based on prior experience, such additional materials may include the following:

  • Sales Funnel Development

  • Digital Marketing Gap Analysis

  • Growth Consulting

  • Product Guides

  • Digital Assets

  • Investor Decks

  • SEO Blog Posts

  • Media Kits

  • Press Releases

  • Educational Tools

  • White Papers

  • E-Book Ghostwriting

  • Editorials & Guest Posts

  • Thought Leadership Posts

Each of these projects is important, so we usually make it a point to tackle each one individually so we can focus on it. Rarely does a business need all of this work completed quickly or all at once. That is, except for those businesses that may be undertaking a drastic pivot and is under tight time restraints.

However, we usually create long-term relationships with our clients once we’ve helped them establish a clear vision and style for their brand that helps them stand out.

Each of these projects is priced based on the scope of the work, the timeline, and the type of project.


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Blogging & SEO-Focused Content

Putting out high-value content is crucial for gaining organic traction in the digital age while becoming a trusted resource for your potential customers. Depending on the length and complexity, we can typically create an expertly-drafted, SEO-optimized blog post for you in about a week’s time.

E-Books & White Papers

For busy executives who want to become respected as thought leaders in their field. We’ll handle all of the legwork for you while you sit back and watch the book you’ve always wanted to write come to life. Well-researched white papers can also be added in the mix as well.

Segmented Email Marketing Drips

If you’re looking to build your brand, sending valuable content to your list is paramount for customer engagement. We’ll handle promotional emails, buyer journey flows, and segmented emails to get your tribe engaged. This way, you’ll be in continual contact with your prospects and continually nurture them down your sales funnel.

Messaging Refresh

If you already have an established brand and tone, but need to adjust your messaging to improve your conversions, we’ll write new copy for your most important pages to bring your brand to life. We can also audit any landing pages as well, and run our modifications against the control.

Full Website Overhaul

Much more in-depth than the quick refresh, we’ll study your business as well as the competition, and draft new messaging to make your offer compelling, exciting, most of all, relatable to your target audience. This includes up to 4 pages of strategic website content.

Educational Lead Magnets

The more educated your prospects are about who you are and your industry, the more confident they’ll be when it’s decision time. This is true whether you’re trying to get press attention, build partnerships, or explain a complex offer. For these projects, we can typically create a 5-10 page guide for you that will educate and convert.




(additional copywriting samples available upon request)


Thank You & Tripwire Pages

Long Form Sales Pages

Video Sales Letter Scripts

Email Sequences & Drips

Web Pages & Landing Pages

Blog Posts & Thought Leadership

Lead Magnets & Value Decks

Ebooks & White Papers



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