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Expertly written SEO-optimized articles that are primed to rank on Google and make you and your leadership team look like geniuses.

Conversion-focused authority-building articles that are ready-to-publish, and crafted by a B2B industry veteran who knows the lingo.

Masterfully crafted evergreen articles that engage your audience, command attention, and drive highly-qualified B2B leads.

Your search ends here I'll write it all for you.

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I write authoritative, evergreen articles for...

Small Business Owners

Who want to grow fast and don’t have time to deal with hiring, but need a stream of search-optimized articles.

Marketing Agencies

That want to deliver the best possible work for their clients, but struggle to find a technical writer they can trust.

Enterprise Brands

That are looking for an expert technical writing vendor to help them continue to dominate their vertical as they expand.

My SEO content is meticulously crafted with the following SIX core pillars in mind...

Direct-Response Copywriting

Crafting high-converting copy on landing pages, email drips, and Facebook Ads to boost sales.

Conversion Optimization

Improving the effectiveness and profit of marketing funnels, leading to higher engagement and more sales.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Directing paid social advertising and scaling up campaigns while keeping CPA low and campaign ROAS high.

Analytics & Attribution

Poring over back-end metrics and attribution data to identify opportunities for sales campaign optimization.

Sales Funnel Development

Building and optimizing sales funnels for product launches to optimize conversions and lifetime revenue.

Email Marketing Automation

Setting up email drip funnels for nurturing on autopilot, segmenting nurture drips for ideal personas.

Here's my simple 3-step process for writing high-quality articles that rank on Google.

— Step 01 —

Initial Brand Discovery

First, I’ll learn more about your ideal buyer persona, your product, and your competitors. I’ll help you investigate what your target audience is searching for prior to making a purchasing decision.

I’ll then take a look at your current organic content marketing strategy and identify quick, easy optimization opportunities for you to get your pages ranking higher. This way, you’ll have the right foundation for effective content marketing.

— Step 02 —

Deep Domain Research

I’ll use my proven process to identify highly searched, easy-win keywords for you, as well as dig deep into the keywords that your competitors are using to rank in your niche. I’ll zoom in on the keywords with high buyer-intent.

The intersection of these forms your conversion-optimized SEO content strategy: an editorial calendar of trending, high-traffic long-tail keywords you can easily rank for with your current domain authority.

— Step 3 —

Articles On Autopilot

With your new editorial calendar in place, I’ll outline and create unique authoritative articles that answer your buyer persona’s search queries and keep them engaged and reading for as long as possible.

Just sit back, relax, and get impeccable keyword-optimized articles on a consistent basis. Outranking your competitors with authority content has never been so easy.

My articles work harder than the competition.

With me on your side, we’ll bridge the gap between what your business want to say and what your customers want to read.


What experts say about my copywriting

“Daniel is a copywriting beast."

“Much more than just a mere copywriter, he's an expert conversion strategist who has helped dozens of businesses grow to 7-figures and beyond. He knows a lot about generating qualified leads and turning them into sales. If your goal is to grow your customer base and blow up your conversion rates, Daniel's the right copywriter for you. His knowledge and experience may be worth millions to your business -- literally.”

Aliz AJ
Writer at King Kong Digital
“Daniel is a top-tier copywriter."

“Daniel is one of the best copywriters I've had the pleasure of working with. It's refreshing to meet an individual whose knowledge and skills in copywriting go so far and wide, but who stays consistently humble, funny, and approachable. If you're looking for a top-tier copywriter, it's hard to go wrong with Daniel. He has my full recommendation.”

Ana Gonzalez
Creative Director at Virtuous Graphics
“I was blown away by Daniel’s copywriting."

“I hired Daniel to tackle a few brand projects that required an acute understanding of my target customers. What he delivered was compelling, high-converting copy. He gave us plenty of revisions, kept in touch, and wrote copy that truly did what it was designed to do: convert. If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss copywriter who has the skills to boost your numbers, then look no further.”

Rian Doris
COO at Flow Research Collective
“Daniel took my landing page copy to the next level."

“I recently hired Daniel to work on a landing page for our new product launch. We wanted to showcase the features and benefits in the best light, but we didn’t have access to an in-house copywriter. The difference was night and day. He truly elevated my copy, making it engaging, dynamic, and had it speak directly to my audience. It’s everything I wanted it to be — I will definitely be working with Daniel on many more future copywriting projects.”

Mathieu Picard
CEO at AnyLeads
“Daniel is an amazing copywriter.”

"Daniel is one of the most driven and effective copywriters I've ever encountered. I've learned more about copywriting by working with him than I have from any course or mastermind group. He has a huge client roster for a reason — he can turn around top-notch high-converting copy for a wide range of industries, and he's always a pleasure to work with as well."

Alex Planes
CEO at FoundEdge
“Daniel’s copywriting is next-level.”

“This guy convinced me he was good at copywriting by talking about bananas, and it turns out he was. The copy he wrote for us always gets positive, disarmed responses. His stuff is so good, I actually have a folder on my computer filled with screenshots of his Facebook posts. I look at it for guidance when I'm stuck, tricks when I need results, and a laugh when I'm sad.”

Stapho Thienpont
Co-Founder of The Marketing Family

I do have to warn you, though

If you want someone who can just vomit out words on a page,

I’m not your guy — you can find those people on Fiverr.

They’re a dime a dozen, and they come cheap.


However, if you’re looking for a seasoned marketing executive who

happens to specialize in writing high-converting copy that

drives real business results — we should chat.


My content marketing drives results to the tune of thousands of leads for my clients.

"If you're looking for help with growth marketing or conversion optimization, I would highly recommend working with Daniel."
— Vaibhav Sisinty, Marketing Manager at Uber
“Daniel was able to write really beautiful copy that really not only expressed the brand, but also expressed my personal voice in all of our copy, advertising, and everything.”
— Jamila Jackson, Founder at Loved+Blessed
"If you’re considering working with Daniel, I highly recommend it. Especially when it comes to anything related to digital marketing."
— Matt Tran, CEO at Engineered Truth
"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to Daniel. He’s simply one of the best in the industry."
— Houston Golden, CEO at BAMF Media
“If you’ve been looking for a no-fuss copywriter who has the skills to boost your numbers, then look no further. I’d work with Daniel again any day.”
— Rian Doris, COO at Flow Research Collective
“Daniel is the best copywriter I’ve ever hired. He transformed what I thought was already decent copy into the most persuasive messaging I’ve seen in a long time.”
— Braden Wallake, CEO at HyperSocial
“I love Daniel’s attitude, skill set, and work ethic. His copy is unbelievably good. It’s high-converting, compelling, and super persuasive.”
— David Markovich, Founder at Online Geniuses
“Daniel is a copywriting beast and is one of the best copywriters I know. I was absolutely blown away by his work. Hire Daniel and you’ll sleep easy at night.”
— Roy Goldstein, Founder at SERPStorm

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