An all-encompassing 114-point checklist that will uncover gaps and blind spots in your current digital marketing strategy.

With the plethora of digital marketing tools and tactics available today, it’s increasingly hard to know where to focus your time, energy, and resources.

Which is why I created this Gap Analysis Audit Sheet.

It provides specific recommendations on this year’s major trends and opportunities you should be addressing to optimize your marketing efforts if you want to get ahead of the competition.

It’ll show you how to generate large amounts of qualified organic traffic on autopilot. If you're feeling lost, this checklist will spell everything out for you so that you can figure you exactly what needs to be done to get traction.

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About Daniel Doan

Daniel is an award-winning growth marketing consultant and digital strategist. With over half a decade of experience in CRO and copywriting, Daniel has been building brands, growing communities, and directing marketing strategy for hundreds of venture-backed startups, creatives, and companies worldwide.

“I saw a +1,200% conversion rate lift after working with Daniel”

"Before having the consultation with Daniel, I'd spend 1 dollar and get 0.3 signups. After implementing his advice, we’re now at 3.9 signups with every dollar spent.”

- Chris Haga, CEO at Looty Games