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Industry — B2C Digital Agency, App Development

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Facebook Ads Copy, Cold Outbound Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Lead Magnet Creation, E-Book Writing, Growth Strategy



Rootstrap is an award-winning digital agency that has helped over 500 companies and public figures get ROI-driven results from app development and growth marketing. They specialize in creating world-class digital solutions for celebrities, creatives, and Fortune 500 companies. Clients include: Google, Salesforce, Spotify, Tony Robbins, Ogilvy-Mather and more.

They were having an issue with consistent lead generation, because their content and copy needed fine tuning. The audience wasn’t connecting with what was being put out. A lot of that stemmed from not having the right marketing automation systems in place. They also weren’t doing any email marketing, so they were missing out on nurturing leads and turning prospects into sales qualified leads.



Since the issues were clearly engagement based, we found it helpful to create and optimize landing pages with CTAs that resonated with their target audience segments. We also created segmented drip emails to nurture leads, worked on improving website UX, and conducted list building funnel auditing, all of which help with engagement and conversions.



We’re very pleased with the results we’ve seen since the changes were implemented. There has been an increase in list size to over 12,000 subscribers, as well as increased engagement on email drips to 19% average open rate on the main perpetual drip. Onboarding drip sequence engagement hovers around 29% opens, with an average 2.5% CTR. Additionally, segmented lead magnet delivery open rates now average around 59%, with an average CTR of 16%.

There has also been a significant boost in lead generation landing page conversion rates, with opt-ins hovering between 25% to 50% depending on the campaign. We’re continuing the charge, continually producing top-quality targeted content and copy to keep Rootstrap’s marketing engine moving forward.


“Daniel is an exceptional copywriter and digital marketer.”

“I've worked with many marketers over the years and I can say with confidence that Daniel is top in his weight class when it comes to email marketing, funnel building, and growth hacking. I'm sure glad I found Daniel and continue to be impressed with his work.”

- Ben Lee, Co-Founder at Rootstrap


Industry — D2C Health & Wellness App

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Lead Magnet Creation, E-Book Writing, Growth Strategy



GENERIS is a fast-growing tech startup with the goal of empowering humankind with a better understanding of genetics. They specialize in providing custom DNA-specific plans to guide users towards better health with detailed road-maps for food, supplements, and exercise.

They were looking to build out their website design, copy, and segmented email drips. As a brand new startup, elements which go front and center in digital marketing weren’t established yet, but they were making an app and knew that they needed help building out their marketing pipeline. They also realized they needed to build out their landing pages, set up nurturing funnels, and properly implement timely segmented emails to turn visitors into customers.



They were missing some pretty integral pieces of the puzzle that would otherwise let down their new app launch. So, we got to work and created landing pages, segmented drip emails, and worked on website UX. We also contributed to list building, paid acquisition strategy, conversion optimization and funnel auditing.



We built out their marketing assets, with organization and paid acquisition in mind. The results of the changes were phenomenal. GENERIS is now equipped to make progress with segmented marketing drips, proper marketing infrastructure, and a streamlined acquisition campaign.


“If you’re serious about taking your copy and conversions to the next level, Daniel is the guy to help you get there.”

“Daniel is an absolute rockstar. He has been my right-hand man to guide me through website copywriting, conversion optimization, and segmented email automation with ActiveCampaign. I couldn’t have asked for a better growth marketing partner.”

- Lindsey Brassington, Founder at GENERIS


Industry — B2C Business Education

What We Delivered — Social Media Copywriting



Course Mastery is a service dedicated to helping users develop their own premium courses online. It not only helps them develop the curriculum, but also helps the business side of hosting an online course, such as marketing strategies, managing finances, and future growth.

They were looking for a ghost copywriter to handle their thought leadership content on social media. They wanted to appear as an authority while also nudging any followers to their conversion-optimized landing page, effectively generating more sales.



We delivered a consistent monthly drip of on-brand conversion-optimized copy on their social media pages in order to improve audience engagement. We paid special attention to ensuring that the copy would help strengthen the bond between audience and brand in order to facilitate sales generation.



With us on their side, they were able to continually put out high-engagement social media content that bolstered their thought leadership without any effort on their end. This freed up time for the leadership team to focus on growing the brand and improving operations for scale.


Industry — D2C Clothing & Apparel Ecommerce

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Product Descriptions



Volcom is a household name in the street fashion industry, with a huge number of products for young men and women. As a lifestyle brand that designs, markets, and distributes boardsports-oriented products, they’re one of the largest players in their segment.

Huge names have huge requests. When Volcom came to us for help, they wanted product description copy for hundreds of their products to improve conversion rates on their website. They needed on-brand copy that stood out and would convert better than their controls.



While the job was anything but simple, the request itself was simple enough. We stepped up to bat and wrote conversion-optimized copy for hundreds of products, ranging from casual street-wear, to bold skater chic. We’ve delivered top-tier copy for hundreds of Volcom products, ensuring consistency and quality throughout.



We’re now a trusted copywriting partner for Volcom apparel, and we’re helping them reach new heights with their digital properties. Attention to detail is key in marketing, and as Volcom can attest to, even the humble product description can have a massive effect on your brand’s overall success.


Industry — B2C Lifestyle Coaching

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Growth Strategy, Email Marketing Automation



Pickup Alpha is a brand that empowers men and helps them improve their dating life. Whether it’s the approach, what happens once they’ve established rapport, or when it comes time to the close, this brand seeks to help arm men with the skills needed to excel and land the girl of their dreams. 

They were looking for a little bit of everything: list-building strategy, better copywriting, more conversions, and a targeted email nurture drip to get their subscribers enrolled into a sales call.



We delivered a full-website conversion copy and UX optimization, gave their copy an overhaul to make it much more relevant to their target audience, and drafted a 5-stage conversion optimized nurture drip to reach digital window-shoppers and turn them into engaged buyers.



With a brand new makeover on his website and a fleshed out email-nurture sequence at the forefront of his inbound sales funnel, his website was primed to turn more of his fans from his YouTube channel into ready-to-convert piping hot leads. We also added additional top-of-funnel conversion elements located on strategic parts of the website, resulting in dramatically higher email opt-in rates.


Industry — B2B Interactive Software Development

What We Delivered — Growth Strategy, Landing Page Optimization



Looty Games is a game development studio founded by Chris Haga, who has spent more than a decade working as an executive for some of the biggest gaming companies in the world including Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and Bethesda Game Studios. Their main focus is on mobile development, and they’ve worked with dozens of clients as a development partner.

The small studio was struggling with getting their marketing off the ground, though. Due to the nature of small operations, there were simply too many hats to wear and not enough heads. Haga was oftentimes forced to do multiple jobs at once, and certain jobs (like making the actual games) took precedent. Looty Games didn’t just need a strong marketing strategy — they also needed their marketing to become self-sufficient.



We’re no strangers to game development, and we understood completely when Haga expressed his desire to handle Looty Games’s marketing himself. We gave him the full rundown on all of the best games industry marketing strategies as well as some best practices to follow. This included having a marketing mindset, social media strategy, PR and influencer strategy, and landing page strategy and optimization. We also advised him on list-building so that he could grow his consumer audience of gamers.



Looty Games’s results were absolutely unbelievable. In an email one week later, Haga said that his signups per dollar spent ratio went from 0.3 per dollar to 3.9 per dollar, which was a conversion rate increase of +1200%. We subsequently continued to take the engagement beyond the initial scope, and gave him more strategies to further reduce his cost per lead.


“I saw a +1,200% conversion rate lift after working with Daniel.”

"Before having the consultation with Daniel, I'd spend 1 dollar and get 0.3 signups. After implementing his advice, we’re now getting 3.9 signups with every dollar spent.”

- Chris Haga, CEO at Looty Games


Industry — D2C Consumer Packaged Goods, Subscription Box

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Organic Social Media Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Growth Strategy



DHC Supply is the #1 smoking subscription box in the world, featuring an assortment of handcrafted glass and premium smoking essentials delivered to customers worldwide. Known for their partnerships with the largest celebrities in the world, including Tommy Chong, Waka Flocka, B-Real, and many others, they’ve become a beloved staple among both recreational and medicinal marijuana users.

Their issues stemmed from lead generation and engagement. Despite their best attempts at creating content, they were struggling to gain traction. In an attempt to increase conversion rates and engagement, they had developed a rather simple newsletter to inform interested parties about the latest merchandise and products available. But, this wasn’t good enough. They needed stronger onboarding and activation strategies, and we were there to help.



Resolving Daily High Club’s issue clearly involved finding content that resonated with their core audience. So, we created appropriate intriguing segmented drip emails, and worked on website UX and list building. We also audited their sales funnels to check for any weak spots, grew their email list subscribers, and spearheaded social media growth using organic traction strategies.

On top of that, we created a myriad of nurturing funnels, including several chatbots, social media automation, incentivized referrals, product line extension launches, and cart recovery drips.



We successfully optimized key landing pages with over 260 A/B tests, increasing welcome mat conversion rate by 138% (from 10.32% to 23.83%) and exit-intent conversion rate by 292% (from 4.05% to 15.05%) over a nine-month period. This resulted in over 89,000 new email list subscribers. We also introduced scheduled targeted email marketing programs using segmented drips, resulting in 119% increase in average open rate and 126% increase in average click-through rate.

On the organic front, we guided internal marketing staff on an Instagram content strategy and sharing schedule that resulted in a 14% increase in monthly follower count growth of ~84,000 (from 247k to 331k). We also applied SEO tactics including meta tag optimization, link-building, and blog optimization, lifting website in SERP for several high-traffic key search terms, resulting in a 39% increase in organic traffic over 9 months (from 1.5M to 2.1M).


“It was awesome to look at the data and see our sales go up!”

"Daniel takes copywriting and conversion optimization to the next level. To an obsessive level, really — taking into account every single element of each landing page. He updated us along the way with spreadsheets that were easy to follow as well, even if you’re not a seasoned marketing pro."

- Harrison Baum, CEO at Daily High Club


Industry — B2C Digital Infoproduct & Consumer Packaged Goods

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Facebook Ads Management & Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Growth Strategy



Loved & Blessed is one of the fastest growing empowerment subscription boxes in the world, delivering a diverse assortment of hope and positivity into the lives of women worldwide. Members get access to a monthly care package of encouragement as well as digital courses with techniques, strategies, and tools to guide women through life’s toughest situations.

The brand was having issues growing their list, as well as their conversions. They were using Facebook Ads, but did not engage in any list building, segmented email drips, nor landing pages. The issue was that their copy wasn’t optimized, and as a result, everything underperformed. Their ads, list growth, and newsletter readership had stagnated.



Clearly, Loved+Blessed had the right idea, but their execution was lacking. Although they had the pieces, they didn’t know how to tweak them to meet specific audience needs. So, we created landing pages, tweaked their segmented drip emails, improved their website UX, audited their customer acquisition funnels, and grew their email list.



We ran and iterated on several hundred Facebook Ads variations, resulting in an average CAC of $36.24 with an average CLV of $106.54. We also optimized landing pages, increasing welcome mat conversion rate by 192% (from 9.49% to 14.69%) and exit-intent conversion rate by 284% (from 5.06% to 8.98%), resulting in 6,506 new email subscribers.

Loved+Blessed saw major improvements in both their list and engagement. We drafted over 50 emails, resulting in onboarding email open rates averaging at 37.6%, while their clickthrough rates jumped to 11.6%. Their copy is now optimized to carefully hone in on their target audience, increasing engagement, conversion rates, and sales. Moving forward, the brand should have no issues maintaining, and even improving on, their newfound growth.


“Daniel was able to write really beautiful copy that really not only expressed our brand image but also expressed my personal voice in all of our copy, advertising, and everything.”

“When I was first referred to Daniel I was actually a little bit nervous because I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to communicate our brand message to our customers. But, from the first conversation that I had with him, I realized exactly why he was the right guy for the job.

He was truly able to ask insightful questions that really helped him gain an understanding of our target demographic. I would absolutely recommend working with Daniel.”

- Jamila Jackson, Founder at loved+blessed


Industry — B2B Digital / Growth Marketing Agency

What We Delivered — Website Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization, Sales Page Copy, Facebook Ads Copy, Cold Outbound Copy, Email Marketing Nurture Sequences, Growth Strategy



BAMF is the #1 largest growth marketing agency in Silicon Beach, California. Boasting over 269,000 followers on Facebook and a star-studded client list, they specialize in helping startups grow with full-funnel digital marketing. Known for their growth marketing finesse, startup founders have come to associate them with being one of the best in the industry. Clients include: Pininfarina, Tenzo Tea, Recharge, Mindvalley, and more.

While they were amazing with their systems, processes, and automation, they needed stronger copy. It was affecting everything from their Facebook Ads, to their cold outbound B2B lead generation. As a full service growth marketing agency, they had many clients who wanted exceptional copy, the kind that can convert and keep the conversation flowing and increase engagement.



We came in and worked on their copywriting for cold outbound, which in turn sets the stage and expectations for all other future interactions with the clients. We then revamped their PR campaigns for numerous clients, and helped increase their reply rates. We even assisted in getting more of the clients featured on podcasts and top publications.



There was a significant improvement on conversion rates on all cold email campaigns, which directly resolved their B2B lead generation issues. We helped take their copywriting from good to great. BAMF Media’s clients can now expect exceptional copy that converts and engages audiences across the board.


“If you’re looking for a world-class copywriter and just a complete digital marketing beast, look no further. Daniel is one of the best in the industry."

"Over the years I’ve worked with too many copywriters to count. But none have come close to the level of Daniel. Whether it’s long-form Facebook ad copy, viral LinkedIn posts, or B2B email nurture sequences, Daniel’s copywriting style has a seriously impressive range, from insanely funny and entertaining to super polished and professional.”

- Houston Golden, CEO at BAMF Media



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