Case Study

Industry: D2C E-Commerce / Retail

Services Delivered:

  • Website Copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social Media Copywriting

The Challenge

Volcom is a well-known lifestyle brand in the boardsports industry, known for their high-quality products that make surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding more accessible and mainstream for young men and women. 

Established in 1991 in Orange County, the company is known for its innovative designs, marketing strategies, and distribution channels that have helped them to become a household name in the street fashion market. However, they needed help improving their eCommerce product page conversion rates through compelling and on-brand product descriptions.

The Solution

To address this challenge, the company turned to experienced copywriters, including myself, to help craft conversion-optimized copy for hundreds of its products, ranging from casual streetwear to bold skater chic styles. The goal was to create copy that not only improved conversion rates but also aligned with the Volcom brand and stood out among competitors.

I took on this challenge with enthusiasm and a commitment to delivering top-quality copy. Working closely with the Volcom team, I was able to ensure that the copy I wrote was of the highest consistency and quality, while also staying true to the brand's unique voice and style. 

The Results

The result was a significant improvement in the conversion rates for hundreds of Volcom's product descriptions and landing pages, helping the brand to continue its growth in the digital space.

As a result of my efforts, I am now one of Volcom's most trusted copywriting partners, and I am proud to have played a key role in the brand's success. I am confident that the work I have done will continue to drive strong results for the brand, as they continue to reach new heights in the digital market.

Could Volcom's success story become the driving force behind your company's growth?

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