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The Challenge

Varonis is an enterprise cybersecurity provides automated data protection across data, users, and apps. Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus started the company in 2005 as a response to a large oil and gas company losing images of the ocean floor, images that cost the company millions of dollars. To this day, Varonis helps businesses protect their data from similar situations and attacks.

While the technology was there, the public hadn’t quite put its full trust in Varonis. The company was missing something important: authority. They had the goods, people just weren’t sure where the company stood compared to its competitors.

The Solution

Varonis may have already established itself as a premier data security solution, but potential clients needed to see what they offered before committing. I wrote articles detailing industry standards, processes, and packed them with very useful tips. These details illustrated Varonis’ expertise which built trust and grew their readership.

The Results

Through my work, Varonis was able to deliver engaging SEO content in line with their reputation. Audience engagement and traffic increased dramatically. Potential clients got the information they needed from Varonis' new high-ranking articles on Google. Having my skills on deck meant Varonis was able to grow faster and rank higher for search terms than their competitors without having to fully rely on their in-house staff.

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