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The Challenge

Varonis is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, offering automated data protection for data, users, and applications. The company was founded in 2005 by Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus in response to a major oil and gas company losing valuable images of the ocean floor, an incident that cost the company millions of dollars. Since then, Varonis has been helping businesses around the world safeguard their data from similar situations and attacks.

Despite its proven track record of success, Varonis struggled to fully establish itself as a trusted authority in the cybersecurity industry. Potential clients were uncertain about the company's position compared to its competitors, which made it difficult for Varonis to grow its client base. To address this challenge, Varonis turned to content marketing as a way to showcase its expertise and build trust with its audience.

The Solution

To that end, Varonis hired me to produce a series of in-depth articles on data protection and cybersecurity best practices. These articles were designed to provide valuable information and insights to business leaders and IT professionals looking to secure their data and systems.

I worked closely with Varonis to understand their target audience and the specific challenges and concerns they faced when it came to data protection. I then used this knowledge to craft articles that provided practical, actionable advice and guidance on how to secure data and prevent cyber threats. This included topics such as the importance of data classification, the role of data governance, and the benefits of using data protection solutions like those offered by Varonis.

The Results

The results of this content marketing strategy were impressive. Audience engagement and traffic increased significantly as a result of the high-quality articles produced by the writer. Potential clients were able to get the information they needed from Varonis' new articles, which ranked highly on Google for relevant search terms. This increased visibility and credibility helped Varonis grow faster and outrank its competitors in the search results.

Besides driving growth, Varonis' content marketing efforts allowed the company to free up its in-house staff to focus on other important tasks. This helped the company be more efficient and effective, ultimately contributing to its success.

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