Case Study

Industry: Social Video App

Services Delivered:

  • Conversion Content
  • Email Nurture Sequences

The Challenge

TikTok is a massively popular social networking app for video sharing. The social media platform is used to produce a wide range of short-form videos that entertain, encourage, and inform. They're spreading quickly into the American market, and they're growing quickly.

They were expanding and needed to ensure a steady supply of new talent. To that end, they were searching for a copywriter to assist them in creating an email sequence to drive event attendance to a recruitment event that they were hosting. It was important for them to work with a partner who understood how to properly engage email list subscribers and get them to take action.

The Solution

They had a solid foundation to work with and had been in the planning stages of this email sequence, but were looking for help with the actual execution. I delivered an email nurture sequence that nurtured leads and built massive trust with the host. The goal was to eventually convert readers into event attendees by building a genuine relationship between the event host and the recipients.

The Results

They were able to get a powerful high-converting indoctrination sequence that served to build trust between list members and event organizers. This drove hundreds of new attendees, resulting in the overall success of the event. Going forward, they'll continue to work with me to support new email marketing initiatives.

Could TikTok's success story become the driving force behind yours?

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