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Industry: Enterprise B2B SaaS

Services Delivered:

  • Website Copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Content

The Challenge

As one of the leading providers of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions, RingCentral is at the forefront of the video conferencing software industry. Their platform has become essential for modern enterprises in search of a feature-rich yet easy-to-use tool for audio and video collaboration. 

When they approached me, they were in need of a highly skilled copywriting partner to handle all of their SEO posts, and they wanted someone with a strong background in both content and conversion copywriting. Their goal was to create thought leadership pieces that would not only rank highly on Google, but also encourage new visitors to book demos or start free trials of their product, RingCentral Office.

The Solution

As an experienced copywriter with a track record of success, I was eager to take on this challenge. I set out to deliver a consistent monthly stream of on-brand, conversion-optimized copy for RingCentral's articles, and I also worked to optimize the copy on key landing pages. I used research on buyer personas to improve messaging and make it more effective at reaching the right audience.

Although SEO and keyword optimization can often result in dry, unengaging content, I was determined to create articles that were emotionally impactful and would strengthen the desire of prospects at various stages of the buying journey. I knew that this was essential for driving traffic and engagement, and I worked hard to ensure that my articles struck the right balance between SEO and conversion optimization.

The Results

Thanks to my efforts, RingCentral began consistently producing high-engagement SEO content that lived up to their outstanding reputation. The results were impressive – the brand saw a significant increase in both audience engagement and traffic. Executive decision-makers and other prospective customers were able to find all of the information they needed to make purchasing decisions from articles ranking on the front page of Google for competitive, high-traffic keywords.

In short, my work helped RingCentral establish itself as a thought leader in the UCaaS space, and I am proud to have played a role in their success. By delivering consistent, on-brand, conversion-optimized content that was optimized for SEO and designed to evoke emotion and build desire, I was able to help RingCentral achieve their goals and drive significant growth.

Could RingCentral's success story become the driving force behind your company's growth?

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