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Industry: Social Platform

Services Delivered:

  • Website Copywriting
  • Sales Page Copy

The Challenge

Founded in 2005 by University of Virginia students Aaron Swartz, Steve Huffman, and Alexis Ohanian, Reddit has established itself as a leading destination for social news, fostering a global community of users who share, rate, and discuss a wide variety of content. Whether it's breaking news, personal experiences, or in-depth discussions on a particular topic, Reddit has something for everyone.

However, despite its popularity with users, Reddit has faced challenges when it comes to fully optimizing its advertising sales. As a result, businesses have not been able to fully take advantage of the opportunity to target specific groups of people on the site. 

The Solution

In an effort to address this issue, I set out to redesign and create new landing pages for the advertising side of the business, with the goal of highlighting the benefits of using Reddit for potential clients, advertisers, and partners.

My landing pages were designed to showcase how businesses could appeal to specific demographics and interests on the platform, and how they could leverage the way people use Reddit to reach their desired audience. 

The Results

Thanks to my efforts, Reddit was able to launch conversion-optimized sales pages that helped drive more business to the platform. In addition to this, my expertise in conversion copywriting allowed me to assist in the launch of new initiatives that resulted in record-high conversion rates. 

Overall, my work helped Reddit to better monetize its advertising efforts and reach a wider audience of potential clients, advertisers, and partners. As a result of these efforts, Reddit was able to fully capitalize on the opportunity to connect with specific groups of users and drive more value for businesses looking to advertise on the platform.

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