Case Study

Industry: B2B MarTech SaaS

Services Delivered:

  • Email Nurture Sequences

The Challenge

MobileMonkey helps users do marketing with Facebook Messenger. It began in 2017 as founder Larry Kim’s solution to a disconnect between marketers and customers. People have consistently expected more from businesses in terms of customer service, and MobileMonkey closes that gap.

The service was established and effective, but Larry knew that MobileMonkey could help even more people. The only thing the business needed was stronger email copy that would further build the relationship with new email list subscribers, and nudge them to take action that would be beneficial to both the prospect as well as MobileMonkey's business (they wanted higher adoption rates).

The Solution

I created emails that fostered desire and influenced readers to take action. These included clickthroughs to various pages, as well as service offerings that special promotions that they were launching. These emails matched MobileMonkey’s brand voice and built more confidence in the business’s ability to help drive results for their customers.

The Results

MobileMonkey helps customers communicate with businesses, and I helped them communicate with those customers (and potential customers). The business was able to launch strong and highly-effective email campaigns that delivered conversion rates higher than MobileMonkey had seen in the past.

My partnership with MobileMonkey grew as they continued to gain market share. They got higher-converting emails to nurture new customers, and now they’re more equipped to serve their customer base.

Could MobileMonkey's success story become the driving force behind yours?

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