Case Study

Industry: Digital Agency

Services Delivered:

  • Website Copywriting
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Content

The Challenge

Jetfuel is a digital marketing agency that assists clients in developing long-term, meaningful relationships with their customers. Their thorough data analysis enables them to identify cost-effective techniques for their clients. They also specialize in paid search and paid social media advertising to assist forward-thinking businesses in maximizing their growth.

They were growing fast and needed high-converting landing page copy for several new offers, including expanding their deliverables to include bespoke design services. They were looking for a partner who understood the ins-and-outs of writing for digital agencies and who could a high-converting initial landing page control.

The Solution

They had a solid foundation to work with and the Founder had already been writing marketing and sales assets in-house, but they were looking for additional help as they were getting swamped with client projects. I helped them get a clear read on their target market, writing copy for multiple landing pages, including two new offers that were going to be launched to cold PPC traffic.

The Results

As they grew, my partnership with them grew as well. With my help, Jetfuel was able to launch new agency offerings and generate a steady stream of sales without having to write a single line of copy. My copy became the control, and they launched their new graphic design service with strong copy and experienced record-high conversion rates. Going forward, they'll continue to work with me to support them with new copywriting initiatives.

Could Jetfuel Agency's success story become the driving force behind yours?

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