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Industry: B2B / D2C Technology

Services Delivered:

  • Social Media Copywriting
  • LinkedIn Ads Copy

The Challenge

Intel is a leading technology company known for producing high-quality semiconductor chips that are used in computers from major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. In addition to semiconductor chips, Intel also produces other personal computer components including motherboards, graphics processing units, and flash memory. 

As the company continued to grow and expand, they wanted to bring more awareness to their new line of processors being released for laptops. To do this effectively, Intel sought out a skilled copywriter who could create a top-of-funnel social media advertising campaign that would effectively promote their new processors and drive conversions. They had already been planning this campaign but needed assistance with executing the ads.

The Solution

That's where I came in. With a strong background in copywriting and a deep understanding of how to craft compelling, persuasive messages, I was brought on to help deliver the necessary copy for a successful social media sequence. Working closely with the team at Intel, I was able to create powerful, high-converting ads that helped to drive top-of-funnel awareness and generate leads for the company.

The Results

The campaign was a great success, resulting in the successful launch of Intel's new processors and helping to establish the brand as a leader in the tech industry. Because of this success, Intel will continue to work with me to support new advertising campaign initiatives and help promote their products to a wider audience.

I am confident that our partnership will continue to thrive and we will be able to achieve even greater success in driving awareness and conversions for Intel's products. Whether it's through social media campaigns, email marketing efforts, or other marketing channels, I am dedicated to helping Intel reach its marketing goals and continue its growth and expansion in the tech industry.

Could Intel's success story become the driving force behind your company's growth?

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