Case Study

Industry: B2B Service

Services Delivered:

  • Cold Outbound Copy

The Challenge

Cleverly is a modern-day LinkedIn lead generation agency. They assist companies in scaling their LinkedIn leads in order to generate more predictable sales. They use data from thousands of outbound B2B campaigns to send customized messages and generate leads, appointments, and sales.

They were looking for a copywriter to help fulfill their promises to their clients and write high-converting copy for outbound messaging sequences, and it was important for them to work with a partner who understood how to effectively drive replies from cold messages.

The Solution

They had a solid foundation to work with and had already been writing sequences for clients internally, but were looking for additional help as they were getting more demand than they could fulfill. I delivered a series of high-converting cold messaging copy for their clients, helping their clients drive highly-qualified leads via cold outbound messaging on one of the best platforms for B2B leads, LinkedIn.

The Results

As Cleverly grew, my partnership with them grew as well. They were able to obtain powerful copy to help scale their operations without having to onboard and recruit full-time staff. This was a huge success because they were specifically searching for a good copywriting partner they could trust with scaling. Going forward, they'll continue to work with me to support new copywriting initiatives as they grow.

Could Cleverly's success story become the driving force behind yours?

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