Six Ways To 10X Your Productivity

Making and breaking habits is quite possible one of the most important life and productivity skills to have. Learn how to maximize your potential in this actionable book packed to the brim with tips and tricks that you wish you had learned yesterday.

Unlock the secrets of your inner productivity ninja.




Comprehensive Indie Game Marketing E-Book

It's tough to stand and get noticed out in the ever-crowded market that is indie game development. My team at Black Shell Media and I are working on a spiritual sequel to our most popular E-Book. We're always looking to help more game developers.




Deeply Personal Self Development Book

I've been in the planning stages of a book about how to kick more ass at work and life. A figurative metric ton of productivity tips and tricks drawing straight from my experience, my personal struggle with fighting burnout and horrible bosses, and my thoughts on how to become the most badass version of yourself.