8 Ways A Proven B2B Copywriter Can Elevate Your Copy (And Boost Your Sales)

As of 2022, 42.7% of internet users have ad blockers installed on their computers.

People now see traditional marketing techniques centered around ads as intrusive. Good thing advertising to businesses is different.

  • See, this trend doesn’t affect B2B (business-to-business) copy.
  • These businesses know all the marketing techniques and embrace whichever ones work.
  • They care about value over everything.

It just so happens that some marketing techniques work better than others. That’s the most important thing to B2B businesses. Traditional marketing can still be effective, but it can’t be sleazy or cheap.

Take organic marketing, for example. It operates by informing users and gaining trust. Instead of bombarding customers with “we’re the best” slogans, organic marketing uses logic instead of plain insistence. 

This means that, as a B2B business, organic or content marketing isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore. You need it, lots of it, to stay on the map. B2B copywriters are armed with effective strategizing and writing skills, and hiring a competent one is essential to your brand-building journey.


Who’s A B2B Copywriter?


8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

The term “copywriter” can refer to anyone who writes copy for ads, brochures, and other marketing materials. B2B copywriters are a bit different, though. They focus on writing content that’ll persuade other businesses to purchase what their client businesses are selling.

B2B brands need to document their expertise in order to be taken seriously in their domains. Imagine you created software that can reduce the length of hiring cycles by automating recruiting processes. 

You’d have a much easier time selling their product to companies that struggle with hiring if you had case studies and white papers. Those things can prove how you can help solve that pain point. 

Past successes and strategies that have reduced hiring challenges — B2B copywriters can take this information and turn it into company literature that generates leads and gives you bragging rights.

That’s not all. Depending on what they specialize in, B2B copywriters can take care of your email marketing, website content, and social media outreach. They can do this in a way that appeals to the fellow experts you’re trying to sell to. “Fellow experts” is a key term here. Selling to people with immense industry knowledge is harder than selling to regular customers.


How's A B2B Copywriter Different From A B2C Copywriter?

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

The main difference is common knowledge  — they both cater to different clientele. B2C copywriters aim to reach the end consumer directly. This is usually a single person. 

B2B copywriters, on the other hand, write for businesses that sell to other businesses. These are whole organizations instead of individual people, often with an entire department or two involved in the decision-making. 

The question is, why is this distinction important?

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)


B2B Copywriters Have To Please Multiple Decision Makers 

Let’s go back to the previous example, where we talked about a software company that aims to make the hiring process easier. To convince another business to purchase this software, you have to go through two departments first. 

The HR department will have to be involved, as they’ll be the ones using the software. They have to see real potential in what you’re selling. The founder/CEO/CFO will also be involved. They have to make sure your software justifies the expenses over time.

These two departments are skilled at what they do, and faltering with the product or company literature can be a dealbreaker. A B2B copywriter should write customer use cases and whitepapers that highlight the benefits of the products and win these two departments over.

A B2B copywriter has to only worry about one person. A simple way to understand why this may be easier is to compare a big writing agency to a solo freelancer.

If you had to sell an SEO tool to a freelancer, you’d have to only highlight two aspects of your product: ease of use and on-page SEO accuracy. They need an SEO tool that optimizes articles for them when it’s time to hand them to the client.

For a bigger agency that handles all aspects of SEO, a tool has to do much more. They need the product on a larger scale and have a bigger budget, so they’d be looking for the best of the best. Pricing your product competitively or presenting how-to blogs won’t do the trick here.

Producing content for these two parties is different in almost every way. One is looking for a good deal and efficiency, while the other is looking for excellence  — using the right tools to identify excellence in the first place.


B2B Copywriters Have To Use Facts, Logic, And Expertise To Convince Customers

Without B2B copywriters, businesses would be stuck using old-fashioned methods like product demonstrations and face-to-face sales pitches. 

In business-to-business copywriting, the goal isn’t to create an emotional connection with the customer or to use flashy language to make a sale. A lot of the time, emotion isn’t what drives the customer in the first place, at least in B2B. 

Instead, B2B copywriters have to focus on presenting the cold, hard facts in a clear and concise way. The writing should be logical and persuasive, as the goal is to communicate why the product or service is the best solution for the customer's needs. 

This approach requires a deep understanding of both the product and the customer, as well as an ability to expect objections and address them head-on. It can be a challenge to keep things interesting when you're presenting dry information, but successful B2B copywriters know how to do it.

So next time you're reading a dry, factual piece of B2B copy, think about what it may have sounded like if written by an expert B2B copywriter. They deserve your respect — and your business.

Learn the difference between B2B and D2C copywriting here.


How Can A B2B Copywriter Help You Dominate Sales?

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

Glad you asked. There are many things that a B2B copywriter can do for your sales. Here are a few:


Writes Copy That Targets Your Buyer Persona 

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer, based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating a buyer persona, B2B copywriters will include information like demographics, behaviors, motivations, and goals. 

By understanding who your target customer is and what their needs are, a B2B copywriter can create persuasive copy that speaks directly to them.

This can be a powerful tool for winning sales and driving growth for your business. If you're looking to dominate sales and stand out from the competition, working with a B2B copywriter is essential.


Cuts Through Business Jargon To Speak To The Buyer In Effective Language

B2B copywriters create content that captures the attention of your target market and persuades them to take action. 


They speak the language. 

A B2B copywriter is a specialist who understands the unique challenges of selling to other businesses. They know how to cut through the jargon and speak to the buyer in language that is both effective and persuasive.

You can look at a B2C example to understand this better. Breakfast cereal companies create cartoons and silly jingles because they know who their audience  is — an impressionable 10-year-old. The brand is all about being bright and funny, even if they’re just selling sugar in a box. 

SurferSEO, an SEO tool, focuses on releasing educational content and videos that  make what they do differently very clear. They don’t spend a lot of time making things look pretty — they know their target audience couldn’t care less about that.

By understanding who your target customer is and what their needs are, a B2B copywriter can create persuasive, compelling copy that speaks to them. This can be an effective tool for winning sales and driving growth for your business. 


Establishes A Brand Voice That Allows You To Stand Out From The Crowd

In a sea of sameness, a strong brand voice is essential to engage prospects and customers alike. You need to make note of two main requirements when it comes to branding:

  • It has to be unique.
  • It has to be consistent.

B2B copywriters can help you to find the right tone and style for your brand voice. Then they can ensure that all of your marketing materials are consistent with this voice. This will help you ‌build a strong and recognizable brand that can compete in your industry. 

A clear brand voice can change everything. Nutella established a powerful brand as breakfast food — and now people are eating hazelnut-flavored chocolate for breakfast. Anything is possible.

Working with a B2B copywriter can help you create a unique brand identity that’ll help you better connect with your target market. They can also ensure that your brand voice remains consistent across all touchpoints, from website copy to email campaigns to social media posts. 


Takes Care Of SEO To Ensure Visibility 

Organizing the best party of the year and forgetting to email the invites is much like glossing over the SEO for your website. It could’ve been a great party, but no one showed up. 

Any business that relies on consumers finding their website through search engines — and that's every business today — needs to take SEO seriously. While there are a lot of technical aspects to SEO, at the end of the day it's all about creating relevant and keyword-rich content. 

That's where a B2B copywriter comes in. A good B2B copywriter will have a firm understanding of how SEO works and what kind of content will rank well in search engines. 

If you're a B2B company, investing in a good copywriter can help you take care of your search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure visibility. This is especially true if you're in the brand-building stages or have a limited budget for ads. 

Bigger companies who have (almost) unlimited budgets for ads will outdo you. A good B2B copywriter can help you research and write content that’s optimized for the keywords that potential customers are searching for online. They can also help you create backlinks to your website from high-quality websites, which will improve your website's ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Remember that people don’t like ads, either. Let’s get real, few commercials have had any effect on you. Even then, how many of those have made you buy something?

Here's how you can make your B2B content marketing rank higher on Google for better conversions.


Formulates Growth Strategies 

In today's marketing landscape, it's more important than ever to have a targeted approach when reaching your audience. With so much noise out there, you need to make sure that your message gets seen by the right people. 

A B2B copywriter can help you develop targeted marketing campaigns that are designed to reach the right people with the right message. These campaigns will generate leads and drive sales. 

A good strategy a lot of experts use is preparing different content for every stage of the funnel. It looks something like this:

  • At the top of the funnel is awareness content that focuses on generating interest in a product or service. 
  • At the middle of the funnel, consideration content will provide more information about features and benefits. 
  • At the bottom of the funnel, conversion content will include calls to action and special offers. 

By creating targeted content for each stage of the funnel, B2B copywriters can help to move prospects through the sales process and increase conversion rates. In addition, by creating new and relevant content, B2B copywriters can help to keep prospects engaged and interested in a brand.


Targets The Right Channels 

As a business, it's important to make sure your advertising targets the right channels. Not doing that makes just about as much sense as trying to hire an employee on a dating website. 

Imagine you're selling a product that's targeted toward businesses. You'll want to make sure you're advertising in channels that are frequented by other businesses. 

This could include trade magazines, online directories, or even business-focused social media platforms. By targeting the right channels, you can ensure that your advertisements reach their intended audiences and that you're getting the most bang for your buck.

There are a few different ways to do this. 

  • First, copywriters research where your target audience is active online and make sure to have a presence on those channels. 
  • They can also use data from your own website to see which channels are driving the most traffic and focus their efforts there. 
  • Finally, they can use social media listening tools to track what people are saying about your brand and engage with them on the channels where they're talking. 

By taking the time to target the right channels, you'll be able to reach more of your target audience and generate more leads.


Develops Content That Establishes Industry Knowledge On Your Business

As a business, one of the best ways to establish industry knowledge is to develop content like case studies. This type of content can show potential and current customers that you’re an expert in your field and that you have a track record of success. 

In order to develop these case studies, you’ll need to work with a B2B copywriter who understands your business and your industry. They’ll be able to help you create content that’s both informative and engaging, and that’ll help you build trust with your audience.

HubSpot is a great example. Over time, they’ve created courses, downloads, ebooks, and whitepapers, so much quality content that is difficult for competitors to replicate.

If you invest in quality B2B copywriting, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and you’ll ‌attract more customers.


Repurposes Content For Other Channels

B2B copywriters often create a lot of content, from blog posts and whitepapers to eBooks and infographics. While it can be tempting to simply let this content languish on your website, there are several ways that you can repurpose it for other channels. 

  • You could turn a blog post into an eBook or an infographic. 
  • You could take a piece of long-form content and break it up into a series of blog posts or even tweets. 

By repurposing your content, you can reach a wider audience and get more mileage out of the content you've already created. So next time you're wondering what to do with that pile of content, remember that you can always repurpose it for another channel.


Qualities Of A Great B2B Copywriter

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

Most businesses will tell you that a great B2B copywriter is a must-have. After all, copywriting is the art of persuasion, and which business doesn't want a little (or a lot) more of that? The next question is, what makes a great B2B copywriter? Here are a few qualities businesses should look for:


They Never Miss Deadlines

Time is money, and when it comes to copywriting, deadlines are everything. A great B2B copywriter understands this and does whatever it takes to get the job done on time or earlier. 

They know ‌their clients are counting on them to deliver quality work within a tight timeframe, and they don't take that responsibility lightly. 

As a result, businesses that work with great B2B copywriters can rest assured that their projects will be completed on schedule.


They Can Write For Any Audience

A great B2B copywriter knows how to adapt their style and tone to fit the needs of any audience. Whether you're trying to reach CEOs or entry-level employees, they know how to write in a way that engages and inspires.

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)


They Understand The Buyer’s Journey

A great B2B copywriter doesn't just focus on the sale; they understand that the sale is only the last step in a long journey. They know how to craft content that leads prospects through every stage of the buyer's journey, from awareness to consideration to decision.


They’re Always Learning

A competent B2B copywriter knows that the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to never stop learning. They’re always reading, experimenting, and testing new strategies to see what works best. 

Learn the techniques on how to improve your B2B copywriting here.


How To Find A B2B Copywriter 

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

If you're looking for a B2B copywriter, your best bet is to enlist the help of a marketing agency. With an agency, you'll have access to a team of experienced professionals who can help you create an effective marketing campaign. 

However, if you're on a tight budget, you may want to try searching for copywriters on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great resource for finding freelancers, and you can often find agencies that offer affordable rates. Let's look into these two methods a little closer.


Marketing Agency

While you may think you can handle all of your marketing needs on your own, an agency can provide several benefits:

  • First‌, an experienced agency will have a team of experts who can work together to create an effective marketing strategy. 
  • Second, an agency can offer a fresh perspective on your business and help you ‌identify new opportunities. 
  • Finally, an agency will have access to the latest tools and resources, which can give your business a competitive edge. 



If you're looking for a high-quality B2B copywriter, LinkedIn is the place to find one. The vast majority of LinkedIn users are professionals, which means you can be confident that anyone you hire from the site will be of a high standard. 

Not only that, but LinkedIn also allows you to see examples of a copywriter's previous work, so you can be sure that they're the right fit for your business. 


Finding A Proven B2B Copywriter For Your Business

8 ways a proven b2b copywriter can elevate your copy (and boost your sales)

With engaging and informative content, B2B businesses can build trust with other businesses and establish themselves as experts in their field. The type of content doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the content.

You’re not trying to convince the average person to buy from you. Instead, you’re trying to get other businesses to see the value in your offer. These businesses know all the marketing tricks and they want value — real value based on what you can deliver.

A qualified B2B copywriter understands this dynamic. Someone with experience in the field will determine what makes your business so great and tell other businesses. In the best case scenario, this looks like a noticeable boost in sales.

Sure, ads are being blocked and ignored more than ever, and organic marketing provides a breath of fresh air. You shouldn’t be afraid to ditch the traditional methods and embrace content marketing, but you also don’t always need to.

If you’re not sure which type of marketing is best for your business, you might benefit from a B2B copywriter.


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