The man, the myth, the…


Legendary marketing consultant and direct-response copywriter?

Okay, so I usually hate talking myself up, but I guess this is something I have to do. I mean…

If you’re reading these words right now, you’re probably trying to figure out who I am, whether I’m any good, and whether I can help you out.

Well, you’re on the right page, reading the right words.

I'm a growth marketer and copywriter with almost a decade of experience building brands, growing communities, and directing marketing strategy for hundreds of digital agencies, venture-backed tech startups, and eCommerce companies.

Over the past decade, my extensive domain expertise has granted me the opportunity to spearhead hundreds of growth marketing campaigns including sales funnel optimization, email marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, paid acquisition, SEO, and more.

As the former managing director and co-founder of Black Shell Media, I worked alongside my talented 10-person team to handle marketing, growth, and publishing operations for dozens of development studios.

We've shipped more than 2.1 million copies of games on Steam, and have given talks at TEDx, Google, SXSW, TwitchCon, and numerous industry events on growth, gamification, and digital marketing.


It wasn’t always this way, though…


I used to be a software developer. Developing and designing several massively commercially successful video games for the PC platform.

These include the world's first fully ASCII RPG on Steam, a roguelike adventure game called Overture, and a frenetic dungeon-crawling adventure titled Dungeon Souls, and many other award-winning titles that would be played by hundreds of thousands of players.

My creations have been played by hundreds of thousands of players, received worldwide critical acclaim, and have even attracted the attention of industry figureheads such as Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, and game industry tycoon Markus Persson of Minecraft fame, who helped with to SanctuaryRPG's production.

This success in the interactive entertainment industry pushed me to further expand my boundaries, and I would soon find myself working as a marketing executive for some of the fastest-growing companies on the planet.

During this time, I helped Fortune 500's, high-growth startups, and world-class digital marketing agencies get more out of their marketing efforts.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with fantastic companies in the tech industry including Microsoft, Intel, Alienware, Discord, and more.


In that same amount of time…


I got deep into copywriting. Wrote hundreds of thousands of lines of direct-response copy, and really stepped up my content strategy.

During this time, I authored a handful of game development industry marketing books of my own on Amazon which have been read by thousands of people.

Through these books, I got the a chance to advise and consult with dozens of executives, directors, and creatives who had previously led teams at mega-brands such as Riot Games, Valve Corporation, Sony Entertainment, and Disney.


The crazy part, though?

I never thought ANY of this would have ever been remotely possible.


The start of my career in marketing?

Almost a complete fluke.

I was laid off from my near-minimum wage IT job after graduating from college with a degree in Psychology (that I thought was useless at the time).

Ended up struggling pretty hard trying to get my indie game development studio off the ground...

…bumming it at my mom's apartment and living off of food stamps while eating expired TV dinners from the dollar store. It was pretty sad.

But one day, something changed.

I made a startling realization halfway through development: I needed to focus on marketing if I ever expected any remote chance of success. So, I put software engineering on pause, and pivoted.

I began to study marketing—reading dozens of marketing books, and thousands of marketing articles.


Then, I started to execute...


It was horrible at first (I didn't really know what I was doing for the longest time), but eventually… I leveled up, and things changed.

I started to get the hang of things, and found myself building a modest audience on the internet.

Taking the time to build this loyal tribe paid off in a huge way.

It eventually led me deep into the world of eCommerce marketing, where I found success and managed to ship over half a million copies of my first video game, SanctuaryRPG, on the Steam platform using sales funnels.


This completely blew my mind.


Armed with my newly discovered passion for digital marketing, I decided to put my all into it.

For years, I devoted almost every waking hour to mastering the craft, and doubled down.

I put myself on a personal mission to help as many other developers as I could with their marketing efforts as well.

Through this journey, I would end up going from living on food stamps and eating expired tv dinners, to selling over 2.1 million copies of games on Steam.

And the rest is history.


(note: this is only the short version of my full story — if you’re curious to learn the exact growth strategies I used to go from food stamps to building my first 7-figure game publishing company, click here)



Okay, so why does any of this matter to you?

You might find a lot of value from an experienced marketer and copywriter like me if you…

  • Need specialized growth marketing and copywriting expertise that you don't currently possess, and want to learn from a proven expert.

  • Desire the copywriting "manpower" to deal with a high volume of marketing tasks that are overwhelming you in your business.

  • Feel a bit lost and confused as to which growth marketing tactics actually work and are tired of flailing around with trial and error.


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