12 Effective Copywriting Strategies Every Modern Business Leader Needs To Know

You embody effective communication. At least, you should to your employees and clients.

As the leader of your organization, you’re responsible for:

  • Supervising daily activities
  • Carrying employees through times of struggle with words of inspiration and encouragement
  • Congratulate employees on successes with pride and jubilee

Take a step back to think about it and you realize that’s a lot of pressure. You need to have the skills to instruct, delegate, inspire, and support those around you. This requires a particular set of skills that fall under the umbrella of professional copywriting.

As a leader, you have a laundry list of priorities, and copywriting isn’t always at the top. It happens, but that can be a problem. Since copywriting has such a huge impact on the future of your business, it deserves your attention. 

Need a good place to start? Here are 12 effective copywriting strategies you can have at your disposal. These are proven ways to improve your writing, reel in more clients, and build stronger relationships with the ones you already have.


Why Strong Copywriting Is Essential For A Business Leader

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

The ability to reach and engage your clients (both current and potential) is another key reason for learning and practicing solid copywriting skills. 

Solid copywriting skills can be the difference between making a sale or, in the worst-case scenario, missing out on it completely. It provides clients with insights into your abilities, business model, and best practices to show why you’re clearly the best contender for the service offering. It also lets the client know that you understand their pain points and have seamless solutions to fix them.

You believe in what you have to offer as a business and as a product. Why sell yourself short by not sharing exactly how good you are? It can be the difference between capturing the attention of their audience or being skipped over for someone else who can do it better.


Copywriting Strategy #1: Prioritize Clear Communication

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

To create effective copywriting you must have the ability to communicate concisely and clearly, without grammatical errors. While this may seem like an overly basic concept, it’s very real in the professional world and it can have a huge impact on your credibility as a professional and as a business. 

Think about this: you receive two proposals from companies that want your business. One is concise, to the point, and free of grammatical errors. The other is long, drawn-out, and peppered with misspellings and incorrect uses of terms. Which would you go with? Simple, right? The first one. 


Because the longer, error-filled proposal shows a lack of effort, care, and professionalism. The proposal that is concise and free of errors exemplifies a business partner you can rely on, that will put time and care into their work. 

In other words, taking the time to craft your message well will have your client reaching for their phone or keyboard to contact you. But taking the time to write a bunch of words, and not even spellcheck them after? That’s lazy and won’t win you any favors. 

People want to work with people they can count on. Go figure.

Another important piece in ensuring that you’re communicating effectively is keeping your message clear and concise. There is nothing that will turn away readers like long-winded, unorganized content — especially if they have to really put effort into figuring out what you’re trying to say.

The best solution is to outline and organize what you want to share then give the pertinent facts. This ensures everything flows and connects while keeping you focused on the details that your audience actually cares about.


Copywriting Strategy #2: Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar,” said David Ogilvy, the British advertising tycoon.

According to a stat, on average 8 out of 10 people will read a headline while only 2 of the 10 continue reading the rest. This shows that for web pages your audience will likely only read the headlines and glance over the visuals. The actual content itself will get lost.

We suggest creating impactful, eye-catching headlines to grab your reader’s attention. Once you have them reading all you have to do is share your expertise. 

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

How do you create a strong headline guaranteed to catch their attention? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Include the problem or benefit
  • Go for something a little offbeat or whacky
  • Draw a picture
  • State the facts
  • Ask a question
  • Make a promise

Some example headlines may be:

  • Are you ready to learn how the top ten performing companies achieve their productivity levels?
  • How I improved my employee productivity from 65% to 110%
  • 10 secrets of a productivity-driven company
  • 25 ways to increase your productivity levels

Learn more on how to write powerful headlines here.


Copywriting Strategy #3: Give Benefits, Don’t List Features

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

As a leader, it is easy to get caught up in the technical details of your product or service. When you’re “behind the curtain” those are the things that set you apart from the competition. To your clients, these things are great, but how they can make their jobs (or lives) easier or reduce their pain points is what matters most.

We suggest that instead of listing out the nitty-gritty features of what you have to offer, provide relatable benefits that they can expect. 

Here’s an example:

  • Feature-focused: Our team is made up of sixteen copywriters from all over the world that are skilled in SEO, marketing best practices, and social media campaigns.
  • Benefit-focused: Our team is here to lighten your workload. We provide around-the-clock assistance from an experienced and passionate group of writers. 

See the difference? In one, you are sharing the technical details of your team and you aren’t telling them what solutions they will offer your client. In the second example, you are providing the client with a glimpse into how you conduct your work and relieving them of their stress or pain point.


Copywriting Strategy #4: Relate With Clients

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

When communicating with your clients, you want to make sure they feel how much you understand their business and their needs. They have questions about how your products and services set you apart from the rest. Instead of allowing them to find the answers, provide them right away. Show them that you understand and relate to their particular situation and are there to provide solutions.

This is where you will offer even deeper benefits to highlight your offerings over that of another business. Providing a narrative that’ll create a connection with that client. Show them that you have more than just a solution, you’re there to create and nurture a relationship with them.

Consider these two scenarios:

  • Company A provides every service that you need and at an affordable rate. They are quick to write up a contract but take no time to get to know you and your company’s individual needs. They offer you a three-tiered package menu for their services with no ability to change out what is offered. You don’t receive a personal phone call, or even email, from their contact — just the necessary forms to complete. Sounds… unoptimized, doesn’t it?
  • Company B also provides every service that you need at a competitive rate. You learned about them from a personal email sent directly from their leadership team. They offered you services that were tailored to you, your company size, and the needs that you have. You were able to reach out to them without hassle to ask additional questions. Seems much more… approachable and helpful, doesn’t it?

Diving into the detail here, the difference between Company A and Company B is night and day. Company A is establishing a relationship with you and nurturing it, but Company B is going above and beyond. Company B clearly has a desire to help with individual needs and wants to be accessible. These are all great ways to show that you are loyal to your clients and sets the groundwork for what they can expect.


Copywriting Strategy #5: Do Your Research

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

To avoid being another generic business offering their generic products and services, you need to do some research on your client. Find out everything you can about them: how they got started, how they do what they do, pain points that you can help with, and their market and their competitors.

By doing this, not only will you be a step above the competition, you’ll show your client that you took the time to get to know them and that you genuinely care. Clients will place their trust in someone that has done the research and taken the time to get to know them versus the company that can’t remember their company’s name during a call. Overall, showing that you care will give an even deeper sense of trust in you and your products and services. 


Copywriting Strategy #6: Write For Different Mediums

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Copywriting covers a lot of mediums, not just interoffice emails and proposals. As a leader you need to have the skills to write well for everything; blog posts, social media ads, website landing pages, strategic documents, meeting agenda, and more. 

Why is this important? You want to be able to provide copy for all of your communication streams, not just one. Messages can be lost or diluted, if they don’t originate from the same place. 


Copywriting Strategy #7: Show The Proof In The Results

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Now that you’ve told your clients all about why you’re better than the rest, you need to show them. One of the best ways to do this is by providing analytics, testimonials, case studies, etc. to back up what you’ve been telling them. After all, the proof is in the pudding or the results in the case of copywriting.

Pull some before and after data from current clients to show off your skills. Once your client sees that you have a proven track record for success, they will be much more willing to take the next steps. This is another way to give yourself the advantage point and set your product and services apart from the rest.

Have a client that is similar to the one you are working to onboard? As for a testimonial. Clients love hearing the voice of your other customers to know that everything you have to offer is exactly what they’ll get. Another great approach is offering a free demo. Visualizing how the product or service will look can put your client at ease. The same is true for case studies that promote your services or products at work.


Copywriting Strategy #8: Persuade, Persuade, Persuade 

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Now that your client has all the information they need about you and your business, it’s time to show how your product or service is rare. This is where your inner sales copywriter comes in.

To persuade your client to choose you over the other guys, you need to create an emotional connection. Put yourself into your writing. Use personal stories and experiences to grow the relationship. Once you’ve made an emotional connection you need to follow it up with logical explanations as to why they need you and your products and services.

Here is an example of how to utilize this strategy:

“Meet Michael. He started his own consulting company offering risk management services to other businesses. His goal was to onboard at least 3 new clients per month to build his portfolio. 

The issue was he was struggling. He recognized that he needed help with his copywriting for proposals, outreach emails, and website content. The problem was, he was overworked as it was. 

He was working 80+ hours per week, was barely seeing his kids, and burning out. When Michael reached out to us at Company A, we were anxious to dig in and help lighten his load. We were able to revamp his copywriting and remove the burden from his task list. 

He immediately saw an uptick in his response and began onboarding clients with ease. Michael found that the cost of our services was worth every penny as his stress and workload lightened. He was delighted to share that he was down to 50 or fewer hours of work each week and enjoying his extra time watching his son play baseball and daughter learn to play the piano!”

Here are the proven ways to persuade a hyper-skeptical audience.


Copywriting Strategy #9: Create Urgency

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Another great approach in copywriting is creating a sense of urgency within the client. Whether it’s a limited supply, limited time for a sales discount, or playing into a time-sensitive issue they are facing, this could be the piece that pushes them over the edge with their decision.

Here’s an example: 

  • Company A sends you a proposal with a list of their benefits and offers to discuss their pricing options further with a call.
  • Company B sends you a proposal with a list of their benefits, a personalized proposal created to fit your needs and budget. They let you know that because it’s the end of the year that their rates will be increasing as of January 1. 

Which one will you choose? Company B, right? They not only gave you everything we have discussed up to this point, but they have also let you know that their rates are about to increase. This will create a sense of urgency to get in contact with them soon so you don’t miss out.

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Copywriting Strategy #10: Master CTAs

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

CTAs, or Calls to Action, are a simple, effective, and necessary way to help your clients make the first move. By peppering your writing with opportunities to “Get Started” and “Learn More” you are making it easier for them to begin the conversation with you.

While you don’t want to come off as too “sales-y”, you also want to make sure you give them ample opportunity to reach you. If they can’t find a simple, easy way to get in touch, they won’t. Period. By offering calls-to-action, they will have at their fingertips the easiest way to reach you. The added benefit is that you’ll have less following up to do once you reach out.


Copywriting Strategy #11: Set Yourself Apart

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

With all the above strategies, you’ve worked hard to set yourself apart from the rest of your market. This is your final opportunity to tell your client why your service is rare and necessary. Share your brand, history, and products. There’s likely a big market out there for the services/products you have to offer: what makes you different? What makes you rare and necessary?

Here is an example:

  • Company A provides copywriting services for everyone: fitness instructors to life coaches, small businesses to eBay sellers, small businesses to large.
  • Company B provides copywriting services for B2B. They specialize in creating messages on a variety of mediums that help you communicate with other businesses to establish strong relationships.

While it is great that Company A has so much experience in so many areas, do you need (or want) that? Probably not. Company B on the other hand specializes in B2B copywriting which is exactly what you need.

This is another great opportunity to show that you’re familiar with your clients, their needs, and how to solve their pain points. This strategy will put a big bow on top of everything else you shared.

Know the 7 ways to stand out in your copywriting here.


Copywriting Strategy #12: Offer Exclusivity

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

You will struggle to find clients that don’t want to be pampered and made to feel special and unique. Luxury brands thrive on providing this exact feeling for their clients. They feel like they are part of an exclusive group.

How can you integrate this into your copywriting? It’s pretty simple. You can use a couple of different approaches. Try offering a members-only newsletter each month to share your industry’s best practices and news. Can you brand your product or services as rare? This is a great way to create exclusivity. While every other competitor in the market is offering services X, Y, and Z, you have Premium, Limited Edition, or Award-Winning products.

Here are some examples:

  • Company A provides copywriting services in three-tier packages: Basic, Intermediate, and Professional.
  • Company B provides personalized services that include a variety of premium add-ons. Our award-winning copywriters devote time to each project giving you exclusive time and one-of-a-kind results. 

Another way to implement this strategy is to create products and services that are offered for a limited amount of time. Let’s go back to urgency: create it by placing a package of services or products up for purchase that will only be available for a short time. Boom, suddenly you are creating an exclusive and rare opportunity for clients.

An example of this would be:

“We are offering limited-time packages of our services to help you gear up for the New Year! You will receive an exclusive one-hour consultation with our award-winning copywriters to brainstorm new content for your website, marketing materials, and more. Also, you will receive an in-depth content planner for the whole year! These packages are limited in quantity and only available until December 1st.”

The caveat to this strategy is to ensure that you don’t offer disingenuous claims to clients. This can cause harm to your business, brand, and credibility as a professional. 


Copywriting For Successful Leadership

12 effective copywriting strategies every modern business leader needs to know

Now you have twelve of the best copywriting strategies a business leader could have. These should give you an overview of the technical, relational, and marketing tools you need to write copy that sells. 

You saw some examples of how to do it right and why it makes a difference in your business. We also covered how not to write and why you could lose clients to competitors. Copywriting can mean the difference between a successful relationship with a new client or struggling to meet your quarterly goals in new revenue streams.

That’s not something you can afford to ignore.


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