Who is Daniel Doan?


I'm an internet marketing expert with over 11 years of experience.

I'm also a seasoned game developer, game designer, and software developer.

As the co-founder of Black Shell Media, an indie game marketing and publishing company, I handle daily business operations alongside my super talented business partner Raghav, my amazing colleagues Raquel, Dorian, and Logan, and the rest of our invaluable team.

I've made several relatively successful independent video games including the world's first fully ASCII RPG on the Steam platform, SanctuaryRPG and a dungeon-crawling roguelike called Overture.

I read a lot (an almost unhealthy amount) of books on social media marketing, growth marketing, inbound marketing, psychology, and game design.

I don't really like to give out advice too often, but I'll tell you what worked for me on this blog, and hope it helps you on your personal journey towards success.


Why did you start this blog?

Earlier this year I started with a commitment to write one blog post a day with the goal of helping indie game developers succeed, and to practice and improve my writing (I'm legitimately horrible at writing). It's honestly been hard to keep up and some times I'll go a week without a single article, but I'm trying my best!

I've gotten a lot of people asking if I had a personal blog or some better way of organizing all of my thoughts and ramblings. Well, here it is. I guess this is kind of a journal... a dumping ground for my thoughts.

I'll be sharing stuff that has helped me increase my productivity, my thoughts on game design, programming, as well as various marketing strategies that I've learned throughout my years in the industry.


What's the best way to get in touch with you?



Can I stalk you on social media?

You can follow me on Twitter, FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn, or all four if you're a super-stalker.