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People say I know a few things about growth marketing, game design, and game development.

I've developed two commercially successful games, back to back and have published over 65 games on Steam, selling more than 2.1 million copies on Steam.


Why should I listen to you?

I've been doing growth marketing for over half a decade, and am the Co-Founder & CGO of Black Shell Media. If you want your game to have a far greater chance at success, then we should talk.

You can also click here to learn more about me and my journey so far.


How does your consulting offer work?

I'll give you 25 minutes of actionable advice that you can't find on Google.

A personal session where we isolate problems that you're encountering with your current marketing strategies (or lack thereof), and craft a game plan that will dramatically increase the size of your current audience.

This is knowledge that I've acquired over the past half decade working in the games industry, both developing and marketing over 65 games.

I have extensive experience with the following channels:

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Video Marketing, Chat Group Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Landing Page Optimization, On-Page SEO, and Influencer Marketing

Advanced strategies and tactics that you simply can't easily find on the internet. These are lessons learned from personally performing hundreds of marketing experiments.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a small cup of coffee. $2 USD, payable via PayPal. I initially wanted to do this for free, but I'd probably get flooded with way too many requests from people who weren't serious enough if I did that.


What's the catch?

No catch, just pure value. I won't try to sell you anything during the call either.



Don't just take my word for it though, here's what others have said about my consulting work...

I had a consultation with Daniel about user acquisition and how to market without a budget. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I have started to see results in less than a day, using his recommendations.

- Christopher McManus, Character Artist
Met with Daniel to learn the basics of marketing. One of the most informative 30 mins one could ask for. Showed me some great marketing habits to get into, demonstrated the “why” behind each one, and backed them up with personal experience.

- Peter Lantz, Technical Artist
I got the opportunity to speak with Daniel and the advice I received was invaluable. Daniel has not achieved all he has without having a sound business mind and is an expert at engaging audiences and converting them into paying customers. From start-up indies to experienced industry professionals, Daniel has something to offer.

- Gary Burchell, Director of Fireblade Studios
Great advice, feedback and consulting session. I would recommend Daniel for consulting sessions about marketing strategies for video game companies.

- David Vargas, CEO at Nixden
Daniel consulted with me on the marketing strategy for my video game company. I immediately started seeing results on my Instagram and began implementing his strategies in the other channels as well. I could not recommend working with Daniel enough as he is extremely well versed in marketing, especially when it comes to video games and similar media. Two thumbs up!

-Jason Lovett, Game Developer
Daniel gave me great insight on growing my following that others have failed to do. I’m happy to say that it has been working. I’d recommend Daniel if you are in need of consultation services.

- Brian Ericson, Graphic Designer
I’ve had consults with quite a few marketing guys but the difference with Daniel is that it all comes from a place of experience and it isn’t a huge sales pitch from a marketer that knows nothing about development.

- Clinton McCleary, 3D Artist
Daniel consulted with me on new game marketing and gave me invaluable advice. His marketing knowledge and techniques are cutting edge, which is indeed an accomplishment in such a rapidly developing industry.

- Bo E, Game Designer
I decided to have a consultation meeting regarding my game, Star Singularity. Daniel was very professional and honest pointing me to the main issues and giving great advice. He has a lot of experience himself having made the very successful SanctuaryRPG.

- Kobi Nistel, Software Engineer at Intel
I still can’t believe what Daniel is able to accomplish when it comes to social media marketing. If you’re looking for help marketing and promoting your game, Daniel is highly adept and has my full recommendation.

- Leendert Oomen, Game Developer
Not only is Daniel a talented game developer, with a special skill of recognising what players enjoy, but he is an expert at online marketing. He has a track record of developing and marketing his games with success and he has graciously helped other projects get coverage through his massive network.

- Daniel Sohlman, Founder of Taifuuni Design
Daniel is a games industry professional with wide area of expertise in marketing, game development, and game design. He has helped me a lot during our consult, advising me with key steps on how to improve my marketing with actionable strategies for our new product. Daniel knows a lot about marketing, and doesn’t hold anything back.

- Maksym Bezuglyi, Game Developer
I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel’s marketing consultation services. Daniel draws from his own experiences successfully marketing dozens of video games and it clearly shows. Daniel is without a doubt one of the best growth hackers in the gaming industry.

- Shaquille Brown, Social Media Manager
Daniel helped me a lot with the marketing strategy for my upcoming indie game. he was very resourceful and experienced and answered all questions that came to mind. I highly recommend his marketing consultation services.

Youssef Aly, Developer at Youmaku Games
Daniel was extremely helpful and went out of his way to answer all my questions in clear detail. I would definitely work with him again for my company’s promotion and marketing needs and I can fully recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced marketer.

Lawrence Mascia, Developer at Goodnight Games
Working with Daniel at Black Shell Media was a true pleasure. His deep knowledge and professionalism, combined with his work ethic make him an excellent leader and CEO. A rare triple-threat in the games industry, being a developer, producer, and marketer, Daniel is doing big things.

- Phil Fogerite, Designer at Ghost Story Games
I recently had a consultation call with Daniel, and he provided me with some excellent advice for my game marketing strategy. He was very knowledgeable and thorough in answering my questions, and I really feel like I have a good “way forward” now. Thanks again, Daniel!

- Dorothy Phoenix, Game Designer
Daniel provided me with very valuable strategic insights to improve my marketing strategy. Daniel is very approachable, and definitely knowledgeable about the industry. I highly recommend consulting with Daniel for any PR or social media campaign.

- Alessandro Mascioni, Game Developer
Daniel is very knowledgeable about the game development industry, and he writes a lot of useful and informative think pieces. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his consulting services. He knows what he’s talking about, and will give you the insights you need to make your project a success.

- Mustapha Tachout, Software Developer
I highly recommend Daniel for marketing strategy consulting for your current project. He is knowledgeable in his field, is forthcoming with information and strategies to best suit your current position and needs. Very polite and respectable when speaking with him and confident in his knowledge.

Richard Bailey, Developer at Shadow Realm Games
Daniel answered all of my questions in a way that was clear and made sense. A meeting with Daniel will make you improve your marketing strategy in social media. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wants to make games for a living.

Johannes Andersson, Game Developer
His expertise in the marketplace and what the users are looking for allows him to connect with an audience most struggle with. He is able to attract users through intuitive new methods, large social platforms and untapped media routes. When Daniel takes the lead, the product he is leading commands another level of quality and appeal.

- Joe Wilmott, Founder of Paper Street Games
True genius in marketing and making video games. His thought process when promoting is above the rest.

- Aaron Molloy, Founder of SteamContests
I highly recommend Daniel not only because of his professional approach but also for his humble personality. We intend to work with him on a lot of projects during this year and the coming future.

- Qasim Hussain, Game Developer
Daniel has a significant presence in the indie game development world, both in game marketing and in the motivational field. I always read his posts about game marketing. They contains valuable tips and this has made me change the way I’ve being doing the marketing of my game and how i connect with my target audience.

- Romulo Oliveira, Game Developer
Daniel is a gift to the indie game community, his knowledge of both marketing and brand development is very insightful. I found his wisdom very helpful and would highly recommend him to any developers in need of advise or direction in these fields.

Mike Braaten, Developer at Sour Braaten
I have had a marketing consultation with Daniel for how to market my indie games and I’ve gotten some really great advice and many useful tips as to how I can reach a broader audience, and the right audience, with marketing strategies. I highly recommend working with Daniel.

Stefan Christensen, Game Developer
Daniel is not only extremely resourceful, he’s also an awesome dude that helps bring game developers together. When it comes to marketing, Dan really helped fill in the gaps of things that we were missing out on. I would highly recommend time with him if you are either not sure how to go about marketing your game, or if you just want to improve your current strategies.

Donald Sutherland, Game Developer

Here's what others have said about Black Shell Media...

Our experience with Black Shell Media was fantastic. BSM team was extremely efficient and worked as an extension of our team, providing real time metrics that demonstrated the value they were delivering. They were responsive and proactive in all projects in which we had collaborated. We were impressed with their level of service and consider them a key player in helping young organizations with marketing strategies & execution.

Cory Allison
Founder & CEO, Rezli
Working with Black Shell Media has been a great experience. As an indie-minded team that thoroughly knows the ins-and-outs of both the development and marketing side of making games, their insights and marketing reach have been invaluable for getting my project in front of the right people. Without their help and publishing support, This Book Is A Dungeon likely would have never made it to Steam, nor would it have found the enthusiastic niche audience that it has on the marketplace. You couldn’t ask for a nicer, more knowledgeable team of folks to have on your side.

Nathan Meunier
Developer, This Book Is A Dungeon
Our primarily technical team needed an indie friendly, professional marketing service that delivers. We reviewed our options and selected Black Shell Media for our initial growth campaign. Black Shell Media delivered a fast quality service and I’ll happily recommend them to my fellow indies.

James McGhee
Founder, Heathen Engineering Ltd.
Black Shell Media understands strategic game publishing and has an in-depth knowledge of game development. They have provided us with valuable tools and information especially for a start-up independent game studio like us. I would very much recommend Black Shell Media to independent game developers out there. It is an exciting and great experience working with them.

April Poland
Producer, Dungeon Souls
Having worked in the Indie field for several years now, we always found marketing to be one of the biggest challenges. Not always having sufficient marketing budget and finding it difficult to commit to one form of advertising have led our company to miss many marketing opportunities.

That changed when we started working with Black Shell Media. They are the first company that we worked with that really understands what Indie developers need and what they can afford. For a fraction of the cost of all other advertising options, the guys at Black Shell showed us great and quick results.

Konstantin Fomenko
CEO, Reverie World Studios
Black Shell Media is a legitimate, honest publisher that did exactly as promised. Not only did they do everything we wanted, but they exceeded our expectations with their very excellent service. I would highly recommend Black Shell Media if you are looking to get your game out to the players in the best possible way!

Fenner Stevens
Project Manager, Drixy Games
It was a pleasure to work with Black Shell Media. They provided an excellent service for both the Twitter growth program and targeted ads. Communication was always prompt and clear, and I will definitely be using Black Shell Media’s services when we release our next game!

Danny Jugan
President, Axis Games
As the typical indie developer facing challenges in marketing, I found the perfect publishing partner in Black Shell Media. They did a great job generating exposure for my game. They are as passionate about promotion as I am about development, and now I get to focus solely on my game. We have the perfect symbiosis!

Daniele Ferraro
Development Lead, Capribyte Studios
Black Shell did a terrific job helping our start-up navigate the consumer publishing industry and we credit a lot of our success to them. I’ve always found the BSM team to be professional, thoughtful and open-minded.

Ryan Hewer
Lead Developer, Rogue State
Starting out as a fledgling developer, Black Shell Media allowed me to kick start my dream and jump into the business I so longingly desired to work in. They’re some really hardworking guys, as well as friends!

Ben James
Developer, Zombie Party
Black Shell Media was a blessing. Their experience, reliability and friendliness helped my dreams come true. They have a solution for everybody, even for a budget-less and beginner developer like I was. With Black Shell Media, you are in good hands. They take great care of you, your project and its potential buyers, and I couldn’t recommend them more. I’m already looking forward to working with them again in the future!

Simone Bellon
Development Lead, Onni Interactive
With the audience growth and marketing consulting they gave us, our engagement rate on Twitter increased tenfold from 0.6% to a staggering 6%. Black Shell Media’s audience growth campaign has provided immense value for me and my company, and they’ve proven themselves to be among the best marketing professionals in the industry.“

Adrian Vega
Ratalaika Games

There are limited spots available, and I only take two of these calls a day.

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