I got the opportunity to speak with Daniel and the advice I received was invaluable. Daniel has not achieved all he has without having a sound business mind and is an expert at engaging audiences and converting them into paying customers. From start-up indies to experienced industry professionals, Daniel has something to offer.
— Gary Burchell
I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel’s marketing consultation services. Daniel draws from his own experiences successfully marketing dozens of video games and it clearly shows. Daniel is without a doubt one of the best growth hackers in the gaming industry.
— Shaquille Brown


How much you know about marketing has a huge impact on what you get out of your game dev career.

I can teach you time-tested formulas, methods, and growth hacks that’ll make you ten times better at marketing your game. Are you ready to level up?

Not only is Daniel a talented game developer, with a special skill of recognising what players enjoy, but he is an expert at online marketing.
— Daniel Sohlman